15 Best Bakeries In Gurgaon You Shouldn't Give A Miss!

By Arushi Dutt on Jan 02, 2017
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‘Tis the holiday season to be jolly. What better way to be jolly than to give yourself a sweeter than sweet treat at a bakery! Gorging on that giant slice of cheesecake or apple pie that will have your tastebuds singing for more. So if you live in or are planning a visit to Gurgaon, these 15 bakeries will come to your rescue. Quality baked goods that also won’t completely drain your pockets, these bakeries can be your go to. We’ve ordered them according to price just in case you do want to binge a little bit more to keep you happy all year long. You’re welcome.

1. CupNCake Factory

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Their slogan, ‘You can’t buy happiness, but you can certainly buy cupcakes,’ is enough to make you want to hit this cute bakery. Baked in the most creative manner out of some of the freshest ingredients, these cupcakes are to die for! Some of their most popular ones include the Mocha cupcake, the Blueberry cupcake, and who can ever forget the infamous Red Velvet. As you step into the comfortable, cozy bakery bedazzled with pink walls, the warm, heavenly aroma ushers you in. 
Average cost for two: Rs. 300
Address: GF 25, Ninex City Mart, Sohna Road, Near Fortune Hotel, South City II, Sector 49, Gurugram, Haryana 122018

2. Bombaykery

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Now don’t get fooled by the name. The bakery very much exists in Gurgaon and happens to be one of the perfect ones to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings. Those gooey, chocolatey brownie cookies melting in your mouth will have you begging for more. Not only are the treats in here delectable but a colorful visual treat for the eyes. Extra points also go for the wild experimentation with the Paan Macaroon and the khatta Lemon Tart. And you certainly can’t go home without giving the raspberry and blueberry mini cheesecakes a try!
Average cost for two: Rs. 300
Address: First Floor, Shiva Market, Chakkarpur, DLF Phase 4,, Chakkarpur Village Rd, Chanderlok, Chakkarpur, Sector 28, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

3. The Irani Bakery at Sodabottleopenerwala

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Although this place is a sit down restaurant with an a la carte menu, the baked goodies complement the menu well. The Parsi/Irani flavors of this restaurant especially reflect in its décor and ambience. Once you’re done gorging on some very divine choices in the main course, opt for the Parsi special Lagan Nu Custard, their Toblerone Mousse, and a brownie that is to die for! 
Average cost for two (just baked goods): Rs. 300
Address: 4, DLF Tower 8th Rd, DLF Cyber City, DLF Phase 2, Sector 24, Gurgaon Rural, Haryana 122002

4. Angels in my Kitchen

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For a sinful, delightful experience, you must head to Angels in my Kitchen! This quaint little joint, complete with beautiful European interiors will put you in awe. Gorge on that heavenly slice of blueberry cheesecake or grab a bite of the crunchy yet gooey coffee brownie to complement a hot cup of café. You’ll also find plenty of options in sandwiches and hot drinks perfect for light eats.
Average cost for two: Rs. 350
Address: K-10A, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

5. Sonya Bakery and Café

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This tiny yet extremely inviting café tucked away in the Nirvana Courtyard of Gurgaon will make you keep on coming back for its apple pie. There’s a wide assortment of delicious breads, cookies, and fruity cakes. The sitting area is especially comfortable to sit around for a late night session with friends. 
Average cost for two: Rs. 350
Address: Nirvana Courtyard South City 2

6. L’Opera

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Get ready for a Parisian experience with this little French bakery, which began early on as a family business. Now trust us when we say this place is as authentic as it gets as they transport their flour straight from France, probably because of which the baguette is a classic favourite amongst customers! The petit four (confectionaries or appetizers) and the freshly baked macaroons along with their hot  beverages make for great breakfast options complementing the richness in all the sweets.
Average cost for two: Rs. 400
Address: Ground Floor, SG- 22, Galleria Market, DLF City Phase IV, Gurugram, Haryana 122009

7. Sugar Rush by Saiba

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For all those irresistible brownie cravings, make sure to take note of Sugar Rush by Saiba. Run from home, Saiba is known for her delectable brownies that come in all kinds of flavors. Just like how you would want them to be, these brownies are soft and chewy in the middle and melt beautifully in your mouth. Some of the popular ones include the Sinful Chocolate, Twix, Snickers, and the Chocolate Overload. 
Average cost for two: Rs. 400
Address: The Icon, Gurugram, Haryana 122009

8. The Oberoi Patisserie

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Slightly more on the higher end in price, the Oberoi Patisserie hosts an array of desserts definitely worth the price. Some of the highlights include the banana walnut cake, and pastries from pineapple, black forest, and more. You get to enjoy these luxurious desserts in the classy, elaborate interiors of the Oberoi Hotel, giving you all the more of a glorious dining experience. 
Average cost for two (only desserts): Rs. 400
Address: The Oberoi, 443, The Oberoi Gurgaon, Udyog Vihar Phase V, Gurugram, Haryana 122016

9. Bisque

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This cute, cozy and comfortable joint goes above and beyond just a bakery. If you’re coming down for a quick, weekend bite, you can go for their vast options of comfort food. A must try dish includes the chicken stroganoff. Of course in the dessert section, Bisque pleases you even more with choices such as the rich and decadent Chocolate Excess Pie, which will have you drooling!   
Average cost for two: Rs. 500
Address: DLF Phase 2, Sector 25, Gurugram, Haryana 122008

10. Sibang Bakery

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Your go to delightful Korean bakery, Sibang, is located prominently on the south point mall of Gurgaon. You name it, and almost every other tasty baked goodie is found on display. From croissants, bagels, doughnuts, tea cakes, cookies, pies, to even breakfast munchies like sandwiches and sausages, this place is heaven. Customers can make themselves comfortable in the heavyset wooden tables and chairs as the wonderful aroma of sugar and spice envelops you. Their unique delicacies include the Sausage Bun (a cross between a hotdog and a croissant), and the Bing Su (a Korean dessert of mixed fruits topped with red bean and scoops of ice-creamyum!).
Average cost for two: Rs. 500
Address: South Point Mall, Shop No First Floor, South Point Mall,, 108, Golf Course Road, Suncity, Sector 54, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

11. Rebecca’s Designer Cakes

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If all you’re on the lookout for are some cakes to die for, Rebecca’s Designer Cakes is the place for you. Simple, classy and tasteful in design and taste, Rebecca’s cakes bring the cake game to a whole new level! The must-try’s surely include the pineapple cake smothered in fresh cream along with the mouth-watering Tiramisu cake.
Average cost for two: Rs. 500
Address: SG- 78, Galleria Market, DLF Galleria Rd, DLF Phase IV, Sector 28, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

12. Baker’s Oven

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Fresh biscuits and a vast array of cakes and pies are what you’ll find at the Baker’s Oven. Whether it’s birthday parties or personal celebrations, Baker’s Oven doesn’t fail to disappoint. It’s especially a popular cake shop during the holidays and conveniently rests at the Huda Market in Sector 31 of Gurgaon.
Average cost for two: Rs. 600
Address: Huda Market, Shop No: 141,, Sector 31, Sector 31 - 32A, Sector 31, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

13. Baker’s Live

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As Gurgaon is predominantly known for its vivacious set of bakeries, this one is another great addition to the list. Perfect especially for a coffee break over the weekends, this bakery is packed not only with yummy sweet treats but also vegetarian dishes such as the Penne Arrabiata, and the vegetable Risotto. A neat and spanky bar also rests at the corner of this comfortable café with heavy wooden furniture. 
Average cost for two: Rs. 650
Address: SCO 99, Ground Floor, HUDA Market, Sector 14, Gurgaon

14. Sugarlicious

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From the very first moment you step inside this dessert bar, the floral printed seats in its classy interior gives Sugarlicious a fun and sophisticated vibe Then come the sweet treatsout of which the must-try’s include their mouth-watering gooey apple pie, the tangy lemon tart, and the hazelnut nutella cake. Their wide 
assortment of cakes makes it for a great spot for birthday party celebrations as well.
Average cost for two: Rs. 700

15. Binge

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So in case you didn’t know, bakeries don’t necessarily only have to mean cakes and pastries. If you’re in the mood for some freshly baked bread, Binge is the bakery to check out. The vast array and splendid presentation of the cakes make for an inviting welcome into this intimate and cozy bakery. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the cheesecakes, the Tiramisu, Fruit Tart!
Average cost for two: Rs. 1000
Address: C-4, Qutub Plaza Market, Gurgaon-Faridabad Road, DLF Phase I, H Block, Sikanderpur Ghosi, Gurugram, Haryana 122002
So go on and be jolly this holiday season with these wonderful bakeries. There won’t be any reason not to be
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