Best Backpacking Destinations 2017

You have probably jotted backpacking on your list, as you are done with fancy travels, touristy places, and in fact looking at something richer and more real in experience. Something that you can learn from, be inspired and perhaps gain a new perspective altogether. If not, don’t be guilty to just catch up with the "trend”, or simply feed your curiosity.

Backpacking destinations today, are chosen after a good research on safety and budget besides the kind of experience you will be bestowed with. New locales grant you fresh learning, vivid vibes, and an absolute invigoration of senses as if restoring life into you! If you are contemplating backpacking, here is a list of the best backpacking destinations for 2017 that you must consider. 

New Zealand

New Zeland - best backpacking destination for 2017

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A place that will leave you inspired, New Zealand beguiles a backpacker in more ways than one. Captivating beaches that stretch into infinity, to vivacious cities, exploring this country as a backpacker is a plethora of delightful adventures. Whether you choose to walk on a live glacier, of West Coat’s Fox or Franz Josef Glaciers, jetboat, and bungee jump in Queensland the place where this adventure sport originated, experience a life-changing moment at Kaikoura as you witness playful whales in all their might or embark the serene beaches of Nelson among a ton more, you are sure to come back for more.

Features like budget hotels, budget resources to get around like renting a caravan, hop-on, hop off backpacker buses, and friendly New Zealanders that make hitchhiking a pleasant experience amplify a backpacking experience through New Zealand. 

Best time to visit New Zealand: September 


Indonesia - ideal country for backpackers

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So much said and done about Bali, for all the right reasons, of course, it is rather untoward how other places in Indonesia have been overlooked. Backpacking can be a fun thing to do here in Indonesia, as you hop from one island to the other. You must look forward to hiking up plenty of Java volcanoes, some even live, basking in the beauty of the leftover ruins all over, great nightlife at Kuta and Ubud, breathtaking beaches of Gili Islands also offering some spectacular watersports and of course the spiritually enlightening temples cannot be missed either. Java is where most of the backpacking ventures commence. Given the ease of visa attainment, Indonesia certainly is one of the best backpacking destinations in the world. 

Best time to visit Indonesia: May to September 


Cambodia - backpacking on budget

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This plethora of paddy fields and ancient temples is easily one of the best places to backpack alone. Also, being one of the poorest countries in the world, backpacking in Cambodia is as cheap as it could get. Sunrises at Angkor Wat will leave you awestruck, genocide museums will leave you a little overwhelmed, nevertheless very enlightened, chill at the Koh Rong island, and explore the highly picturesque countryside and river towns of Kampot, Battambang, spot dolphins at the Kratie. 

Cambodia is full of budget accommodations that are a steal given their super cheap prices, in the form of hostels and homestays. Public transport, not in the best, yet good enough to get around. 

Best time to visit Cambodia: November to April 


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This land of diverse culture, geographical terrains and electrifying gastronomy, India is one of the oldest backpacking destinations, that came into existence. Dating back to centuries, people from all over the world sought solace in the mountains of Rishikesh and on the beaches of Goa, Gokarna, and Pondicherry. It is recent that places like Hampi for its gorgeous remnants, Kasol for fabulous treks and the best ‘stuff’, Rajasthan for its lake towns, and Agra for its rich history became more popular. 

Good state transport, cheap accommodations, delectable global cuisine are some factors that make India one of the most aspired backpacking destinations in the world. 

Best time to visit India: February to June

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Garnering a considerate amount of African Tourism, Morocco hardly passes as a backpacking destination on the whole. Only until you actually get out there and explore this diverse land of exhilarating culture and magnificent panoramas. The Sahara Desert is indeed a must visit while here. Add in some quintessential camel safari, putting up in Berber tents, getting charmed by the glorious sunsets and sunrises and some superb local music, you are a sorted backpacker.

This may not be the best place for solo woman backpacker, however, a group of backpackers is probably the best way to do so. Agadir for the best kitesurfing, Marrakesh’s maze of souks, Fez for some culinary delights, Tangier to watch a rather unique fisherman culture; is the way to go. 

Best time to visit Morocco: mid-March to May or September to October


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One of the best backpacking destinations in Europe, Balkans is a rather fascinating place with remarkable backpacking opportunities. History, sweeping vistas, and a vivacious culture are some reasons why you should head to Balkans for a backpacking sojourn. Given the number of European backpackers resorting to Balkans for a budget backpacking experience, it can be easily passed off as one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe

Croatia, Dubrovnik, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania is the most widely undertaken backpacking route in Balkans. 

Best time to visit Balkan: March to June  


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One of the most underrated backpacking destinations in the world, Poland is a dream! Strolling through the cobbled streets, to hiking the snowcapped mountains, just lazying on the powdery soft beaches, to just being at the several lakes and forests throughout, this place awaits exploration. 

You can start with Wrocław for a good dose of nightlife, further a tiny village called Karpacz for pretty trails and some old castles, then move to the Tatra Mountains in Zakopane if you crave some serious adventure, conclude in the following order: Warsaw, Gdańsk and conclude with Malbork. 

Best time to visit Poland: April to June


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If the food scenes of Spain don’t draw you, the backpacking opportunities here, certainly will. One of the good backpacking destinations for beginners in the world, Spain will beguile you with its relaxed pace, and inexpensive facilities. Ideally start your venture through Madrid and devour on some great food at the several tapas bars, get some insight into the nation’s history, and a very bubbly nightlife, undertake the supremely scenic pilgrimage route of The Camino, relax on the beaches of Canaries, hike the Sierra Nevadas and Pyrenees and last but not the least soak in the rich Spanish culture you will experience everywhere.

Best time to visit Spain: April, May, June, September, and October 


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Blessed with unparalleled geographical beauty, Ireland as an eclectic backpacking destination. Owing to the fact that majority of the population here is under the age of 25, the nation has some brilliant activities and opportunities for the young and zealous to undertake. While here, do explore the quaint cities of Dublin, Derry-Londonderry, Galway, Cork and Belfast. To do so, you can use the very efficient public transport throughout the country. Public transport is a bonus if you happen to be a student, given the various concessions. Youth hostels throughout, are the best accommodation solutions.

Best time to visit Ireland: March to September


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There is so much more to this land of beautiful deserts than all-inclusive resorts and of course eternal deserts. One of the best places to backpack, Mexico is a place budget travelers should really start considering. Backpacking is certainly the way to go about here. The warm locals, accommodations at some great bargains and beaches of Puerto Escondido, Isla Holbox, Isla Mujeres, San Pancho, Mazunte, and Sayulita are good enough to give you a taste of backpacking in Mexico. Speaking of taste, this culinary heaven promises you foodgasms you will reminisce forever! Historical ruins and good water sports on the Caribbean side take it a notch higher.

Best time to visit Mexico: December to April 


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Such a wide expanse that the USA is, there is no death of brilliant backpacking opportunities here. Overlooked as a rather expensive affair, with glamorous cities USA’s hikes and trail anticipate visitors, especially backpackers. While you can literally backpack through the entire USA, you must know that there are not many hostels here. Make your way through motels and cheap hotels. However, food is really cheap and not a problem in any part of the USA. 

Memphis, Redwood National Park, Asheville, Glacier National Park, Nashville, Deadwood and Kansas City are a must visit on a backpacking venture in the USA.

Best time to visit: Throughout the year 


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It is pleasant surprise how Central America, is abundant with backpacking locations and opportunities. The ‘gringo trail’ is the most undertaken backpacking route here, with its marvelous vistas. If you crave some authentic adventure, Guatemala is abundant with it. Its Mayan cities and colonial architecture magnify its scope as a beautiful destination to backpack. The Semuc Champey region is a must if you love swimming, hiking and just being in the absolute wilderness. 

Best time to visit Guatemala: December and January 


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The land of Machu Picchu needs no justification as a terrific backpacking destination. A three-week duration is good enough to cover the highlights of Nasca lines, hiking up the Arequipa, basking in the tranquility of the highest lake in the world- the Lake Titicaca and of course the effervescent Machu Pichu! As you take on this adventure, you will also encounter Peru’s delectable food, and rich culture as well as heritage. The numerous hostels here prove to be the best accommodation while backpacking in Peru. 

Best time to visit Peru: May to September 


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One of the cheapest places to travel in the world, Bolivia is a delight for backpackers. Perched in the wilderness of the Amazon Rainforest, the grounds of Bolivia are home to some of the best hikes and trails in the world. While here do visit La Paz, Sucre, Rurrenabaque, Copacabana and Isla del Sol and the ToroToro National Park for some absolutely unique experiences. 

Best time to visit Bolivia: May to October 

These places, promise one backpacking experience that you will cherish forever. 
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