10 Picture-Perfect Places On The Amalfi Coast You Must Visit

By Preksha Goyal on Dec 30, 2018
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The postcard-perfect coast of Amalfi is a slice of heaven adorned with multi-colored houses, alluring beaches, expansive mountain stretches, paradisiacal scenery and mouth-watering cuisine which perfectly compliments it all. With beauty so surreal, every area on the coast has its own vibe- from the buzzing city ambiance to a serene laid-back atmosphere. The exquisite character that every village and island on this enthralling coast carry with them is sure to lure every visitor. To make your Italian adventure all the more memorable, here are some of the absolutely beautiful places that you cannot miss while while creating an Amalfi coast itinerary.

1. Capture the fascinating view of pastel-colored houses at Positano

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Pastel-colored houses which make for that perfect Instagram picture and sandy beaches ideal to compliment a peaceful outdoor vacation make the town of Positano a destination flooded with tourists every year. Adding to this is the buzzing nightlife you will witness at the city’s trendy and upscale restaurants, clubs and bars. Take a boat ride to soak in the panoramic view of the city and its scenic mountains.  

2. Soak in the tranquillity of Capri Island

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Nestled just off of the western edge of Amalfi coast, Capri is a magical destination with seven museums, twelve churches, numerous monuments and the natural marvel of Blue Grotto. Think of a land surrounded by turquoise waters, alluring villas, whitewashed houses, and incredible views, and you are picturing the unparalleled land of Capri. 

3. Visit the archeological sites and stellar beaches of Maiori

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Beachfront hotels, gorgeous landscapes, historic landmarks, fascinating beaches, ancient buildings, artsy churches, and a vibrant nightlife is what Maiori all about. Head to the town’s main street and a delightful section of shops, staffs, and cafes await to make your visit a fun-filled one. Don’t forget to catch the stunning view of Lungomare Amendola where crystal clear water cascades over the beautiful sand. And the best part? You get all of this at relatively cheaper prices! So plan your trip now. 

4. Pay a visit to the largest town along the coast, Amalfi Town

media_gallery-2018-12-28-8-Amalfi_Town_919eb9596ced369b3cde271fe1f56ef4.jpgImage Source: pixabay.com

Interesting medieval buildings, pebble beaches, and a compelling blend of culture and history makes the Amalfi town a place worth visiting on the Amalfi coast. The town’s unique setting between lemon groves and sea never ceases to attract tourists. Expect intricate shops, buzzing cafes and picturesque alleys at this quaint port town. 

5. Take a coastal walk and catch stunning views at Sorrento

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Overlooking the bay of Naples, Sorrento is the place carrying authentic southern Italian charm. Enchanting buildings and ports providing sailing and fishing opportunities make this touristy location quite famous. Head to the Sorrento cathedral to witness architectural brilliance and head to the Museo della Tarsia Lignea and Correale Museum to take in some fascinating history with amusing displays and artifacts. 

6. Bask in the luxury and stillness of Ravello

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Nestled atop the mountains between Amalfi and Maiori, Ravello offers some of the most stellar vistas complimented by high-end resorts to best enjoy a luxury vacation at the Amalfi coast. Serenity, beauty, lush-green gardens, jaw-dropping landscapes, world-class festivals, and leisurely seascape is what best defines this charming town. Villa Rufolo, Amalfi Cathedral, and Piazza del Vescovado are a must-visit at this romantic destination. 

7. Escape the crowds and enjoy the enchanting views from Praiano

media_gallery-2018-12-28-9-Praiano_92bb7c0137ae2a2ae8189ae1d6736367.jpgImage Source: wikimedia.org

A paradise for art lovers loaded with places featuring artsy floors and artworks, Praiano is a less explored place not yet spoilt by the touristy activities. Ideal to escape the crowds of famous coasts, Praiano’s small-town atmosphere is best complimented by whitewashed houses, dramatic sunsets and a stunning view that extends from the Bay of Positano to the Capri island. One of the most romantic places at the Amalfi coast, Praiano is ideal for outdoor exploration and to take a dip in its warm waters against the backdrop of scenic beauty. 

8. Try the world-famous pasta at the crowd-free corners of Minori

media_gallery-2018-12-28-9-Minori_6bf05fa38219241cd396811cb17812a6.jpgImage Source: wikimedia.org

Pleasant breeze to soak up the sun, narrow alleys to add an old-world charm, vineyards and lemon trees to treat your taste buds and the world-famous pasta to make your visit to the “City of Taste” an unforgettable one, the city of Minori is all of this and much more. This UNESCO site with its fresh climate and crowd-free neighborhoods is one of the must-visit places in Amalfi coast. The city is best explores at the delightful nooks and pedestrian streets ideal to soak in the local vibes. 

9. Indulge in the rich ceramics tradition at Vietri Sul Mare

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Popular across Italy for majolica, the colorful earthenware pottery of Italy, Vietri Sul Mare is an undiscovered treasure in the heart of Amalfi coast. From awe-inspiring views and sparkling waters to narrow mountain roads and curvy coastline, the place has it all making it an interesting amalgamation of beauty and artistry. Go wine-tasting, and ceramics shopping, and grab some authentic Italian cuisines to make sure your Italian adventure becomes a delightful treat. 

10. Wander through the artsy streets of Salerno

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Cathedrals and castles accompanied by vast sandy beaches and a vibrant mix of pubs, restaurants, and clubs is what makes Salerno a delight to cherish. The buzzing city culture is best mixed with the small-town vibe here and wandering around the streets of Centro Storico will let you witness compelling works of art. Well-connected transportation system makes this place easily accessible and the magnificent port is best admired with the less-touristy ambiance of Salerno. 

An insanely beautiful and artsy tourist hub, Amalfi coast has treasures to offer. So jet-set to experience the best of colorful architecture and natural marvels on your next trip to Italy!

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