10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Belize For Your Next Caribbean Vacation

By Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar on Feb 25, 2020
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The Caribbean country of Belize is all about idyllic islands lined with vibrant corals and rich marine life, where you can experience the best of snorkeling. Palm-fringed beaches in Belize are covered in signature white sand and welcome you for a leisurely stroll or a relaxing sunbath. Vacationing here feels like being inside a kaleidoscope that is made entirely of different shades of blue and green. So, be it for a popular Placencia or a lesser-known Caye Caulker, all the Belize beaches are equally exotic. Follow this travel guide to know more about these gems.

1. Placencia - Perfect honeymoon beach destination in Belize 

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The laid-back village of Placencia, perched on the southern tip of Placencia Peninsula, is blessed with some of the best beaches in Belize. The peninsula has a 16-mile long coastline dotted with beaches, ready to steal your heart. The Maya Beach will keep you engaged with snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking whereas other palm-fringed beaches will invite you for a romantic stroll on its silky sand. No doubt Placencia is honeymooners’ top choice!

2. Hopkins - Hidden beach in Belize 

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Hopkins is far removed from all the hustle and bustle you experience at popular tourist spots and takes you straight to a peaceful world. It is part of a vibrant Garifuna village and will give you a chance to be a part of a fascinating local canvas after you are done sunbathing. This combination of culture and leisure is hard to find anywhere and that makes it one of the top Belize beaches.

3. Ambergris Caye - Pretty white sandy beaches

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Ambergris Caye, one of the largest islands in the country, is also the perfect destination for beach lovers. The azure blue water is loved by snorkelers and divers. Do not miss a chance to explore the vibrant beauty of the Belize Barrier Reef and also, spend some time at the Belize Secret Beach. As some of the popular San Pedro Belize beaches are located here, Ambergris Caye is bustling with tourists throughout the year.

4. Half Moon Caye - Best diving in Belize 

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The unparalleled charm of Half Moon Caye lies in its crystal clear water, an abundance of corals, and a bird sanctuary that protects one of the few breeding colonies for the Red-footed Booby. One of the best diving spots in Belize, Half Moon Caye will treat you with pristine natural beauty. So, do not miss a chance to head off to this island and introduce yourself to rays, turtles, eels, and barracuda

5. Turneffe Atoll - Peter Pan's Neverland

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You would never truly realize how exquisite Turneffe Atoll is until you visit it yourself. It is an untouched paradise where you will find everything from pristine water to clean, white sand. It is also an official marine reserve where several endangered species are located. Be it for catch-and-release sport fishing or diving and snorkeling, Turneffe Atoll is a must in everyone’s itinerary.

6. Caye Caulker - For a peaceful vacay

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Caye Caulker was introduced as a tourist destination less than half a century ago. It is the place to escape the fast-paced life and to soak in its idyllic vibes. With less than 100 hotels and shops on the island, it has succeeded in keeping commercialization at bay. If you are looking for peaceful beaches in Belize, where you can forget about a calendar and enjoy a laid-back vacation to the fullest, head off to Caye Caulker.

7. Laughing Bird Caye - For land as well as water activities 

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When you visit Laughing Bird Caye, you will find yourself surrounded by true Caribbean beauty with sparklingly clear water and scattered palm trees. When you are lazing around on a sandy beach here, the sound of different exotic birds will accompany you. And if you decide to dive or snorkel, you will be welcomed by stingrays, turtles, moray eels, lobsters, and crabs.

8. Glover’s Reef - Lesser-known Belize beaches

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Glover’s Reef is part of the Great Belize Barrier Reef and is surrounded by eye-soothing turquoise water. With only a handful of resorts and hotels on the island, it does not experience constant tourist footfall. That is why it is one of the hidden beaches in Belize where you can go for a relaxing vacation. And if you are looking for activities, choose from fishing, diving, and snorkeling.

9. South Water Caye - Largest coral reef system in Belize

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Interested in a beach where you can spend days lazing on a hammock? Want to visit a place whose bliss lies in doing absolutely nothing? Then the UNESCO World Heritage Site of South Water Caye is waiting for you. Proud to be the largest coral reef system in Belize, this island is all about vibrant fish and a variety of corals. Pamper your taste buds with fresh seafood and experience a leisurely holiday at South Water Caye.

10. Goff’s Caye - The Untouched Paradise  

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Less than half an hour away from Belize City, Goff’s Caye is an unspoiled beauty that is all about white sandy beaches and shallow, crystal blue water. If you are beach hopping in Belize, then taking a boat ride to this island is your best bet. Even though there are no regular water taxis, visiting Goff’s Caye will be worth all the efforts.

With so many exquisite beaches in Belize, it is a wonder how it still is so underrated. Do not miss a chance to explore this unexplored paradise on your next trip!

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