Bands lined up to play at Bandcubator - 2016!

The High Spirits Cafe has been an important destination for almost every band playing in Pune city. Taking a step further from just hosting gigs, High Spirits is currently hosting 'Bandcubator', a six weeks long music competition between 20 bands from Mumbai and Pune. Starting from February 7th to March 13th, the competition is going to be intense. Take a look at the line-up of bands playing at the competition this year.


PC- Unohu

The Alternative Rock band from Mumbai has performed at Bacardi NH7 Weekender in 2014, and has also been featured VH1 Music Diaries.


PC- Raagalogik

Known for mixing up classical vocals with Jazz and Blues, is this five-member band from Pune.



This Experimental Rock band from Mumbai is named so due to their weird fascination with liquids.

The Big Nasty

PC- Anirudh Sudan

A collaboration of artists from Mumbai and Pune, The Big Nasty is a jazz/funk swing band.

The Pickled Octopii

PC- The Pickled Octopii

From five students studying at a music school, to an Alternative Rock band, The Pickled Octopii have performed at many known venues across India.



A Funk Reggae Rock band from Pune, Urban Sprawl Primps are all about their quirky music.

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A Mutual Question

PC- A Mutual Question

A four piece band from Mumbai, A Mutual Question is into Post/Instrumental Rock. They believe in engaging their audience with a complete audio/visual experience.

The June Tom Influence

PC- Anirudh Sudan

Taking on Blues and Folk music, is this five member band, with members from different groups.

Left Hand Drive

PC- Left Hand Drive

This three member Mumbai based band, is into Alternative and Freestyle genres, with every kind of experimentation that they can do with their music.

The Tripp

PC- The Tripp

This Bandra-based band has made quite a name for themselves at the music festival circuit. They have even been featured in VH1 Music Diaries and played at Bacardi NH7 Weekender held in Pune.

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PC- Silver

Making India proud, Silver is an Indian Hard Rock band, that has even opened for Michael Jackson's guitar player, Greg Howe.

Moonstruck Project

PC- Moonstruck Project

Bonding over their love for Blues and Funk genre, is this five member band hailing from Pune.

Celestial Teapot

PC- Celestial Teapot

This four piece Instrumental Rock band, has won at many college festivals nationwide.

The Gravy Philosophy

PC- The Gravy Philosophy

Followers of the Chinese calender, this six piece Pune band, has members from different musical backgrounds.

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PC- Mannfarid

Formed in 2012, Mannfarid is an Alternative Rock band, with a 'desi' twist to their compositions.


PC- Manefus

This four piece band from Pune is into Alternative Rock. They have made quite a name at college festivals across the country.

Doctor Zebra

PC- Doctor Zebra

This band from Pune claims to be India's First Skater Surfer / Punk Rock Band. Creating unique music with a blend of acoustic guitar in the background and a distorted sound in the foreground, this band is definitely one to watch.


PC- Eden

Pioneers of Soul Rock, this upcoming band from Pune have given Rock 'n' Roll their own spin.

Vitamin M

PC- Vitamin M

The four member band from Pune have been around, playing the Blues and Classical Rock and Roll, for quite a few years now.

Skylight Vision

PC- Skylight Vision

The six piece band from Pune, made their debut EP in 2014. The same year, they collaborated Shaa'ir and Func as a part of the series 'MTV Rayban Never Hide Sounds'.

Head to High Spirits and grab your seats for this scintillating aural experience!

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