15 Best Honeymoon Destinations In Asia

  • UPDATED May 11, 2018

All the hassle that goes into planning a wedding and the effort that goes into looking perfect on ‘the’ day is sure to tire out the newly-wed couple. If you are the couple that is about to tie the knot and have a big fat wedding, then you need a relaxing vacation post the ceremony. And this honeymoon is not just any vacation, it needs to be the most spectacular holiday experience you’ve ever had! And if the wedding planning is keeping you away from planning your honeymoon, we’ve got you covered!

Bountiful and replete of experiences, the continent of Asia can be a great choice for your honeymoon. No matter what you prefer, a quiet beach for a romantic walk or a party venue, the picturesque land of Asia is home to many beautiful places. The charismatic beaches of Indonesia, the exotic natural beauty of Sri Lanka, the dazzling urban escape at Singapore or extravagant leisure at Dubai, Asia has it all!

Here’s a list of 15 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Asia.

1. Sri Lanka - Relax at the beautiful beaches

Sri Lanka

Relatively a new honeymoon destination in Asia, a trip to Sri Lanka can take you on a journey of lush green vegetation where confessions of love find that coveted silence to be heard. Sri Lanka is blessed with a long seashore, lush tea plantations, and ruins that take one back to the ancient time. With all this in its treasure, Sri Lanka is considered as one of the favorite destinations for newly wedded couples. The picture-perfect golden beaches of Sri Lanka will give you an experience that you will never be able to forget for a lifetime. Come here and explore the waterfalls, beaches, and the ancient cities with your significant other. 

Attractions: Adam's Peak, Serene and endless beaches

Romantic activity for couples: Enjoy a tranquil stay at a cosy retreat in Nuwara Eliya!

Budget: Rs. 1.4 Lac for couple (4 nights, 5 days) 

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2. Phi Phi Islands, Thailand: A must visit honeymoon destination in Asia

Phi Phi Islands - romantic honeymoon destinationImage source: fansharewallpaper

Featured as a stunning background in the movie The Beach, the Phi Phi Islands would entice the couples with their pristine natural beauty and allure. The couples can swim in its clear waters and spend that quality time together and know each other well. The tropical beauty and turquoise waters of Phi Phi Island attract many travelers from around the world. Located 43 kilometers west from Krabi coast, this small archipelago consists of six islands and out of these, each one is an epitome of natural wonder. The laid-back atmosphere and the perfect setting of this island bring smile on many people's face. Without a doubt, it is a "land of smiles". 

Attractions: Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Leh, Loh Sama (Sama Bay), Pi Leh Bay, Viking Cave and Palong Bay

Romantic activity for couples: Get a romantic photo shoot done at any one of the sandy beaches!

Budget: Rs. 1.24 Lac for couple (6 days)

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3. Bali, Indonesia: Naturally awesome honeymoon destination in Asia 

Bali, Indonesia

A perfect amalgam of natural beauty and Asian culture, Bali can enamor you with its splendor. For quite a long time, Bali has been a coveted destination for newlyweds who have a budget on their mind. The idyllic beaches, colorful reefs, rice fields, and cultural villages of Bali will make you stay here for a little longer and explore more about the place. There is a lot you can do in this beautiful place and one of the most famous activities you would like to do with your partner is to discover the magic of the underwater world. 

Attractions: Tirta Empul temple, Elephant safari experience, Romantic fun at Kuta, a beautiful beach town at the end of the Bali Island.

Romantic activity for couples: Hop on an Elephant Safari

Budget: Rs. 1.2 Lac for couple (6 nights, 7 days)

4. Cambodia: Asian honeymoon destination full of history and beauty

Cambodia - best honeymoon place in asia

Image source: maadurgawallpaper

Home of the mystical Angkor Wat (one of the wonders of the world), Cambodia is a romantic and honeymoon destination that is full of history and beauty. Couples on a romantic vacation will enjoy the adventure of visiting such an exotic location just that little bit outside of your comfort zone. But not to worry, Cambodia is home to some of the most luxurious accommodation around. The rich culture of Cambodia along with its breathtakingly beautiful beaches will make you fall in love more immensely. 

Attractions: Enthralling lakes, Angkor Wat Complex, The Bayon and much more.

Romantic activity for couples: Book a night at Song Saa Private Island

Budget: Rs. 1.5 Lac (3 nights, 4 days)

5. Singapore: Home to the best luxuries of the world

Singapore - best honeymoon destinations in asia

The very name of this country inspires romantic imagination and that luxurious allure. Home to some of the best luxuries of the world, you can visit this country from India at not a very high cost. Singapore has grown has one of the world's most prosperous cities and as you roam around it with your partner, you will experience its "prosperity" like no other place on earth. Take a walk along Orchard Road and the fruit plantations dating back to the 1800s will mesmerize you forever. 

Attractions: Botanical gardens, The Marina Bay, Sungei Buloh wetland and The Little India 

Romantic activity for couples: Book a night at Song Saa Private Island

Budget: Rs. 2 Lac for couple (6 nights, 7 days)

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6. Dubai, UAE: Romantic honeymoon destination in Asia

With some of the most luxurious and royal hotels to stay, Dubai’s proximity to India makes it one of the most visited destinations for the honeymoon. The development of this place from desert land to a glittering destination has been wonderful and therefore, this modern city, with its incredible infrastructure is a great place to be at for your after-wedding life. 

Attractions: Burj Khalifa, Dubai Creek and Palm Islands

Romantic activity for couples: Enjoy a romantic dinner at Burj Al Arab

Budget: Rs. 1 Lac for couple (4 nights, 5 days)

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7. Vietnam: Honeymoon destination with beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas

With UNESCO World Heritage sites, sparkling bays, bustling cities and enough to see and do to keep any couple busy for a century-long honeymoon, the beauty of Vietnam is enough to captivate any lover’s heart. Vietnam is undoubtedly one of the most impressive countries in Southeast Asia and perfect if you are looking for a budget travel for your honeymoon. The pristine beaches of Vietnam open an opportunity for great sightseeing and adventure. 

Attractions: Cruising in Mekong Delta, Crawling via cu chi tunnels and undertake a kayaking or biking trip with the locals.

Romantic activity for couples: Go on a cruise ride in the Mekong Delta

Budget: Rs. 2 Lac for couple (5 nights, 6 days)

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8. Philippines: An untapped honeymoon destination in Asia

An untapped honeymoon destination, El Nido is a gorgeous destination for those couples who want to go somewhere new. The more you travel in the Philippines, you will realize that there is no other beautiful place like this anywhere. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Philippines is home to spectacular beaches, dense forests, and a rich wildlife. Take a boat ride through the azure blue waters of the ocean and you will see Philippines as a glittering gem. 

Attractions: Nacpan Beach, Big Lagoon and Snake Island

Romantic activity for couples: Steal a kiss at the beach

Budget: Rs. 1.5 Lac for couple (6 nights, 7 days)

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9. Taiwan - Shop for your better half

Another Asian honeymoon destination, Taiwan can be an attractive honeymoon destination whose allure lies in its amalgamation of nature, modernity, and culture. Here, the couples can enjoy in hot springs resorts with lots of dramatic mountainous landscapes in the backdrop. It is also a perfect destination for honeymoon shopping.

Attractions: Miaokou market, trekking and hiking at Yushan Peaks or spending a day walking under the sun at the Trails of Toroko Gorge with your partner.

Budget: Rs. 1.7 Lac for couple (3 nights, 4 days)

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10. South Korea - Still an unknown honeymoon territory

Honeymoon in south korea

Image source: newhdwallpaper

South Korea has a wide variety of romantic attractions. Jeju island in this country is amongst the most romantic honeymoons destination in Asia. If you or your spouse loves to shop, South Korea won't disappoint you. Shop for the traditional Korean silverware, some very cutesy items to gift, beauty products, electronics, Korean vodka, Buchae-A handheld fan, or phone cases. The choices are many from designer outlets to some awesome cheap shopping locations.

Attractions: Explore the art galleries & ancient architectures like Gyeongbokgung, Deoksugung and Changgyeonggung palaces hand in hand with your partner.

Budget: Rs. 1.2 Lac for couple (3 nights, 4 days)

11. Hong Kong: Honeymoon destination with world-famous hospitality

With lots and lots of nature at your feet and that modern vibe, Hong Kong might be considered as the best of these destinations. Slightly costlier than the others, visiting Hong Kong for your honeymoon can leave you with indelible memories. From Victoria Harbor to Dragon's Back and pristine beaches to glittering cities, Hong Kong is just a paradise for the newly-wed couples. The neoclassical buildings that fill the cities add more to its charm. 

Attractions: Victoria peak, The Stars light show, The ocean park and Nan Lian garden 

Romantic activity for couples: Watch the sun go down together from the Sky Terrace 428.

Budget: Rs. 2.5 Lac for couple (5 nights, 6 days)

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12. Turkey: Explore culture and history

Who would not be enamored of this mythical and fairy tale country that offers you the best of Europe and Asia? Ideal for lovers who love to explore culture and history! From the ancient ruins of Ephesus to exotic beaches of Aegean Sea and plenty of adventure activities, Turkey has a lot to offer. You can plan a romantic stay in one of the beautiful and cozy resorts with your better half and enjoy the best of the Turkey. 

Attractions: Romantic cave resorts in Cappadocia, the Heavenly couples spas and indulge in a steam bath together at the local thermal pools.

Budget: Rs. 2.4 Lac for couple (6 nights, 7 days)

13. Malaysia: Famous honeymoon destination in Asia

Malaysia is synonymous with shopping. An ideal destination for couples who want to enjoy the best of luxury and want to sample some of the best brands! The wild jungle, orangutans, granite peaks, remote tribes, and modern buildings make Malaysia unique in its own way and therefore, a favorite honeymoon destination to many. The beaches, rains forests, and exotic wildlife of Malaysia are the highlights of this beautiful country. 

Attractions: World’s tallest twin towers -The Petronas Twin Towers, Rain forests and Genting Highlands Attractions.

Romantic activity for couples: Take it a notch higher by going on a Helicopter ride over Kuala Lumpur

Budget: Rs. 1.2 Lac for couple (6 nights, 7 days)

14. Maldives: Asian honeymoon destination with sun, sands and beaches

Who would not be aware of the idea of honeymoon in Maldives? Close to India, Maldives is a perfect destination for sun, sands and beaches. Maldives has got enough reasons to be called as a "tropical paradise". You would like to book a honeymoon resort on the stunning white beaches of Maldives to admire the beauty of nature from your window with your significant other. 

Attractions: Laze away your romantic days in a hammock with your love and dive into clear waters for some underwater adventures.

Romantic activity for couples: Book a stay in a water villa and have the sea and the sun to yourself!

Budget: Rs. 1.5 Lac for couple (4 nights, 5 days)

15. Laos: South Asian honeymoon destination

It might be a long forgotten Asian backwater, Laos merges all the romance of that South Asian destination in its folds. Indeed an ideal destination for couples who wish to commune with nature.

Attractions: Buddhist temples and shrines, Mysterious heritage sites and the city.

Romantic activity for couples: Hike to Mount Phousi and later rewind by indulging into a couple spa therapy.

Budget: Rs. 1.5 lac for couple (3 nights, 4 days)

So, which of these countries in Asia would you like to visit for your romantic honeymoon? Let us know.



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