Best All Inclusive Resorts In Belize

Belize, is a masterpiece by God!

Talking about some of the famous destinations in the United States and missing out on Belize will be a sheer crime. Beautiful Belize decorating the east of Central America is mostly adorned for its laid-back culture and traditional heritage lingering in the air within this diving territory. The dreamy land seems like a border along the Carribean Sea on its eastern sleeve, also flaunting a dense forest on its west. The coastline along the Belize Barrier Reef, consisting of numerous pretty islands known as cayes, is a sheer treat to the tourists because of the exotic marine life and vibrant shades of coral reef one can witness here.

People from all corners of the world often flock to Belize to dive into the history and get closer to the myths in Caracol, visit the croc-infested Lamanai lagoon, or schedule a day trip to Altun Ha for a refreshing tour altogether. If you are planning your vacation here and worried about your stay, here is a list of 15 best all-inclusive resorts in Belize, to relax your tensor muscles a bit:

1. Laru Beya Resort

Overlooking the panoramic scenery of the Placencia Peninsula, the Laru Beya Resort has specific arrangements for both fun-filled families as well as romanticizing couples out for a hideout. The exquisite resort stands proudly with ocean facing family suites as well as private hideouts promising some lone time. People vacationing here often plan a day out to Garifuna village of Seine Bight or drive to the city to be a part of the thumping beats of the night.

2. Belizean Dreams Resort

Beholding the majesty of nine private villas, this exquisite and small resort lies in the lap of the Carribean offering unmatchable tastes of the Central American intermingled with the spice of the Caribbean. Tourists often refrain from taking a step out from the Woven Palms Restaurant and the Tiki Beach Bar owing to the lip-smacking delicacy of seafood available here. However, tourists seeking adventure also prefer booking the zip line tour and go for cave exploration or simply engage in the love of nature's beauty.

3. Chabil Mar

Offering an unmatchable seaside sojourning experience, the Chabil Mar located in near vicinity of the Placencia Village is undoubtedly a great choice for vacationing. Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, this place offers a pier dining experience extending in the Carribean Sea. One can experience peace and serenity by walking in the 400 ft private resort space or might also take a stroll into the interior of the village. 

4. Almond Beach Resort And Spa

On the outskirts of Garifuna Fishing Village in Hopkins, this exquisite resort is well-known for its 25 tummy-tickling private rooms solely meant for honeymoon couples. Visitors might either want to dive into the ocean and witness the fascinating coral reefs or explore jungle amidst the Mayan Ruins and return back only to dine into the relishing continental cuisine in Paddle House Beachfront Restaurant. Henceforth, visitors might also book for a relaxing spa treatment here.

5. Cahal Pelch Village Resort

Drive past the beaches and the busy city life to reach into the tropical forest amidst the burnt pages of Mayan Ruins to breathe in the natural ambiance of Belize. Book a private cabana and sail into the Belize River Valley or relish into the lip-smacking Central American cuisines in the lap of nature for the most beautiful experience till date. If you are a sucker for adventure, make complete use of the location and hike into the Mayan caves to explore the raw ruins in the country lanes.

6. Ramon's Village Resort

Gracing the Ambergris Caye Island, the Ramon's Village Resort is a treat for nature lovers. Stay in the private cabanas designed like a local hub and get closer to nature a little more. Pineapple, a unique restaurant situated here, also offers a jaw-dropping ambiance for people who love to have an open-air dining experience on the shores of the Caribbean. Besides, tourists might also catch glimpses of sharks while snorkeling and scuba diving or might want to sail to the city to witness the nightlife.

7. Matachica Resort And Spa

Matachica Resort And Spa, BelizeImage Source: 

Located in the lap of Ambergris Caye Island, the Matachica with 31 private villas calls for an enchanting stay in Belize. Cutting short on the city noise and glamour, this resort is themed on peace and rejuvenation. Tourists often seek appointments to Jade Spa where they are treated with natural ingredients and essential oils, which are obtained from the local rainforest.

8. Victoria House

Flaunting a jaw-dropping decor in all of the 42 suites furnished here, the Victoria House located at the Belize Barrier Reef calls for an extravagant stay in the heart of Belize. Apart from the soothing oceanic breeze, tourists can also indulge in adventure activities like snorkeling or jungle exploring as well as fly up in a helicopter to gaze over the mighty territory.

9. Mystic River Resort

Mystic River Resort, BelizeImage Source:

If you want to experience the raw flavors of Belize and witness the growing of food, then this should be your choice. The resort is especially known for growing their own veggies and cooking exotic Thai and Belizean cuisines in the La Ranita restaurant. Besides, the serene aroma of the resort is also surrounded by Belize wildlife giving the opportunity to experience the rawness of the city.

10. Coco Plum Island

This exotic tiny island has emerged to give privacy and solace like nowhere else in the world. The adult-only Coco Plum allows complete privacy in the 18 cabanas and also gives the opportunity to book the entire island for the perfect extravagant honeymoon getaways. Thus ensuring complete isolation without the invasion of any other, couples can indulge in snorkeling or other activities in the most romantic way possible. 

11. Windy Hill Resort

Guarded by the mighty Mayan Hills and nourished by the fertile rivers and tropical jungles, the Windy Hill Resort is for people who want to enjoy life at their best. Mimicking the glorious hill-stations around the earth, it has established 13 family cottages and 10 couple suites to serve the need of every visitor. Schedule a day tour to Caracol or Mayan Ruins or tease your adrenaline with zip line adventure and horseriding or simply soak in the sun at the desert-yellow beaches and enjoy the true essence of a vacation like never before.

12. Hamanasi Belize Resort

Offering one of the dream-staying options in tree houses, the Hamanasi located on the coastline of the Caribbean and tropical forest happens to be the tourists favorite. There are also sea-facing hotel suites for tourists who are on a lookout for a refreshing stay rather than adventure. Visitors often toss between day touring the tropical jungle and diving into the reefs and end up choosing them both. After a tiring day full of adventure, one can anytime fuel themselves with the unique taste of Belize in the Singana Restaurant.

13. San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Occupying an approximate area of 17 acres beside the streaming Macal River right in the San Ignacio region, lies this flattering resort furnished with all the necessary modern amenities. Each of the 24 suites is decorated to welcome the guests with royal treatment, accentuating the glamour of which is its hillside position all of which is guarded by the canopy of trees. For luxurious dining, check into the 5-star Running Steakhouse or spend an hour at the Lobby Bar for umpteenth entertainment for the most beautiful experience in Belize.

14. Cayo Espanto

Cayo Espanto Resort, BelizeImage Source:

If you are planning your next romantic hideout or worrying too much about the perfect honeymoon resort in this tummy-tickling destination, then let this be your call. With perfectly decorated interiors and love themed architecture facilitated with pier platforms extending right into the Caribbean, Cayo happens to be the picture-perfect sojourning option for couples away from home. Dive into the beautiful waters and enjoy the psychedelic shades of the coral reefs and witness the beauty of the marine life by taking an hour out for snorkeling. After a tiring day full of fun-filled activities, rely on the 5-star restaurants and break into the lip-smacking seafood served with love from international chefs.

15. Hatchet Caye

Offering the most panoramic scenery because of its location amidst the Belize Barrier Reef, Hatchet Caye undoubtedly sums up for one of the best stays in the heart of Belize. The psychedelic views can be relished and cherished upon from the private cabanas or right from the personal suites booked in the main resort house. The Lionfish Grill restaurant is known to specialize in the freshly caught seafood cooked in the raw flavors of Belize. Hatchet Caye gives a promising treatment to the tourists who drop in between the months of April and June as it takes the divers closer to the sharks right under the sea. If this does not convince you to book a suite here, I do not know what will!