Ultimate List of Things To Do in Bangalore

Bangalore is quintessentially one of the best cities of India- to live and to travel to. Its eclectic past gives it grandeur and its fast-progressing present ushers in a young, millennial spirit making it the best of both worlds.

If you want to explore the city, here’s an ultimate list of things to do in Bangalore that you need to check right now!

Indulge in adventure activities, go on a bike trip, delight in camping, eat out at quaint places, escape to weekend getaways, the list is endless.

1. Trekking in Bangalore

Image Source: Kalyan Kanuri/Flickr

Bangalore has some of the best trekking spots in South India that can instantly pump up your adrenaline and also elevate you mood with the pristine views after the ascend.
If you are looking for adventure activities near Bangalore, trekking to popular spots like Skandagiri and Anthara is something that you should definitely try out.

Climb up the magnificent hills or opt for a jungle trek in the forests of Dandeli, you are set to have a good time.

Read more about Trekking near Bangalore.

2. Go Sightseeing to Nearby Places

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Bangalore in itself has tons of attractions that you can pay a visit to; but it also has undeniably beautiful places dotted around the city.

Be it the Bannerghatta National Park or the art of living centre, the places around Bangalore deserve a visit!

Check out these best places to visit near Bangalore

3.Frugal Travelling

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Yes, there are plush malls, expensive fashion labels and five-star restaurants in Bangalore that are heavy on your pocket. But hey, Bangalore has variety of activities that are frugal, light on your pocket and equally entertaining.

From catching a fantabulous play at Rajashankara to Stargazing, things to do in Bangalore can be as cheap as 200 rupees!

Curiosity rose? Check out this list of fabulous things to do in Bangalore under 200 rupees

4. River Rafting

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Tucked in its majestic hills are bountiful rivers that serve as a perfect getaway to go rafting!

The bunch of places offering numerous opportunities to go River Rafting await you, plan a trip to Bangalore and try the fascinating activity of River Rafting in stunning rivers like Sharavathi and Kavery!

Check out these fabulous river rafting destinations near Bangalore

5. Get Lost in the World of Books

Image Source: zomato.com

A city of intellectuals, Bangalore is blessed with plenty of book stores, libraries and book cafes that are a heaven for book lovers.

If you love reading books over a cup of coffee, visiting a book cafe is one of the most interesting things to do in Bangalore.

Visit these book cafes in Bangalore and get lost in reading some timeless classes in great company served with great food!

6. Visit Bangalore Places with Unique names

Image Source: Wikipedia.com

A bunch of Hallis, dozens of layouts, gudis and nagars, Bangalore is enriched with neighbourhoods that have a unique name and a very distinctive story behind it.

Know what ‘B’, ‘T’ ‘M’ in BTM layout stand for and understand the meaning of ‘Halli’!

Taking a tour of places in Bangalore with unique names and unfolding the story behind it is one of the off-beat things to do in Bangalore. 

7. Plan a Romantic Trip to Bangalore

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Bangalore is known for its young crowd, the millenials that are the next face of the city. And thanks to them, the city is speckled with many places that are great for a romantic date.

Here’s a list of 10 Trips Around Bangalore to Impress Your Date

If you are in Bangalore for Valentine’s Day, here are some ideas to celebrate Valentine’s day in Bangalore!  

8. Be an Adventure Junkie

Like mentioned above, Bangalore is a great place to pump up your adrenaline!

Activities like ATV Rides, Scuba Diving, rock climbing are just a drive away from the city and if you are an adventure junkie, trying out these Adventure Activities Around Bangalore is one of the quirkiest things to do in Bangalore!

9. Spend time in Lal bagh

Image Source: Rishabh Mathur/flickr

Lal Bagh is one of the top attractions of Bangalore and offers plenty of opportunities to have a great time on your visit.

Check out this list of fun things to do in Lal Bagh Bangalore!

10. Relish the Dosa

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

When in Bangalore, one of the must-do things is to taste the Dosa that comes in different variations and is equally scrumptious every time!

Taste the Dosas at Dosa Joints in Bangalore That Will Just Make You Run For A Bite!

11. Go Bar Hoping

Bangalore has one of the best night-life scenes in India and bar hoping here is definitely fun.

Plan a visit to 10 Affordable Bars in Bangalore That Offer You Drinks at Affordable Costs and enjoy the city’s night-life without pinching your pocket! 

12. Taste the Authentic Cuisine of Bangalore

Image Source: flickr/Connie Ma

If you thought cuisine of Karnataka is limited to Dosas, Idlis and wadas, you are so wrong my friend!

One of the oldest cuisines that originated in India, the cuisine of Karnataka is known for its delectable flavour and simplicity in appearance.

Taste the local cuisine at any of these top 10 Restaurants in Bangalore that Serve Delicious Kannada Cuisine!  

13. Jam in Bangaluru Style

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Yes, Bangalore has some of the coolest Jam rooms in the country where you can not only head bang to your favourite track but also join in and sing a few lines!

Check out these 10 Best Jam Rooms for Aspiring Musicians in Bangalore and go Jamming!  

14. Chill in Bangaluru Cafes

Image Source: zomato.com

Bangalore has a rich array of cosy cafes that are perfect to spend a quaint afternoon. Offering delectable food and a pleasant ambience, the cafes in Bangalore are a must-visit on your trip.

Explore these 14 Most Unique Cafes in Bangalore

15. Plan a trip to the Hill Stations

Image Source: Flickr/Sateeshkumar K

Bangalore has a nice weather, I agree! But it can be scorching hot in summers and all you need is a break from the sun and the traffic of the city.

Check out these Top 7 Hill Stations near Bangalore and add a dash of cold to your vacation! 


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