10 Best Beaches In The Dominican Republic That Are Waiting For You

By Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar on Feb 26, 2020
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The Dominican Republic is that Caribbean country where lazing on the beaches and taking a dip in the ocean define a perfect vacation. From a secluded sandy stretch to a bustling, action-fueled shore, beaches in the Dominican Republic have something for every type of traveler. The combination of the undeniable charm of Playa Grande and zesty vibes of Bávaro Beach perfectly describes the best Dominican Republic beaches. All you have to do is read on to know which beaches are a must-visit for your Caribbean holiday! 

1. Bávaro Beach - The most popular destination 

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Bávaro Beach is that pretty place where swaying palm trees line the coast and all-inclusive resorts like adults-only Barcelo Bavaro Beach dot the nearby area. 

The water that carries shades of turquoise and white sand as soft as powder are the signature Caribbean features of Bávaro Beach. It has become one of the most popular beaches in the Dominican Republic with resorts in the last few decades. A separate area for swimming and an action-packed zone for boating and parasailing ensure you have a fun day. 

2. Boca Chica Beach - Ideal for kids and adults alike 

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Boca Chica Beach is a combination of fine sand and shallow coast, making it one of the best kid-friendly beaches in the Dominican Republic. 

Its proximity to Santo Domingo ensures it is easily accessible and is bustling with locals and travelers alike. The beach is protected by a crescent-shaped coral reef, and the water is usually calm. Enjoy swimming and sailing or go for a round of beach volleyball. And when you are done with all the activities, head off to nearby food stalls to taste the mouth-watering fresh seafood. 

3. Playa Rincón - Perfect Caribbean vibes 

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The charm of the famous Playa Rincón is hidden in hundreds of coconut trees that adorn its entire 3 miles of stretch. 

One part of the beach has calmer water for swimmers whereas the other part is all about waves that are loved by surfers. And if activities are not what you are looking for, then bury your toes in the sand here and soak in the relaxing Caribbean vibes. Even though it is a little secluded, Playa Rincón, Dominican Republic is worth adding to your itinerary. 

4. Juanillo Beach - Prettiest Dominican Republic beach 

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The minute you set your eyes on Juanillo Beach, you will be lost in its postcard-perfect beauty and Bohemian charm. 

Even though visited by many, this is still one of the Dominican Republic beaches where you will find peaceful corners for sunbathing and relaxing. Considered amongst the beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic, Juanillo Beach has the perfect combination of activities and tranquility to keep you engaged throughout the day. 

5. Sosua Beach - For all the activities 

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The crescent-shaped Sosua Beach carries a picturesque contrast of golden sand and azure ocean. 

For those interested in swimming, snorkeling, and diving, clear water of Sosua Beach is ideal. If you are looking for seaside bars and restaurants, the entire stretch of Sosua Beach is perfect. With something for every type of visitor, it has become one of the famous beaches in the Dominican Republic. But keep in mind that even though you can rent chairs and umbrellas, facilities like public restrooms or showers are not available here. 

6. Kite Beach - The mecca for kite surfers 

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As the name rightly suggests, Kite Beach is one of the few Dominican Republic beaches that are all about welcoming kite surfers from around the globe. 

In fact, this beach hosts the 'Master of the Ocean World Championship’ every year for adventure enthusiasts. From kiteboarding and stand-up paddle-boarding to surfing and windsurfing, you will get to participate in all the sports here. And if watersports do not entice you, then the sandy Kite Beach will let you sunbathe to your heart’s content. 

7. Playa Grande - A gem hidden away from all 

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Far removed from bustling touristy areas, Playa Grande is one of the secret beaches in the Dominican Republic. 

With only a couple of luxury hotels and a handful of seafood stalls on the beach, it has kept commercialization at bay. A palm-fringed, mile-long golden sand and refreshingly blue water are enough to make you stay here for an entire day. And if you are visiting Playa Grande for activities, you may find good waves for surfing. 

8. Macao Beach - For peace-seekers 

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Macao Beach, partially backed by rugged cliffs and facing the seemingly endless stretch of turquoise water, is a place known for its serenity. 

This beach has witnessed a fast-paced tourism growth in the last few years, but it has still succeeded in preserving distinctly Dominican feel. Ideal for amateur surfers and great for leisure-seekers, Macao Beach makes for one of the top-rated Dominican Republic beaches. You will also find several surfing schools if you are interested in taking lessons. 

9. Playa Bahoruco - Where sunsets are prettiest 

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Playa Bahoruco is amongst the smaller beaches in the Dominican Republic that attracts photography enthusiasts with its prettiness. 

As white stones cover its shores and palm trees adorn the land, the usually deserted beach is loved by peace-lovers. It is especially popular for spectacular sunsets that are often captured by professional photographers. When visiting Playa Bahoruco, keep in mind that strong undercurrents are common and make it unsafe for swimmers. 

10. Las Galeras - Calmest Dominican Republic beach 

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Las Galeras has somehow stayed away from the tourist radar for too long and has become one of the hidden gems waiting to be explored. 

With a protected cove at one end, it is one of the calmest beaches in the Dominican Republic. But if you are looking for activities, then a small part on the western side of the beach experiences waves and welcomes surfers. Mostly undeveloped, keep in mind that basic facilities are hard to find here. 

Also, do not miss a chance to visit Cayo Levantado, Playa Dorada, Cabarete Beach, and Playa Bahia de Las Aguilas. All these ultimate beach destinations in the Dominican Republic are equally enticing and no matter which place you choose, it promises a memorable vacation! 

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