12 Popular Beaches In And Around Tampa

By Ketki Hanamshet on Jan 06, 2020
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Tampa is surrounded by beaches where the waters are warm and the sand is soft. Florida’s white-sandy beaches define relaxation, and the beaches of Tampa are no exception. Although most of the beaches are about 30 miles away from the city center, they are worth the driving-distance to have a memorable beach day. Here are the best beaches in and around Tampa, welcoming you to catch a tan.  

1. Ben T. Davis Beach, Tampa City 

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Ben T. Davis Beach is a narrow stretch of shoreline but it is the perfect place to get sand on your feet when you are in Tampa. It is said to be the largest beach in Tampa, closest to the airport. With good picnic areas on the beach, you can visit it with your family and spend some quality time. For those visiting with friends, beach volleyball is a popular sport to indulge in at the Ben T. Davis Beach. You may even pass your time just watching a competitive game played between the local teams.  

2. Archibald Beach Park 

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Archibald Beach Park is located around 27-28 miles away from the Tampa city center and it would take about half an hour to drive to this beach park. Locally popular as The Hammocks, it is one of the most family-friendly beaches near Tampa. The beach is equipped with showers, a picnic area, restrooms, and metered parking. To escape the scorching sun, you can rent chairs and umbrellas at a minimal price. Relax, swim, or play volleyball, the Archibald Beach Park lets you do it all. 

3. Sand Key Park 

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Sand Key Park in Clearwater, Florida, is also located about 28-29 miles away from the Tampa city center and takes about 30-40 minutes to reach. The white-sandy beach is quite expansive and comes along with all the basic amenities including showers, restrooms, picnic areas, and paid parking. Surfing and swimming are a couple of water activities that you may enjoy here. And as you walk along the sandy stretch, don’t forget to collect the seashells. 

4. Apollo Beach Nature Reserve 

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Apollo Beach Nature Reserve is blessed with a 2-acre sandy beach and is one of the lesser-crowded beaches near Tampa. It is located about 20-24 miles away from the Tampa city center. Fishing is one of the most popular activities at this beach. During your visit, you might usually find a family or two with kids enjoying the sandy beach. The preserve comes with free parking. The beach presents the best sunsets on all evenings, offering many picture opportunities. 

5. Fred Howard Park 

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Located in Tarpon Springs, Fred Howard Park is about 30-35 miles away from the city center of Tampa. Owing to its lovely beach and swimming area, the park is always bustling with crowds. Families love coming here as it is a beach with calm relaxing waters, making it safe for kids. The beach piers are a perfect spot to go fishing. There are palm trees here, offering natural shade, to lie down under. You can also go canoeing or kayaking if you are interested in any outdoor activities.      

6. Indian Rocks Beach 

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The Indian Rocks Beach is more than 2 miles long along the Gulf of Mexico and can be accessed from as many as 27 points. It is located about 28-29 miles away from the city center and is considered to be one of the top beaches near Tampa. The beach is never overly busy and quite peaceful, offering you the perfect opportunity to enjoy solitude during your visit. After catching a perfect sunset at the Indian Rocks Beach, you can make your way to any of the surrounding restaurants to have a delightful meal. 

7. Sunset Beach, Treasure Island 

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Sunset Beach is located at the southern tip of the Treasure Island in Florida and is about 28-29 miles away from the Tampa city center. Sunrise and Mid-island are the two other beaches on Treasure Island, but it is the Sunset Beach that draws crowds. There is a pavilion at the sunset beach which houses restrooms, a vending area, showers, and a playground. You will also find a shaded picnic area during your visit to the beach. Sunset Beach of Treasure Island is also known to be one of the few beaches in Tampa Bay that welcomes the LGBT community.  

8. St. Pete Beach 

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St. Pete Beach in Florida is a lovely white sandy beach with boardwalks, dunes, showers, and restrooms. You can reach this beach from the city center of Tampa after driving for about 30 miles. With plenty of space available, you will be able to find a peaceful place along the shore even if the beach is bustling with crowds. It is a favorite amongst visitors as St Pete Beach is one of the cleanest beaches near Tampa. The beach is very ideal for those looking to indulge in some recreational activities as there are many water sports to enjoy here.   

9. John’s Pass Park, Pinellas County 

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You will find John’s Pass Park towards the southern end of the Madeira Beach city and it is around 30 miles away from the city center of Tampa. Public restrooms, an outdoor shower area, a wooden walkover, covered picnic area, and chair rentals are some of the amenities available here. The park is located right across the John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk, which offers a great opportunity to grab a delicious meal and shop for a while after spending time at the beach.   

10. Redington Beach, Pinellas County 

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Redington Beach is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing vacation by the Gulf of Mexico. Visit this beach on a weekend and you will be able to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. As compared to other busy beaches in Tampa, the Redington Beach is quite peaceful and blessed with tranquility. The beach is surrounded by bars, restaurants and a few other shops. There is also a parking facility nearby. 

11. Davis Island Dog Beach 

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Davis Island Dog Beach is a piece of laid-back paradise for all the dog owners who wish to visit the beach with their furry friends. This is a small sandy beach located in a dog park in Tampa, equipped with water fountains and a wash station. There are also some grassy areas near the beach, ideal to enjoy a picnic with family and friends. Run along the sandy stretch or play fetch with your dog, you will definitely have a gala time with your pet during your visit to the Davis Island Dog Beach.   

12. Picnic Island Park 

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Picnic Island Park has another dog-friendly beach in Tampa. You will usually find it very secluded and all to yourself. While you can let your pets run across the sandy stretch and have the time of their life, you can lie down on the beach and enjoy some sunbathing time. Catching the sunset from the boardwalk is a great option. The park also has some picnic tables by the beach, offering spectacular views of the sea. 

Besides the beaches listed above, the Caladesi State Park beach, Honeymoon Island State Park beach, and Clearwater Beach are a few other popular beaches in Tampa. You can check out these 15 best beaches in Florida to know about more beaches that make for an ideal spot to enjoy the sand and sea near Tampa.