10 Beaches In Maine For Those Who Love Sun n’ Sand

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The US state of Maine is already famous for its rich maritime history and postcard-perfect lighthouses that line its long shoreline. Start exploring this beautiful state and you will come across several Maine beaches that will steal a piece of your heart right away. The charm of Crescent Beach State Park is irresistible whereas Reid State Park is still not known to many. No matter what kind of beach you like, this guide to the best beaches in Maine will help you pick your destination easily. So, read on and start planning your vacation! 

1. Sandy Beach, Acadia National Park 

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Backed by mountainous land and dense forest, Sand Beach in Acadia National Park is a tiny shoreline filled with natural beauty. 

One of the top-rated beaches in Maine, it is particularly known for white sand that carries the shades of pink. Sandy Beach is a little away from the parking area and as you start descending the steps, the panoramic vistas unfolding lazily will welcome you here. And the best part is, no matter when you are visiting this beach, the ocean water will always be on the cooler side. 

2. Crescent Beach State Park, Cape Elizabeth 

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A mile-long beach at Crescent Beach State Park is a place with something for all types of visitors. 

Be it for a romantic stroll and a leisurely sunbath or for nature trails and picnic areas, Crescent Beach State Park will give you a chance to enjoy it all. It offers one of the best family-friendly beaches in Maine as the waves are calm and lifeguards are on duty. Kids can safely enjoy a beach-y day while vacationing here.

3. Scarborough Beach State Park, Scarborough 

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Scarborough Beach State Park is known for a pretty beach that has a backdrop of sand dunes and a shore where lapping waves are common. 

Winslow Homer, the famous American painter, has also captured the beauty of this picturesque area in many of his artworks. It is popular amongst visitors as one of the best swimming beaches in Maine. The designated area monitored by lifeguards makes it safe to take a dip in the water. Facilities like changing rooms and bathrooms are available nearby. 

4. Long Sands Beach, York 

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Long Sands Beach in York is a 2-mile long sandy stretch that is frequented by locals and tourists alike for the activities it offers.  

If you are visiting with kids, then it will be fun to build sandcastles and fly kites. But, it is the waves that attract many amateur surfers to Long Sands Beach. It is a postcard-perfect destination with a backdrop of Cape Neddick and Nubble Light, ensuring you get to click some great photos here.

5. Willard Beach, South Portland 

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The combination of sand and pebbles nestled in the peaceful neighborhood of South Portland has gained fame as Willard Beach over the last few years. 

Even though it is blessed with a sandy shore, the rocky seashore will not let you enjoy long walks. But, sitting on Willard Beach and watching over passing boats and cruises is a favorite pastime of many. Among the top Maine beaches, Willard Beach has parking spots along with amenities like a cafe, play area, showers, and restrooms to make your stay comfortable. 

6. Old Orchard Beach, Old Orchard 

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Old Orchard Beach, with its sprawling 6-mile shoreline, ranks on top of the list of best beaches in Maine. 

Even if it's long, the beach here is surprisingly always crowded. The nearby amusement park, the iconic pier, and waterfront eateries are enough to keep visitors engaged for hours together, making it one of the best party beaches in Maine. It may not be an ideal destination to sit and relax, but if you are looking forward to a bustling getaway, then Old Orchard Beach is the place to be! 

7. Popham beach state park, Phippsburg 

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The popular Popham beach state park in Phippsburg caters to beach bums, nature lovers, and adventure enthusiasts, all at the same time. 

Erosion of sand dunes has formed extreme shoreline changes, making it a geological wonder of its own. But, even if the beach is reduced in size over the years, outdoor activities like kayaking, swimming, fishing, hiking, and picnicking are readily available. Keep in mind that lifeguards are present on Popham beach, but not many facilities are available around. 

8. Ogunquit Beach, Ogunquit 

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Visit the 3-mile long Ogunquit Beach that is known for its soft sand and you will realize why it is considered to be one of the best Maine beaches. 

Be it the sandcastle contest or a kite festival, you will get to be part of different events when visiting Ogunquit Beach. Kids will love running on sugary sand here, whereas it creates a perfect beach for sunbathing adults. The name of the beach loosely translates to ‘a beautiful place by the sea’ and with everything that it has to offer, it stands true to its name. 

9. Goose Rocks Beach, Kennebunkport 

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Amongst the top public beaches in Maine, Goose Rocks Beach has become an integral part of many travel plans over the decades. 

The sleepy town of Kennebunkport perfectly complements the relaxing vibes of this beach. The 3-mile shore backed by sand dunes can accommodate everyone even on the busiest days. But keep in mind that there are no facilities except portable toilets, and parking here is limited. So, Try to reach the beach early in the morning to find a parking spot without much hassle. 

10. Reid State Park, Georgetown 

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Reid State Park in Georgetown is a real treat for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts as it is home to an interesting combination of sand dunes, rocky headlands, salt marshes and a lagoon with a tidal river. 

One of the most peaceful beaches in Maine, this area is still miles away from all the hustle and bustle of other beaches in the state. So, when it comes to escaping the touristy crowd, head off to Reid State Park. You will find amenities like picnic tables and toilets, but there aren’t any food stalls around. So, do not forget to pack your food when exploring Reid State Park. 

Apart from these listed beaches in Maine, you can also consider visiting Ferry Beach in Scarborough, Laudholm Beach in Wells, and Short Sands in York.