Is Atlantic Ocean Road The Most Dangerous Road In The World?

By Gaurav Tembe on Jul 25, 2015
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Sharp turns, wild nature combined with most breathtaking views, is all you'll experience on a road trip through The Atlantic Ocean Road, Which is supposed to be the most dangerous road in the world. In bad weather, waves crash over barricades or the rocky shore as cars are whipped by powerful winds.

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The Atlantic Road is a 8-kilometre long stretch. It is a section of County Road 64 that runs through an archipelago in Eide and Avery in Mre og Romsdal, Norway.
The road starts approximately 30 kilometres southwest of Kristiansund and ends 47 kilometres north of Molde.


The Road

The tortuous Atlantic Road zigzags across low bridges that beetle over the sea, linking the islands between Molde (famous for its annual jazz festival in July) and Kristiansund in the western fjords. The Hustadvika bay is next to an infamous stretch of ocean and is truly wild during a storm. In calmer weather you might spot whales and seals.

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Viewpoints Along The Road

There are several panoramic view- and rest areas with amzing architecture.Some of the viewing platforms are also popular with anglers.

The hiking path at Eldhusya island is a round trip which is easily managable, and it stays open every day, all year.The caf, with windows that resembles glittering school of herring, is open for visitors during the summer season.

Other attractions include Storseisundbrua, Myrbrholmbrua, Kjeksa and Askev¥gen.

Are you ready to get an adrenaline rush on this amazing adventurous road trip?