Best Beaches In Cozumel To Get Some Sand On Your Feet

By Ketki Hanamshet on Feb 25, 2020
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Stunning beaches of white sand and turquoise waters mark the territory of the Mexican island called Cozumel. Many of these beaches are run by beach clubs that let you access their shores for a minimal price or sometimes for no fee at all. The all-inclusive packages offered by these beach clubs are your best bet to have a complete beach vacation. Visit any of the sandy shores and you will find beach lovers lounging in chairs not to be a rare sight. Read on to know some of the best beaches in Cozumel and you will be tempted to head there and get some sand on your feet.  

1. Paradise Beach 

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Paradise Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Cozumel. Covered in soft sand facing the calm turquoise waters, this is an ideal beach destination to visit with family and kids. You can access the beach club by paying some minimal amount of fee. The admission fee covers the rent for a beach chair, allowing you to simply relax at the beach. You may also rent out equipment and go kayaking or snorkeling at Paradise Beach in Cozumel. During your visit, you will also find a pool and refreshments at the beach. 

2. Playa Mia 

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Playa Mia stands amongst the well-known beach destinations in Cozumel that promise a memorable day out. The beach is a part of Playa Mia Grand Beach Park where you will find a variety of water activities waiting for you. Snorkeling is a favorite amongst visitors here thanks to the underwater attraction called “Mayan City”. One of the best features of Playa Mia is that it offers wheelchair accessibility, letting all beach lovers enjoy the sun, sand, and sea. 

3. Palancar Beach 

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Palancar Beach is one of the best Cozumel beaches, offering a wide range of water activities. Right from kayaking to snorkeling and from sailing to scuba diving, it is at this beach that you can truly enjoy the relaxing as well as adventurous activities. Besides, you will also find the beach to be more peaceful as compared to other beaches on Cozumel. After a wonderful day at the beach, do visit the restaurants here for tasting delicious local seafood.   

4. Playa Chen Rio 

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Playa Chen Rio is protected by giant rocks and faces a relatively calm sea. This makes it very safe to enjoy a dip or a relaxing swim in the waters. The crystal clear water at Playa Chen Rio attracts many divers to enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving. It is considered to be one of the lesser crowded beaches in Cozumel, allowing you to sometimes have the entire beach all to yourself. There is a restaurant along the Chen Rio beach that has mouthwatering seafood dishes on the menu.    

5. Punta Sur Beach 

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As the palm trees sway to the salty breeze, lie back in a hammock or on a beach chair to enjoy an unwinding day at Punta Sur Beach. Located in the Punta Sur Eco Beach Park, this white sandy stretch lets you swim, stroll, relax, and have a joyful time by the sea. Walking along the shore, you will find Malo’s Point Light House at one end of the beach. Do visit it to witness spectacular vistas of the beach backed by the turquoise waters.  

6. Chankanaab Beach 

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Chankanaab Beach is a part of an amusement park in Cozumel called Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park. It offers a number of water activities that include snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking. The sandy beach is equipped with a number of thatched cabanas, letting its visitors escape the scorching sun while enjoying the vistas of the azure seas. Being located inside an amusement Park, Chankanaab Beach proves to be a one-stop destination to experience a wonderful day out. 

7. Dzul Ha 

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Dzul Ha is popular to be one of the best snorkeling beaches in Cozumel. Scuba divers also flock down to this beach to discover the fascinating marine life here through the crystal clear waters. The beach is covered by a mixture of sand and pebbles. So, do slip on a good pair of slippers while leisurely strolling along the shore. During your visit Dzul Ha, you must stay back until evening to witness the mesmerizing sunset vistas.  

8. Playa Uvas

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Located close to the Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park, Playa Uvas is yet another great beach to visit in Cozumel. Offering plenty of reclining chairs, this beach club lets you catch some tan while taking in the sweeping views of the azure waters. The club offers several packages at competitive prices to let you make the most of your time at Playa Uvas. These packages include different activities like kayaking and snorkeling along with access to other facilities like free wifi, beach chairs, restaurant bars, and hammocks.   

9. Mr. Sanchos Beach 

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Mr. Sanchos Beach is known as one of the longest private beaches in Cozumel, covering more than 1000 feet of white sand along the coastline. Offered by Mr. Sanchos Beach club, you have free access to the beach and can also avail the free wifi offered here. For other facilities available here, you can opt for an all-inclusive package that comes with a number of perks. Right from beach lounge chair to thatched cabanas and from kayaks to hammocks, you will then be able to use a variety of amenities.   

10. El Mirador 

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El Mirador is marked by a rough landscape as it is surrounded by some coral rock formations. The waves here come roaring down the beach, making it a little unsafe to swim in the waters. But there are a number of hammocks at the beach that tempt you to stay at the beach and unwind while drinking in the vistas. While entering the beach, you might find a few stalls that offer some cool souvenirs and good food.  

Now when you visit Cozumel Island, do visit these beaches to catch some tan. 

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