Best Beaches In Wisconsin For A Perfect Lakeside Day

By Ketki Hanamshet on Feb 11, 2020
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Wisconsin is all about pretty lakeside beaches that are blessed with postcard-perfect views and serenity. Some covered in soft golden sand while others full of pebbles, these beaches are a treat for all the beach-bums. Be it the Big Bay Beach featuring a boardwalk or the Bradford beach that hosts Yoga and Crossfit classes for the fitness freaks, you will get to do a variety of things at these beaches by the lakes. Take a look at the best beaches in Wisconsin and you will definitely be tempted to visit each one of them.

1. Racine North Beach

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Racine North Beach runs along the shores of Lake Michigan and is one of the most family-friendly beaches in Wisconsin. The sandy lakefront area is blessed with a relaxed vibe, attracting locals as well as tourists to spend a day by the waters. Although the beach gets a large footfall, the 800-meter long golden sandy stretch is quite spacious, allowing you to have enough of it to yourself. Swim in the waters, take a leisure stroll, build sandcastles, or simply lie down to unwind as the Racine North Beach lets you do all things beach-y.

2. Schoolhouse Beach, Washington Island, Lake Michigan

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Schoolhouse Beach in Wisconsin is just right to enjoy a day out with friends or family. Unlike the typical sand beaches, the Schoolhouse Beach is blanketed by lovely smooth limestone pebbles. While balancing the pebbles one over another may seem to be the best pass time here, it is snorkeling, diving, and rafting that are enjoyed by many visitors. It is highly recommended to swim at only the marked areas since depth offshore increases quite rapidly. Visitors should also take note of the handmade signs here that request them to not take the pebbles back home from the beach.

3. Big Bay Beach

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Big Bay Beach is a part of the Big Bay State Park, located on one of the 22 Apostle Islands called Madeline Island. Enjoying a 3 kilometers stretch, the beach offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities. Canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boarding are the favorite during good surfing conditions. You can also enjoy swimming and fishing at Big Bay Beach. It features a boardwalk that is ideal for a stroll and for viewing the mesmerizing vistas of Lake Superior.

4. Kohler Andrae State Park

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The beach in Kohler Andrae State Park is covered in soft golden sand. Behind the golden sand, you will be able to see some stunning sand dunes that are the largest in the area of Lake Michigan. Besides the usual beach activities like swimming and fishing, birdwatching is a favorite amongst visitors. As many as 150 different species of birds can be spotted in the Kohler Andrae State Park. After relaxing at the beach, you can also choose to explore the trails in the park that are marked with lovely views.

5. Bradford Beach

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Bradford Beach in Milwaukee takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but it is one of the busiest beaches in Wisconsin. Weekends and holidays see families rushing to this beach to enjoy a day out with their dear ones. The beach is well-equipped with a variety of facilities, including cabana rentals, tiki huts, concession stands, and volleyball courts. If you are a fitness freak, then you may also join the yoga or Crossfit classes that are frequently held at this beach. Bradford beach also hosts some events throughout the year that are quite interesting to attend.

6. Point Beach State Forest

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Enjoy overnight camping at the Point Beach State Forest that has a lovely beach just a few steps away from the campground. Blanketed by golden sand, the beach is ideal to relax and unwind. Swimming and fishing are a couple of beach activities that you may take up. There is also a pet-friendly sandy beach in the park. Taking a break from the beach, you can visit the nearby lighthouse or go hiking along the trails to explore the magnificent Point Beach State Forest.

7. Simmons Island Beach

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Simmons Island Beach is a part of the Simmons Island Park, located by the shores of Lake Michigan. This sandy stretch is rarely crowded, allowing you to have the beach all to yourself. As the beach is quite safe for kids, you will mostly see families having a good time here. One of the interesting features of Simmons Island Beach is that it has two lighthouses, namely the Kenosha Lighthouse along the harbor and the Southport Lighthouse which is now converted into a museum.

8. Meyers Beach

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Sitting by the shores of Lake Superior, Meyers Beach is usually seen as only the departure point for kayaking to the nearby sea caves. But, the sandy stretch in itself is ideal for spending some quality time by the calm waters. Beachcombing and swimming are popular activities to be enjoyed at Meyers Beach. You can either relax at this beach first and then head towards the sea caves that are hardly 3.2 kilometers from the sandy area, or look down upon the fascinating caves and then return to unwind at the beach. There is also a 2.8-kilometer long lakeshore trail leading to the caves and just right for a good hike.

9. Nicolet Bay Beach

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Nicolet Bay Beach is a part of the vast Peninsula State Park that occupies more than 3,500 acres of area. This sandy area, located quite close to the Nicolet Bay Campground is a favorite amongst the park visitors. During the summer months, beach lovers flock down to the Nicolet Bay Beach to take a cool dip in the refreshing water. It is also equipped with a number of amenities, including restrooms, showers, equipment rental, and concession stands. Besides lazing on the beach, you can even go hiking or biking along the trails of the park to explore the outdoors. 

10. Devil's Lake State Park

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The beach in Devil’s Lake State Park lets you have a memorable day by the waters. It is one of the beaches in Wisconsin where you can enjoy scuba diving. Sit at the beach and drink in the sprawling views of the vast lake in front. You can also go swimming, kayaking, or canoeing in Devil’s Lake State Park. Besides, you can always go hiking along the trails in the park and then visit the beach to simply lie down on the sandy surface. Basic amenities, including restrooms and picnic tables, can be found in close vicinity here.

11. Pattison State Park

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The beach in Pattison State Park is small in size but doesn’t lack in offering you a memorable beach experience in Wisconsin. During your visit, you can go kayaking and canoeing in the lake or simply relax on the shores by the lake water. With the state’s highest falls being located in this park, most of the visitors hike along trails to view the waterfalls, leaving the beach area undisturbed. This makes the beach in the park an ideal place to enjoy some solitude. Amenities such as bathhouses and restrooms can be found nearby.

12. Big Foot Beach State Park

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Located by the shores of the Geneva Lake, the beach in Big Foot Beach State Park offers numerous water sports to enjoy. These include kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. The beach can be found close to a rather busy road, tempting people to make a quick stop on their way to the sandy area. There are also a few short trails in the state park that are a favorite amongst hikers of all skill levels. Restrooms, showers, and vault toilets can be found throughout the state park.

With this list of top beaches in Wisconsin, all you have to do now is pick your favorite and make way for a memorable day out.