20 Best Backpacking Destinations

By Priya Sanyal on Feb 19, 2016
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Every once in a while, we are struck by wanderlust. a wanderlust to travel to unseen lands and meet unknown people that will enhance us as a person. But, not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouths, For those who wish to travel but would like to do it on a budget, check out these 20 best backpacking destinations.

20. Iceland

Why Iceland: Modern living comes together with the charm of the old village life in this cold country. With natural attractions like hot springs, lakes, mountains, fjords and volcanoes, its quite a fascination amongst backpackers. And Iceland offers to you, some of the best Northern Lights during summers, that will give you an other-worldy experience.

What makes it a backpacking destination: It is one of the safest, greenest and cleanest cities in the world

When to visit: From June to August.

19. Tonga

Why Tonga: For those backpackers looking for a place to just relax by the beach, away from the city crowds, Tonga is where you should be headed to. These South Pacific islands are like a dream with the pristine beaches and crystal blue waters. Go explore the coral reefs and underwater caves, or take an excursion through the 40 inhabited islands, and enjoy your vacation in bliss.

What makes it a backpacking destination: You can safely swim with whales here.

When to visit: From May to October.

18. Monetenegro

Why Monetenegro: An upcoming backpacking place, this Balkan country is an undiscovered jewel. This picturesque country is rich in history and culture, with a beautiful coastline, is a must visit for 2018. Every part of this small country will stun you with its rugged and untouched beauty.

What makes it a backpacking destination: Farely new in the tourism market, it will be less crowded.

When to visit: From April to September

17. Botswana

Why Botswana: An unusual combination of desert with a delta, Botswana is a hot new destination for backpackers to head to. The Okavango Delta will blow your mind away, with its untouched beauty. The safari Botswana has to offer, is one of the best in continent.

What makes it a backpacking destination: Pcket-freindly wild safaris.

When to visit: From May to October

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16. Estonia

Why Estonia: What is not there to like about this story-book lookalike destination? With the Nordic and Eastern influences blending in together, Estonia paints quite a picture. Being fairly new in the tourism market, Estonia is still not crowded by throngs of tourist, making it perfect for backpackers.

What makes it a backpacking destination: Euro experience in half the price

When to visit: From June to August, and from April to May

15. Zimbabwe

Why Zimbabwe: With all the political and economic problems coming to an end, Zimbabwe is one of the up and coming backpacking countries. With untouched natural beauty all across the country, is is quite a hotspot for nature lovers. One of world's largest waterfall. Victoria Falls, is spectacular with the cloud mist visible from almost 12 miles away.

What makes it a backpacking destination: The landscape for nature lovers

When to visit: From May to October.

14. Sri Lanka

Why Sri Lanka: With the end of the 30 years old Civil War, Sri Lanka opened its doors to the world. The tourism has been slowly, but steadily, rising over the past six years, making this island country quite a hotshot in the travel world. The bio-diversity of Sri Lanka will give you a wide range of options, from beaches to hills to forests, there's everything here.

What makes it a backpacking destination: The people are very friendly and hospitable

When to visit: For west and south coasts, from December to March, and for east coast, from May to September.

13. Zanskar Valley

PC: CortoMaltese_1999/Flickr

Why Zanskar Valley: The Chadar Trek along the frozen Zanskar river is a surreal experience. One of the most challenging treks in the world, this icy experience is not something to be missed.

What makes it a backpacking destination: Catch it before it disappears

When to visit: From November to March

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12. Nicaragua

PC: pixabay.com

Why Nicaragua: Costa Rica's affordable and more isolated neighbour, Nicaragua is every backpacker's dream location. The country boasts of beautiful colonial cities and isolated beach villages, with some mouth-watering local delicacies, to fill up every kind of appetite. Inexpensive beach front lodgings is the cherry on the cake for.

What makes it a backpacking destination: It's CIA-certified safe

When to visit: From December to April.

11. South Africa

Why South Africa: The southern most country of the African continent is a multicultural haven that caters to all kinds of backpackers. Whether its the wilderness of the national parks, the calm of the beachside, the adrenaline rush of surfing and bungee jumping, or a wine induced high, South Africa has something for everyone.

What makes it a backpacking destination: Affordable accomodation called 'backpackers'

When to visit: From June to August.

10. Ecuador

PC: Daran Kandasamy/Flickr

Why Ecuador: Darwin found the key to evolution here, you might find the key to your evolution here too. Rich in bio-diversity, Ecuador is friendly on the pocket. Check out some rare and unseen fauna and flora to make this island country an unfogettable experience.

What makes it a backpacking destination: Budget-friendly and unique

When to visit: All around the year.

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9. Nepal

PC: pixabay.com

Why Nepal: After the unfortunate earthquakes last year that rocked this humble country, Nepal is depending on its tourism for a rise in economy. This makes it one of the best backpacking destinations of this year. Hike up the Himalayas and strike it off your bucket list, in this serene country.

What makes it a backpacking destination: Some of the friendliest locals in the world

When to visit: From September to November.

8. Uruguay

PC: pixabay.com

Why Uruguay: Being one of the underrated South American countries, makes this country affordable for all backpackers, as compared to its more popular neighbours Brazil and Argentina. With a beautiful countryside and beaches that make into the list of best party beaches in the world, there is no reason why backpackers shouldn't be heading here.

What makes it a backpacking destination: Party scenes at a budget

When to visit: From October to November, and from March to April.

7. Philippines

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Why Philippines: Move away Thailand, Philippines is Southeast Asia's hot new backpacking destination. The archipelago offers some spectacular volcanic jungles, along with cool beaches to let you enjoy the country in complete bliss.

What makes it a backpacking destination: Easy on the pocket.

When to visit: From November to April.

6. Vietnam

PC: pixabay.com

Why Vietnam: Under the scars of age old battles, Vietnam is indeed a beautiful country. Budget-friendly, this country is a mix-bag of cultures from China, India, France, America and their own, that makes it a unique experience for any traveller. The geo-diversity all over Vietnam is a wonder and the food here is to die for!

What makes it a backpacking destination: Very pocket-friendly

When to visit: For the north, from March to April, for central, from March to August, and for the south, from December to February.

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5. Fiji

Why Fiji: This exotic getaway is one of the most soughted out tropical islands in the world. With a lot to explore all over these volcanic islands, this is backpacker's haven. With coral reef to explore underwater and the lush green tropical paradise on the land, Fiji is indeed a dream come true for all adventurers at heart.

What makes it a backpacking destination: The warm Fijian hospitality.

When to visit: From October to November, and from April to May.

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4. Australia

Why Australia: If the most friendliest city in the world belongs to this country, you sure know how that reflects on the people here. For water babies, there are the beaches and the Great Barrier Reef; for hikers, Tasmania and the Australian Outback are the places to go; for adrenaline junkies, go sky diving in the cities; for tree-huggers, explore the flora and fauna in one of the national parks. There's something for everyone here, mate!

What makes it a backpacking destination: Super-friendly locals

When to visit: From October to November, and from April to May.

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3. Arizona

Why Arizona: You don't need to be astronaut to walk on Mars, when you can get the same experience on Earth itself. That's what Arizona will feel like. The red rocks over the desert gives an other-worldy feeling. For hikers all over the world, this is indeed a hotspot.

What makes it a backpacking destination: Hikers paradise

When to visit: From March to May, and from August to September.

2. New Zealand

Why New Zealand: Well if the Hobbits can backpack to New Zealand all the way from The Shire, why can't you? Volcanic lakes, mountainous terrains, fabulous beaches, icy glaciers, lush islands and crazy adventure sports, this country has a lot to offer to backpackers. Get the Kiwi experience to the fullest.

What makes it a backpacking destination: The Hop-on, Hop-Off Backpacker Bus

When to visit: All around the year

1. Colorado

Why Colorado: For all adventurers, the Colorado Trail should definitely be a part of your bucket list. This 486 miles long trail starts from Waterton Canyon in Denver to Durango in Colorado, passes through one of the state's most beautiful counties. With wildflowers groeing along most part of the trail, the timberline forests make it a spectacular view.

What makes it a backpacking destination: The trail is well maintained and operated.

When to visit: Any time of the year

So What are you waiting for? Pack you bags, and head to these amazing places!

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