15 Best Beaches In Cape Cod That Are A Must For Beach-Enthusiasts

By Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar on Jan 23, 2020
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Cape Cod is rightfully one of the best destinations for beach-lovers. This hook-shaped peninsula in Massachusetts is dotted with idyllic towns, sandy beaches, picturesque lighthouses, and serene trails. From the most popular Nauset Beach to the hidden gem of Mayflower Beach, Cape Cod entices beach-goers with numerous options. So, we are here with some of the best beaches in Cape Cod that are a must in your itinerary. Be it swimming, surfing, boating, or sunbathing, here’s everything Cape Cod beaches have to offer.

1. Seagull Beach, Yarmouth 

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Seagull Beach, the highlight of Yarmouth, is a bustling place that you should not miss visiting. 

You can collect beautiful shells, go swimming, enjoy kiteboarding, or simply laze around sunbathing. Different activities make it ideal for fun lovers whereas safe water and shore ensure that families with kids will also have a great time here. There are several food stalls nearby and facilities like showers and parking lots are also available.


2. Nauset Beach, Orleans

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Want to go surfing? Looking forward to a leisurely picnic with your loved ones? Love chasing sunsets? Whatever your interests may be, Nauset Beach is the place to be! 

This 10 mile-long sandy shore is one of the most popular Cape Cod beaches. Everything from swimming, surfing, fishing to off-road vehicle trails and picnic areas will keep you entertained here. Do not forget to collect your permit if you are interested in off-roading at Nauset Beach.

3. Craigville Beach, Barnstable

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A lovely jewel in Cape Cod’s crown, Craigville Beach is one of the top public beaches in Cape Cod. 

It is a seamless combination of activities, leisure, and nature, attracting everyone from kids to senior citizens. Craigville Beach is disabled-accessible, offers umbrella and chair rentals, has several restaurants nearby, and has all the amenities including showers, restrooms, and boardwalk. If you are visiting this beach in summers, go kitesurfing to make the best of your time.

4. Coast Guard Beach, Eastham

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Coast Guard Beach is rightfully one of the best-known beaches in Cape Cod. It is the highlight of the Cape Cod National Seashore that attracts locals and travelers alike.

Blessed with a long shoreline, you will find a peaceful spot to spend some quality time amidst all the hustle and bustle. Even though parking is available at Coast Guard Beach, keep in mind that from mid-June to Labor Day, the parking area here is closed to the public and is open only for park staff and disabled visitors. If you are planning to visit this beach during that time, then you will have to catch a shuttle bus from the Little Creek parking area. 

5. Corn Hill Beach, Truro 

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Corn Hill Beach is one of the lesser-known beaches in Cape Cod where you can head off when looking for a peaceful getaway. 

The water here is usually calm and warm making it perfect for swimming enthusiasts. Taking a boat out and going fishing is also a favorite amongst regular visitors. The sandy stretch of Corn Hill Beach is dotted with shells that you can collect while soaking in the beauty of a sunset here. 

6. Sandy Neck Beach, Sandwich

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Sandy Neck Beach, with a 6-mile long combination of dunes, maritime forests, and marshes, is everything a beach lover would want. 

It is a resident-only beach where residents of Barnstable and Sandwich can go to catch some tan. If you are a non-resident, then you will have to pay a parking fee and get a permit. Take your off-road vehicle out here for some adventure or pitch a tent to enjoy camping by the sea. Whatever you do, Sandy Neck ensures you have a lovely time here. 

7. Grays Beach, Yarmouth

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Grays Beach in Yarmouth is also known as Bass Hole and is one of the top beaches in Cape Cod. 

The combination of lovely sunsets, well-maintained picnic areas and a picturesque boardwalk attracts many.  Even though it does not have food stands or showers, lifeguards are present on Greys Beach. Spending an afternoon here and catching a beautiful sunset is one of the best things you can do while vacationing in Cape Cod.

8. Monument Beach, Bourne 

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Want to spend a day on the beach where leisure meets adventure? Then Monument Beach in Bourne is the place to be! 

The sandy shore and calm water make it ideal for swimming or castle building. It also has a volleyball net if you are interested in enjoying a game. As it is still one of the hidden beaches in Cape Cod, you will easily find parking here and the concession stand is also never too crowded. 

9. Mayo Beach, Wellfleet 

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Mayo Beach is one of the free beaches in Cape Cod where a long grassy area welcomes you to take a leisurely stroll. 

There are a few shelling beaches in Cape Cod and Mayo Beach is one of the top choices among locals. You will also find many yoga enthusiasts on the beach as its flat sandy shore is ideal for it. Even though smaller than other beaches nearby, this one attracts many with its calm water and pretty views.

10. Mayflower Beach, Dennis

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Mayflower Beach is a place with something for every age group and is loved by locals and tourists alike. 

The shallow beach is ideal for kids as low tide converts it into smaller pools. The long boardwalk is perfect for those who want to take leisurely walks and enjoy the views. Mayflower Beach also connects with Bayview Beach at one end, offering a long stretch to make the most of your time here. 

11. Cahoon Hollow Beach, Wellfleet

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Cahoon Hollow Beach is one of the best beaches in Cape Cod that is known for its amalgamation of serenity and activities. 

A magnificent backdrop of sand dunes and a famous sea-side bar on the shore are enough to entertain all types of visitors. Amenities like volleyball area, restrooms, food stalls, and parking spots are available. But, keep in mind that Cahoon Hollow Beach has limited access for the disabled. 

12. Old Silver Beach, Falmouth  

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A perfect destination to enjoy your summer vacation, Old Silver Beach will give you a chance to sunbathe to your heart’s content. 

The combination of clear water and powdery sand is enough to entice all types of vacationers here. Old Silver Beach is divided into two sides - one side ie reserved only for the residents of Falmouth whereas the other side is open for all. This beach is usually crowded, so if you want to get a parking spot, come early. 

13. Veterans Park Beach, Barnstable

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Playground, restrooms, BBQ grills, volleyball net, and a snack bar - when a beach offers all these things and more, you are in for a perfect vacation. And that is why Veterans Park Beach is one of the top-rated beaches in Cape Cod. 

When visiting Veterans Park Beach, you can stop by the war memorial to understand history, sit on the park benches to soak in leisurely vibes, take a stroll to collect shells and make use of picnic areas to spend some quality time with your loved ones. All in all, Veterans Park Beach is a great place to visit. 

14. Town Neck Beach, Sandwich

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Town Neck Beach is one of the secret beaches in Cape Cod where you can get away from all the touristy crowds.  

Its easy accessibility and a well-maintained boardwalk are plus points that set it apart from the other nearby beaches. As the Town Neck Beach is located near the entrance of Cape Cod Canal, the water, dotted with several boats, will always be in the background. A delight for photographers and treat for beach-lovers, Town Neck Beach is a must when visiting Cape Cod.   

15. Ballston Beach, Truro 

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Ballston Beach in Truro is possibly one of the most beautiful Cape Cod beaches where pretty golden sandy hills stand tall on the shore creating a stark contrast with the vast blueness. 

The water here is usually perfect for boogie boarding and surfing, attracting many water sports enthusiasts. Even though Ballston Beach lacks some facilities, it offers a long, flat stretch instead that is perfect for sunbathing or lazing around.

No matter which of these Cape Cod beaches you choose to visit, vacationing here is bound to be a memorable experience.