7 Most Beautiful Places in Punjab

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One of India’s prettiest states, Punjab is a beautiful place that has been blessed with fertile lands and picturesque landscapes. That, coupled with the Punjabis' love for food and legendary hospitality makes for a firecracker combination that is a sure winner with visitors.

The endless expanse of swaying mustard fields is as romantic as it gets. No wonder then, that Raj and Simran rekindled their love amongst these gorgeous fields. Besides these lush, fertile farms, there are a number of stunning locales in Punjab that might be missing from Yashraj movies but are awe-inspiring nonetheless.

Here are some of the most beautiful places in Punjab :

1. Harike Wetland - Largest Wetland In Northern India

Image Source : Wikipedia.org

‘Hari-ke-Pattan’ as it is locally known,  this place is the largest wetland in northern India. It is an unforgettable sight  to watch rare, exotic migratory birds from all over the world here. The wetland is home to many globally threatened species of waterfowls that thrive in this ecosystem. Harike wetland is a one of kind place that merits a visit because of its unique biodiversity.


2. Anandpur Sahib - Birthplace Of Khalsa

Image Source: Hari Singh/flickr.com

There is no other place that emanates as much peace and spirituality in Punjab as Anandpur Sahib. The birthplace of Khalsa, this town is full of beautiful gurudwaras that are perfect destinations for soul searching. The surroundings of this town add to the historic charm. Also one of the best places in India to celebrate festivals of Holi and Baisakhi, Anandpur Sahib is a place full of calm and beauty.

3. Sukhna Lake - The Manmade Lake 

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

This man made lake in Chandigarh might have become a popular weekend activity and tourist place of interest but that does not take away from its unforgettable beauty. An inherent part of the spirit of the city, Sukhna is the epicenter of many happy emotions that add to the cheerful ambiance of the surroundings. There are a number of activities that one can indulge in at the lake from boating, kayaking and sailing to bird watching, there’s always something happening here.

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4. Chappar Chiri - Witness The Tallest Minar In India

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Famous as the place where the valorous Banda Singh Bahadur fought the decisive battle between Sikhs and Mughals, Chappar Chiri is a tiny but wonderful village that is a must-see because of its unique combination of beauty and history. The Fateh Burj which is the tallest minar in India is located here. A great way to explore the Punjab countryside, Chappar Chiri is an understated yet glorious place.

5. Patiala - Regal Past Of Punjab

Image Source: Jasleen Kaur/ flickr.com

Patiala provides a glimpse into the regal past of Punjab. It is full of intriguing historic treasures like palaces, monuments and expansive gardens. An absolutely fabulous revelation, this city is truly Punjab’s best kept secret. The Qila Mubarak Complex is a testimony to the lavish lifestyle of the maharajas and the Moti Bagh Palace is a beautifully preserved peek into the past. This one goes down as smooth as a Patiala peg of fine whiskey!

6. Takhni-Rehmapur Wildlife Sanctuary 

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Located near Hoshiarpur which is a town that dates back to the Paleolithic age, Takhni Rehmapur Wildlife Sanctuary is a true representation of the biodiversity of the Shivaliks. A hotbed of exciting flora and fauna, this sanctuary is a beautiful retreat for migratory birds and animals like wild boars, jackal, deer etc. Off the beaten track and peaceful, a trip here gets you close to nature and its magnificent ways.  

7. Dholbaha - The Charming Village

This charming little village is the unassuming site of the Paleolithic man and holds important fossils and proofs from that age. The dams built around the village have made the surrounding farms serene and picture perfect. The temple built in middle of the dam is the highlight of this place. A great way to experience the ideal village life, Dholbaha is a pretty little hamlet that is full of ancient mysteries.

Punjab has a host of beautiful places that are postcard perfect. Almost everywhere you look you are greeted with the lush blessings of nature and smiling faces of friendly people. From the mouthwatering specialties of Amritsar to the royal grandeur of Patiala, Punjab packs in a number of surprises indeed.

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