10 Best Beaches In Brazil For Your Exotic Vacation

By Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar on Feb 28, 2020
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The South American country of Brazil is all about charming shores and striking beaches. Its vast 4,500 miles of shoreline is a gift for beach hoppers and sun worshippers. With numerous Brazilian beaches, this country will steal a piece of your heart right away. Everyone knows about Copacabana Beach, but very few have explored Praia do Sancho or Caraiva. So, we have curated this detailed list of some of the best beaches in Brazil that you must visit on your next vacation. Read on and start planning your trip to Brazil right away! 

1. Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro 

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It is a sin to talk about beaches in Brazil and not mention Copacabana. Its sandy shore stretches up to 2.5 miles and is dotted with sunbathers all the time. 

The combination of activities, food, events, and entertainment makes it one of the best urban beaches around the globe. In fact, it is the perfect place to soak in all the Brazilian hustle and bustle. With an unofficially separate gay and cross-dresser section, it attracts the LGBTQ community. Also, take a look at the detailed list of the other beaches in Rio De Janeiro that we have curated for beach lovers. 

2. Praia do Espelho, Trancoso, Bahia 

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Praia do Espelho is the place where white cliffs dotted with lush greenery create a picturesque backdrop and golden sand facing the turquoise blue ocean will soothe your eyes with its beauty. 

It is not easy to reach this beach as it takes more than an hour by road from the laid-back town of Trancoso. But, as you begin to think that the dirt road is endless, this beach-y paradise will proudly come into sight. One of the most exotic beaches in Brazil, Praia do Espelho also has several facilities to pamper you while you are here. 

3. Lopes Mendes Beach, Ilha Grande 

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When it comes to the top 5 beaches in Brazil, Lopes Mendes Beach always steals a spot on the list with its idyllic charm. 

Away from all the commercialization and placed right in the heart of rugged nature, this beach is for those who love tranquility. But, that does not mean it has nothing to offer. From thrilling surfing to leisurely swimming, Lopes Mendes Beach has everything. Its partially shallow shore has also made it one of the best beaches in Brazil for kids. 

4. Porto de Galinhas, Recife 

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Even though Porto de Galinhas is a tiny beach town, it welcomes a plethora of tourists throughout the year with its exciting activities. 

Crowned as one of the ‘best Brazilian beaches’ 8 times in a row by Voyage & Tourism Brazilian magazine, it has always been a popular destination for beach enthusiasts. Surrounded by reef pools, it is a little slice of heaven for snorkelers and swimmers. Hop on a small boat and explore what the ocean has to offer to make the most of your time here. 

5. Praia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha 

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Walk along the wooden walkway for 10 minutes, reach a small deck located around 100 feet above the beach, then squeeze yourself on the stairs through a crack in the rocky wall, and voila! You have reached Praia do Sancho!

Do not let all the hassle discourage you from visiting this beach though. Praia do Sancho is everyone’s favorite and one visit to this beach proves that it lives up to all the hype. It is easily one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil as it has escaped from the clutches of the tourist crowd and has preserved its natural charm. 

6. Bonete Beach, São Paulo 

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Reaching Bonete Beach is a task and one that is definitely not for everyone! A 12-kilometer trail takes you through a forest, along waterfalls, past the rocky cliffs, and finally to one of the secret beaches in Brazil. 

This pretty trail, though not difficult, needs lots of effort to cover. But reach Bonete Beach and you will forget about all the hassle you just experienced. You can either camp at the beach or consider staying at a simple accommodation offered by fishermen. And when returning, if you do not want to hike all the way back, you can take a boat to Sepituba.

7. Alter do Chao, Pará 

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Alter do Chao is one of the few river beaches in Brazil where a combination of good food, exciting activities, and leisurely vibes is mixed perfectly. 

It is hidden away deep in the Amazon forest and is located on the banks of the Tapajós River. Keep in mind that this beach usually appears only during the dry season from August to November. Very few tourists decide to add Alter do Chao in their itinerary. So, if you do, you might get the whole beach to yourself! 

8. Caraiva, Porto Seguro, Bahia 

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Caraiva is far removed from commercialization and do you know why? Because it is one of the remote beaches in Brazil where reaching is actually a struggle. 

The sleepy fishing village that backs the beach does not allow vehicles, the roads are not maintained, and facilities are almost non-existent. So, when you are in search of peaceful beaches in Brazil, Caraiva is the place to be! The only sound that will break the silence is that of waves and I am sure nobody is complaining about that. 

9. Praia dos Carneiros, Recife 

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The unpretentious beauty of Praia dos Carneiros lies in its palm-fringed shore and powdery white sand. 

The beach here is facing a lagoon-style bay where the water carries striking shades of blue. Enjoy activities like diving and snorkeling, opt for kayaking, or simply laze around to catch a tan - Praia dos Carneiros is for every type of traveler. It is one of the safest beaches in Brazil. But keep in mind that you have to pay an access fee while visiting this area. 

10. Praia do Forno, Arraial do Cabo 

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Think of the postcards adorned by the perfect beach photos and be assured that Praia do Forno is definitely better than the ones you have seen. 

You can either take a boat ride or hike the 20-minute steep trail to reach Praia do Forno. It is an amalgamation of a well-preserved forest, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant corals. So, swim, snorkel or dive to your heart’s content when visiting this pretty beach in Brazil to make the best of your vacation. 

And if you are looking forward to exploring more Brazilian beaches, then Santos Beach, Praia De Pipa, and Tinhare Island are waiting for you with open arms! 

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