Australia’s Most Popular Travel Destinations

By Guest Blogger on Jan 08, 2019
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Australia is 6th biggest country in the world, lying on the world’s smallest continent. Surrounded by Indian and Pacific ocean which separates it from Asian mainland, Australia enjoys rather mild climate with lots of sunny days throughout the year. This makes it perfect for a summer holiday. 

On the other hand, spending winter in Australia can also prove a good idea as the Southern part of the continent has a decent amount of snowfall during June, July and August. It is here where some of the highest peaks of Australian mainland can be found with beautiful ski resorts built on the slopes of Australian Alps.

With tourism on the continent growing rapidly in the last couple of decades and lots of tourists from all around the world paying a visit to Australia, accommodation can be easily found.

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1. Land of waves and kangaroos

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Speaking of what you need to see and experience while in Australia, number one pick for anyone fond of summer vibes would be the Gold Coast. Dubbed as surfer’s paradise, this beach complex South of Brisbane provides all the adrenaline needed for all of you who like to go extreme and ride Australian waves

Besides the Gold Coast, there is a number of other beach resorts on the mainland. Byron Bay, small town situated along the coast of the state of New South Wales, is also excellent spot for top notch surfing and scuba diving experiences. 

Last but not the least, while you are in the country of kangaroos, it would be a shame for you not to see or at least come close to this cute animal. If you want to do so, Kangaroo Island would be a great place to visit. 

Lying just South of Adelaide, this small island is almost entirely converted into a national park and is under strict protection of law. It gives habitat to lots of endangered and rare animal species such as koalas, sea lions, penguins and of course, kangaroos. 

2. Snowy getaway

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While predominantly known for sunny weather and summer holidays, Australia can also provide rich skiing and snowboarding activities.

As a matter of fact, we already mentioned Snowy Mountains, which is by far the best ski resort in the country. Australia as of recently became popular as a winter destination, also, since winter season here peaks during months that are known as summer months in Europe. 

Lots of Europeans, especially British, are more and more keen on visiting Australia as they can ski and enjoy winter holidays here when it’s actually a summer holiday season in Europe. 

Make sure to pay a visit to the country’s highest peak - Mount Kosciuszko and several other mountain tops all peaking above 2000 meters. Australia enjoys little snowfall during the year so snow is dry and therefore excellent for skiing.