10 Most Annoying Tourist Habits People Should Get Rid Off

By Bhoomi Shah on Sep 09, 2015
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When people travel to different destinations, away from their comfort zones, they forget some dos and donts that theyre supposed to follow when theyre guests in another city or country. And these people end up becoming the worst tourists. Dont know what they are? Here are some annoying tourist habits that you should give up now:

1. Dont talk loudly

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We get it. Youre in a new place; its exciting. You can show your excitement by keeping your volume down too! Youre not making any friends by talking loudly and being boisterous.

2. Dont play music on your speakers.

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You may think that your taste in music is the best in the world, but other people might not. Earphones were made for a reason. Use them! While youre at it, dont click pictures with your tablet. Bigger screen does not equal better picture. Use a camera!

3. Dont be annoyed by the lack of English speakers

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Not everyone knows how to speak English. Deal with it. If youre so interested in travelling to an exotic location like Maldives, try to learn some phrases of their native language. It will make your experience better and the locals will appreciate the gesture.

4. Dont talk about how inexpensive the place is

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The locals will definitely not appreciate you saying this, especially if youre travelling in a developing country. The people youve spoken to might be struggling to make ends meet. Be respectful.

5. Dont be a creepy photographer

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Tourists seem to think that it is their right to click a picture of anything and anyone. Thats not true. If you plan to click pictures of the locals, take their consent first. They might not appreciate the candid pictures and you might get in trouble. People will be happy to pose for you, but you need to ask them.

6. Dont cut in line or push

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Youve come to a site and there are plenty of people standing in line with you? Dont grumble. The place is famous; you cant expect your experience to be any different. Dont push people and try to get ahead of them. Youll deserve the ire of the locals and the indignation of fellow tourists if you do so.

7. Dont be a litter bug

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Youre visiting a gorgeous destination and youve left behind plastic bottles, bags and your leftovers? Nobody wants that kind of memorabilia. Were sure there are plenty of dust bins wherever youre going. Make use of them!

8. Be mindful of your attire

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It doesnt matter if its too hot or youre on your honeymoon. Wear appropriate attire, especially if the country is considered conservative. Read up on whats acceptable before you make this faux pas.

9. Stop comparing your hometown with theirs

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If you love your home town so much, and miss it so dearly, why did you leave it in the first place? Every town or city has a unique identity. Sure, your town may have some of the things you love, but isnt the idea behind travel to experience something different? Stop whining!

10. Read up on the culture before you offend the locals

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This is really important. Each culture has a distinct identity and separate set of rituals that they follow. The teensiest error on your part can manage to offend the locals gravely. Read up on the country or city youre visiting to make sure that you dont make that mistake.

Are you guilty of any of these annoying tourist habits? Its not too late to change!

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