Best Beaches In Aruba Where Sun, Sand, And Surf Come Together

By Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar on Mar 02, 2020
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If you ever want to describe Aruba in one word, ‘stunning’ would do at least some justice to its natural beauty. The best way to explore this Caribbean country is to visit its pristine beaches. These Aruba beaches are all about sun, sand, and surf that attract sun-worshippers and beach-lovers from around the globe. You can check this list of some of the best beaches in Aruba that offer you a combination of peace, leisure, activities, and fun. Read all about the bustling Palm Beach, exquisite Flamingo Beach, secluded Boca Keto, and many more gems that Aruba has to offer!

1. Palm Beach

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One look at Palm Beach is enough to tell you why it is one of the most popular beaches in Aruba. Powdery sand where you can sunbathe to your heart’s content, calm turquoise water that’s ideal for swimming, and nearby hotels that arrange watersports for adventure enthusiasts. All in all, offering something for every type of visitor, Aruba’s Palm Beach is a must when you are vacationing in this wonderful Caribbean country.

2. Baby Beach

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With warm water and shallow, sheltered man-made lagoon, Baby Beach stands true to its name. It is one of the safe beaches in Aruba for kids where they can take a dip in the ocean without worrying about strong currents. The calm water is good for amateur snorkelers as well. After enjoying different activities, take chairs and umbrellas on rent to laze around or go to a snack stand to taste delicious quick bytes.

3. Manchebo Beach

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As palm trees line the coast and the grand Manchebo Beach Resort frame the shore, Manchebo Beach blends leisure and luxury seamlessly. This stretch of powdery white sand is for those who love spending time on one of the peaceful beaches in Aruba. Here, you can spend an entire day catching a tan and soaking in the view, all the while pampering yourself with different amenities the resort has to offer.

4. Flamingo Beach

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The combination of a private island and exotic birds that are ringed by deep blue water is enough to make your Aruba vacation memorable. You will find all this and more when you visit the famous Flamingo Beach on the adults-only Renaissance Island. It is owned by Renaissance Aruba Resort and if you are not a guest at the resort, you can purchase a day pass to visit the island. The best part? Even though nudity is illegal in the country, this is one of the few clothing-optional beaches in Aruba where you can enjoy topless swimming!

5. Malmok Beach

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From small, protected coves where swimming is bliss to reefs and sunken wrecks where snorkeling is thrilling, Malmok Beach has it all. Even if it is located near the famous Palm Beach, it is a world apart from all the hustle and bustle. Snorkeling and surfing enthusiasts flock to this beach but you will also find peaceful spots on the shore where you can relax away from the touristy crowd. So, if you are looking for snorkeling in Aruba or simply lazing around, head off to Malmok Beach.

6. Arashi Beach

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Clear waters that mirror the skies have become the identity of Arashi Beach. It ensures that splashing in the sea will introduce you to rich marine life without getting too deep in the ocean. It also experiences occasional moderate surf that is ideal for amateur surfers and body-borders. Amenities like showers, parking spots, and a seaside bar are also available. So, when you are looking for family-friendly beaches in Aruba, Arashi Beach is the place to be!

7. Eagle Beach

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When it comes to the best beaches in Aruba near Oranjestad, the pretty Eagle Beach ranks on top of the list. Also known as Arend Beach, this public beach is all about a wide stretch of white sand that can accommodate everyone even during the peak tourist season. As beach chairs and umbrellas dot the shore, sun-worshippers flock to Eagle Beach to soak in the Caribbean sun. It is also one of the few Aruba beaches where topless sunbathing and swimming are usually tolerated.

8. Hadicurari Beach

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Hadicurari Beach, with its strong winds and glittering waters, cater to all types of watersports enthusiasts including windsurfers, kiteboarders, and snorkelers. In fact, each year in June or July, one of the biggest windsurfing competitions in the Caribbean is hosted at this Aruba beach. And if sports are not your favorite, then head off to seafood stalls nearby to treat your taste buds. Amongst the top free public beaches in Aruba, Hadicurari’s easy accessibility is an added benefit for those who want to spend a day here. 

9. Boca Keto

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When you are planning to visit Boca Keto Beach in Aruba, keep in mind that it is definitely not easy to reach this hidden gem. But that is the reason it has stayed one of the secluded beaches in Aruba even after all these years. Located in Arikok National Park, the charm of Boca Keto lies in its rugged land and rough waters. Drive on dirt roads, take a short hike, reach Boca Keto, and realize that this beach is worth all the efforts.

10. Andicuri, Arikok

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The beach of Andicuri is one of the urban beaches in Aruba where commercialization has not spoiled its natural beauty. This oval-shaped stretch is covered with ivory sand and is full of facilities to make your visit comfortable. You can also opt for a game of beach volleyball or you can enjoy a good dip in the ocean. And when it comes to lounging on Andicuri Beach, several beach huts are ready to cater to you. 

Wouldn’t it be exciting to visit all these beaches in Aruba and experience the true beauty of this country?

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