Best Beaches In Jamaica You Must Visit To Fall In Love With This Paradise

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The entire island of Jamaica is the true Caribbean beauty with its magnificent mountains, dense rainforests, and of course, exquisite beaches. In fact, it is considered to be one of the world’s leading beach destinations by many! Be it the famous Montego Bay beaches or the lesser-known Lime Cay, beaches in Jamaica are all about pampering visitors with memorable experiences. If you are planning your Jamaican vacation soon, this travel guide is perfect for you! We have curated a list of some of the best Jamaican beaches that are a must for your itinerary. 

1. Seven Mile Beach 

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Your Jamaican vacation cannot be complete without visiting this Negril beach. The iconic Seven Mile Beach is a must for all sun worshippers and outdoor enthusiasts. A place once ruled by pirates has become a bustling attraction today. A great combination of silky white sand, crystal clear water, and a plethora of water sports make it one of the best beaches in Jamaica. Tiny huts and palm trees line the shore, providing enough shade when you are done snorkeling, diving, or sunbathing. 

2. Dunn’s River Falls Beach 

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Is it a beach? Is it a waterfall? Or is it even a tourist spot? Visit Dunn’s River Falls Beach and you will realize it is all things pretty rolled into one. It is a giant fall that hops through natural stairs and then empties into the Caribbean Sea. A small white sand beach area around is always bustling with locals and travelers alike who prefer climbing the waterfall or spending some time exploring the lush green vegetation around. 

3. James Bond Beach 

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When Dr. No was filmed on a lesser-known coastal area, it suddenly turned into one of the most popular Jamaican beaches that we know today as James Bond Beach. It was also known as Laughing Waters Beach or Roaring River Beach in the past. Surrounded by stunning blue water and backed by majestic mountains of St Mary, this place will steal a piece of your heart with its natural charm. It lets you choose from several activities like kayaking, windsurfing, jet-skiing, paddleboarding, and also has glass bottom tours. 

4. Cornwall Beach 

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There are only a handful of beaches where amalgamation of secluded spots and zesty vibes can be found and Cornwall Beach is proud to be one of them. Partially urbanized and yet away from all the hustle and bustle that may disturb leisure-seekers, this beach in Jamaica is perfect for a quick getaway. Beach amenities are plenty, cafes with excellent food are nearby, and the golden sandy stretch is great when you want to laze around. Keep in mind that you have to pay an access fee while visiting Cornwall Beach. 

5. Bloody Bay 

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The name of Bloody Bay Beach represents an unfortunate history of whaling and pirate battles, but today, it has come a long way from those things. In fact, it has transformed into one of the top-rated beaches in Jamaica over the decades. From lapping azure waters to clean white sand, it has got everything to please beach lovers. It is also one of the few clothing-optional beaches in Jamaica where you can bare it all and make the best of your Caribbean vacation. 

6. Pleasure Cove Beach 

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Pleasure Cove Beach is one of the beaches in the Ocho Rios area that is far removed from the touristy crowd and is placed right in the heart of nature. Not many people know about the pretty white sand and sparkling water it has. It is one of those public beaches in Jamaica that have succeeded in preserving their charm amidst all the commercialization. You may not find all the facilities here, but you are guaranteed to come across food stalls that will pamper your taste buds with local delicacies. 

7. Lime Cay 

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Lime Cay is a tiny island that is hardly a 15-minute boat ride away from Port Royal. Of course, the island is inhabited and amenities are hard to find. But that also means you can make the most of your time without anyone disturbing you. Surrounded by clear blue ocean and ringed by powdery white sand, this has one of the secluded beaches in Jamaica. The best part about this Jamaican gem? Clothes are optional Monday through Friday here! 

8. Mammee Bay Beach 

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Mammee Bay Beach has so much to offer that the list can be endless. Partially private and partially public, this shore caters to all types of visitors. The calm water and shallow shore make it safe for kids and families. You can easily spend an entire day lazing around here and then spend an evening soaking in the spectacular sunset it experiences. And as the night falls, gather around a bonfire and dance the night away, for it is one of the top party beaches in Jamaica too! 

9. Hellshire Beach 

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Hellshire Beach is all about the warm Caribbean ocean, sugary caramel sand, and scrumptious seafood. You will mostly find someone or the other playing zesty local music here. Let those beats accompany you when you are busy catching a tan. It has two sections - the one where entry is paid, lifeguards are on duty, and changing rooms are available and the other that can be visited free of charge. You can also come here with kids as Hellshire Beach is one of the family-friendly beaches in Jamaica. 

10. Frenchman’s Cove 

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Frenchman’s Cove is easily one of the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica. Do you remember all those pretty photos you have seen of secluded beaches facing the refreshing blue ocean with a backdrop of lush greenery? That’s exactly how this hidden gem looks like. With a resort nearby and plenty of food stalls dotting the shore, it is listed amongst the top beaches in Jamaica for kids. Do not miss a chance to spend a day at this postcard-perfect beauty when you are in Jamaica. 

Even though these are the top beaches in Jamaica, you can also consider exploring Pellew Island Beach, Aqua Sol Beach, Low Cay Beach, Winnifred Beach, Boston Bay Beach, and Doctor’s Cave Beach. 

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