Top 10 Beaches In Key West For The Perfect Sun N Sand Vacay

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The bustling city of Key West is where a little bit of paradise can be found for all the sea lovers. Diving? Snorkeling? Sunbathing? Key West is the answer to all your needs when it comes to a beach-y holiday. Key West beaches are a lovely combination of sandy shores, waterfront parks, and oceanfront resorts. Laze around on the Smathers Beach or enjoy a luxurious private beach at Casa Marina Resort, this city has it all. Follow this list of some of the best beaches in Key West and pick your destination.

1. Smathers Beach

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One of the largest public beaches in Key West, Smathers Beach is a year-round popular destination for beachgoers in Florida.

Popular for its spring breaks and loved for its spectacular views, Smathers Beach is always bustling with locals and tourists alike. Coconut trees that line the shores are perfect for spending a relaxing day in the shade. The water is usually warm and ideal for kayaking and paddleboarding.

Its two-mile-long shoreline is sandy and is dotted with food stalls. Public amenities like restrooms and lounge chair rentals are also available for your comfort.

2. Higgs Beach

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The powdery white sand, turquoise water, wooden pier, and coconut trees that line the shore have transformed Higgs Beach into a picturesque destination.  

Even though it is located a stone’s throw away from the popular Smathers Beach, Higgs Beach has succeeded in maintaining its serenity. A separate playground for kids has made it a family-friendly Key West beach where everyone can have fun to their heart’s content. Offering a plethora of activities like tennis, beach volleyball, pickleball, swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing, this has become one of the top beaches in Key West.

You will also find facilities like volleyball nets, beach chairs, snorkeling equipment, kayak rentals, and paddle-boards here.

3. South Beach

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South Beach has become a favorite place amongst travelers and locals alike due to its proximity to bustling Duval Street. 

Even though its coastline only stretches for 200 feet, the shallow water attracts many families. It is considered to be one of the best family-friendly beaches in Key West. Catch a sunrise or chase a sunset when visiting this beach and you will get to witness stunning views. Keep in mind that this laid back area does not have public restrooms or other facilities. 

As South Beach is near to the city’s shopping areas and restaurants, you will find different things to do when visiting the beach.

4. C. B. Harvey Rest Beach Park

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Usually known as Rest Beach or simply C. B. Harvey, this Key West beach is a lovely surprise for those who are interested in sandy shores. 

You will find this beach at the end of White street, only a short distance away from Higgs Beach. A well-maintained pathway often attracts leisurely strollers. Shades areas dotted with picnic tables are busy with kids and families. 

When visiting Rest Beach, do not miss a chance to stop by the Key West Aids Memorial. It is located at the foot of the Edward B. Knight Pier right at the beach. 

5. Dog Beach

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When traveling with your four-pawed companion, this Dog Beach in Key West will be a treat for both of you.

You might find this area to be a little smaller than other beaches, but it is the only pet-friendly beach in Key West where your dog can run around unleashed. Let them take a dip in the ocean and you can laze around on the sandy shore. 

Remember that some part of the shore is rocky and seaweed is also lying around some times. So, even if unleash dogs are allowed on the beach, do keep an eye for safety. 

6. Bahia Honda State Park

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Popular as one of the best beaches near Key West, Bahia Honda State Park is a little slice of paradise when it comes to catching a tan. 

Located less than an hour away from Key West, this tiny island is away from all the commercialization. As you wander on this palm-lined beach, you will get to soak in a typical Florida-vibes. Its shallow waters are ideal when you want to go for a swim. Snorkel boat tours and kayaking can also be enjoyed here.

Some of the park areas that suffered major damage during Hurricane Irma are still being restored and may not be open to the public.

7. Mallory Square

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Mallory Square is not your usual beach area but offers the best of water and land activities. This oceanfront area is the place where the best sunsets in Key West can be witnessed.

Known for hosting zesty ‘Sunset Celebrations’ every evening, the whole area is dotted with performers, live entertainment, arts & crafts exhibitors along with different food carts. The best time to visit Mallory Square is at least 2 hours before the sunset. It will give you plenty of time to enjoy performances, eat delicious food, and watch the blue sky turning into a vast canvas with shades of red and golden.

A perfect way to spend your vacation in Key West, visiting Mallory Square is a must for a different waterfront experience.

8. Fort Zachary Taylor Beach 

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Fort Zachary Taylor Beach is part of the historic state park and is an interesting amalgamation of natural beauty and U.S. history.

The beach adjacent to the Fort Zach is everything you may want for your good old sun & sand vacation. Be it swimming and snorkeling or paddling and fishing, the surrounding clear waters are perfect for all the activities. There are several nature trails around the beach where you can take a leisurely walk with your loved ones. All this is enough to make Fort Zachary Taylor Beach one of the prettiest beaches in Key West. 

Also, take a guided tour of Fort Zachary when visiting the beach and you will get a glimpse of the past.

9. Casa Marina Resort

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The luxurious property of Casa Marina Resort, established right in front of the ocean, offers one of the few pleasing private beaches in Key West.

The resort opened in 1920 and has been welcoming travelers from around the globe who want to be part of Florida’s beach-y canvas. Its mansion-style architecture and grand amenities will pamper you to no end when you are busy sipping a refreshing drink on its private beach area. 

An in-house spa, restaurants, and lounges are enough to cater to all your needs. So, when you are looking forward to relaxing beach time, stay at Casa Marina Resort.

10. Sunset Key 

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The 27-acre resort island of Sunset Key redefines luxury, bliss, natural beauty, and spectacular ocean views. 

Located only 500 yards away from the island of Key West, Sunset Key has a handful of cottages where you can stay. It means you will only be a shuttle boat away from all the activities at Key West and yet, a world away from touristy crowd. It also has one of the best white-sand beaches in Key West perfect for honeymooners.

Keep in mind that staying here needs advance booking and it gets sold out pretty fast. 

So, where are you heading next to be a beach bum in Key West?