Hacks to Avoid Food Poisoning While Traveling

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We’re all familiar with the adulteration of food that’s step by step taking a toll on our lives, our health. We now find it difficult to trust what we once believed was healthy to consume. Back home however, we manage to supervise the food we eat, where it comes from and to quite an extent, how it is prepared. The problem strikes when we travel. That’s when we cannot manage the hygiene used while preparing the food brought to our table. This often results in food-borne illnesses like food poisoning which totally hampers the fun of a vacation.

Nausea, throwing up, headaches, diarrhea and basic discomfort are symptoms that accompany food poisoning. Imagine how drastically it can turn an exciting holiday into a horrendous one. Here are a few tips to avoid this haplessness on a trip you are looking forward to.

Prefer Clean Bottled Water

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Clean water is the key to a healthy system. While on the go, choose to drink only bottled water instead of the local water served in glasses. Chances are; the glasses aren’t washed properly or the water isn’t hygienic enough to consume. In most cases, unclean water is the root cause of food poisoning. As a tip; do check the seal of the bottle when you buy water. If broken beforehand, don’t buy that bottle.

Avoid Ice in Alcohol

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Heave a sigh of relief!  We’re not asking you not to drink. All we’re saying is avoid the ice you drop in your drink, unless its ice of bottled water or thoroughly boiled water.


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Yes! The shower can be harmful too because that’s water you’re using again. Keep your mouth closed while bathing so you don’t swallow the assumed contaminated water accidently.


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Water once again! Swimming pools obviously do not have drinking water. In fact, they have a lot of chlorine added to the water as well which makes it unsafe if consumed. Be careful while you take a swim, that you don’t drink the pool water by mistake.

Go for Fresh Uncut Washed Fruits and Vegetables

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Opt for fruits and vegetables that you can peel on your own. They are more hygienic and trusted. Fruits like berries, melons, papayas or grapes and vegetables used in salads, can be unhealthy outside. Chances are they aren’t washed well or are washed in contaminated water. In some cases, the pesticides used to help them grow, aren’t washed off well. Safe side, eat bananas, oranges, cucumbers, and other such fruits and vegies.

Avoid Buffets

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Remember, you have to eat fresh! la carte is always a better option. Buffet food is more likely to be stale and reheated. The moisture in the atmosphere ruins the food even more. Order fresh hot food to keep that tummy satisfied. As a tip; do not overeat and check what’s on the buffet before you order. If your order is similar you might just get served a portion of the buffet food itself.

Prefer Steaming Hot Tea/coffee

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If you happen to order for hot beverages like tea or coffee make sure they’re served to you steaming hot. Which means the water used in the preparation is thoroughly boiled and safe to consume.

Clean Your Hands

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We often play the blame game. ‘It was definitely the food at that cheap restaurant’, you’d pout in anger. However, sometimes it isn’t them, but we ourselves. Our own hands can contaminate our food if we don’t maintain proper hygiene. We tend to obliviously touch things around that may not be filth free. The same hands dig into our plates and carry those germs to our mouths leading to mishaps like an upset tummy or food poisoning.

Avoid Street food

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Even back home we here our mothers prod when we eat from a street hawker. They may be famous; their food may be delicious but they’re seldom hygienic. The water they use is hardly clean and the material they use may not be fresh either. Therefore, it is best to spend a little extra and eat at a decent restaurant or cook your own food if you’re on a budget instead of saving your pockets by indulging in street food. After all, health is wealth.

Contaminated water is usually the main culprit for maladies like food poisoning. Hygiene and stale food are second on the list. If you do contract such an illness on the go, do seek for medical help as soon as possible.

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