Baubax- The Worlds Best Travel Jacket!

By Bhoomi Shah on Sep 25, 2015
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It’s a jacket that puts all travel clothing to shame. And when we tell you about it, you’re going to want it badly! It’s called the BauBax jacket and it’s got everything that any traveller would need or desire. We don’t just mean a hoodie and pockets; it’s actually packed with 15 features including a neck pillow, eye mask, gloves, drink holder and cleverly concealed pockets that can store anything from full-sized tablets, phones, earphones, portable chargers to even a small blanket! It’s been called the Swiss Army knife of jackets and we couldn’t agree more!

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The idea for the jacket was launched on a crowd-funding website called Kickstarter in July, and by September, it was Kickstarter’s fourth most-funded campaign ever. They ended up raising more than $9.2 million from around 45,000 people in 81 countries making it the most funded piece of clothing in the history of crowdfunding! With the kind of features it’s packed with, it’s no wonder that people loved this innovation! It’s every traveller’s best companion and we think you should add it to your wardrobe soon, especially if you’re an avid rover!

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Still not convinced? Let’s give you a little bit of a preview of all the features this jacket includes. First of all, it’s available in four styles: a cotton sweatshirt, a water-repelling windbreaker, a wrinkle-free blazer and a fleece-lined bomber jacket.

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The neck pillow that we talked about earlier is inside the hood and is detachable. It can be inflated in two seconds with a built-in valve and can be deflated with one quick pat. The eye mask is also hidden and it neatly slides out of the hood when you’re in need of some shut-eye.

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The zip can be detached from the jacket and one end of it can be used as a pen, while the other is a stylus.

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The drink pocket will apparently keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot thanks to the insulated neoprene material that it’s made with.

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There’s also a pocket that can hold your sunglasses that comes with a microfiber material to clean them with, a chest pocket which is big enough to keep your travel documents and many other nicely concealed pockets for your iPad, phone and a small blanket. The sleeves even come attached with open finger gloves to keep your hands warm. What more could a traveller possibly ask for!

It’s expected to be available for delivery from November this year. The designers claim that if you unbundle all 15 features that the jacket includes, it’ll cost you $315 (about INR 20,700) in gear alone, but this one jacket starts at only $89 (approximately INR 5,800). It’s a functional and good-looking jacket that takes into account all the technology you carry around with you when you’re travelling. The best part is that when you’re going through an airport security check point, instead of taking out all your accessories from different pockets and bags, you can just put your jacket in the carry-on scanner and your job is done!

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So what are you waiting for? We think it’s time for you to save up a little (it’s not that much, really. A branded, fashionable jacket with none of the features would cost you just about the same!), and invest in something that’s going to be extremely useful to you during all your travels.
If you’re one of those travellers who love to splurge on utilitarian accessories for your journeys, this jacket is tailor-made for you! You can thank us in the comments.

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