Best Places to Visit in Andaman Islands

By Neha Agarwal on Oct 21, 2015
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If you are looking for sparsely-populated beaches, rich with marine life and coral gardens then Andaman is the place for you. Sail through the waters of Andaman Islands to explore the sun-kissed beaches of the quaint town. An island with a multicultural past, you can explore sights which will provide a glimpse into its glorious past. Here are the best places to visit in Andaman islands.

Port Blair

Floating approximately around 780 miles from the Bay of Bengal from Kolkata, this port city in Andaman’s is popular for the Gandhi National Marine Park. This is where you can experience Diving, Snorkelling, Glass-bottom boat trips which add to your unique experience of viewing coral and marine life. If you don’t enjoy these wet-activities then, on shore this family friendly park offers amusement rides and a nature trail as well.

places to visit in Andaman islands 

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Andaman Islands:

You can visit The Cellular Jail (Closed on Mondays) famous for its pride place in India’s freedom struggle. Many notable dissident were imprisoned here like Batukeshwar Dutt and Veer Savarkar. Declared a national memorial, this three storey prison constructed by British in 1906, is a pilgrimage destination for freedom fighters. This massive structure has mutely witnessed the most deceitful of cruel carnage borne by the convicts, who were mostly freedom fighters.

The day draws to a gentle close with the Sound and Light Show at the historic Cellular Jail which gives you a vivid experience of its strong association with the freedom fighters and their struggle for independence.


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Ross Island:

Once this was an administrative headquarters of the British, now the Ross island is now a naval base for the Indian Navy. You can see colonial structure houses which are now in debris and remind us of the old era. There is a small museum named 'Smritika' that holds old photographs of British officials and the antiques of the bygone era. The flocks of deer and lush green walking trails are some of the highlights of this island.

In close proximity, you can find Corbyn's Cove has remains of Japanese bunkers at its palm-lined beach


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Chidiya Tapu:

Chidiya Tapu is known as the Bird Island this island is famous spot for bird watching, lush green mangroves and white sandy beach (Known as the Sunset Point), is the best place in Port Blair to watch sunset.


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About 54 kilometres northeast of Port Blair, is a hidden gem in India. If you find Phuket beach stunning, wait till you experience the stunning beauty of Havelock. Havelock, a tranquil tropic island with its crystal clear waters is rated among the best in the world for water sports. Hundreds of marine species dwell in the waters of the Andaman Islands. If you are Scuba divers, then get ready to experience some nudibranchs, sea slugs and snails, varieties of ghost pipefish, jaw fish and some different crustaceans of all shapes and sizes. A relatively secluded island, Havelock has gaining popularity among tourists over the years from avid travellers.


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Radhanagar Beach:

The jewel in the crown of Havelock Island, Radhanagar is located on the western side of the island, this beach stands away from the huddle. This beach gained its fame when this glorious white sand beach was rated as the finest in Asia by Time magazine (in 2004). Travellers cruise over a few days from Thailand to experience the magic of this beach in particular. A wide beach that runs over a few kilometres, Radhanagar is simply stunning. There are various activities which you can do here as well like Coral dive.


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So You must plan a trip to experience rich Marine life a Andaman Islands. This is one of the hidden Gems in India. 


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