Put Those Party Shoes On And Experience Tel Aviv's Bustling Nightlife

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Brimming in abundance with late night clubs, beach bars, underground bars, flea markets, and hipster bars, the city of Tel Aviv has upped its nightlife game and how! Undoubtedly one of the best places to party like crazy, Tel Aviv has in store a diverse range of clubs and bars for varying tastes and interests. From internationally acclaimed DJs and an upbeat ambiance to delightful drinks and young crowd, the city’s vibes during night remain unmatched. God, this city is a bliss! So, whether you wish to groove to those trendy tunes, soak in the quirky side of the city or simply spend a laid-back evening, head to these vibrant places and explore Tel Aviv nightlife at its best. 

1. The Block

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Well, the southern end of the city is unabashedly the most happening one, being home to the heart of Tel Aviv’s nightlife, the Block Club. If you are the party animal who leaves clubs only after morning, this place is just the right one for you. Apart from a primary dance area, the place comes with a small hall and lounge hosting national as well as international DJs who play all sorts of music throughout the night. The highlight of the club is the state-of-the-art sound system which will take you to a whole new world while your outside world will cease to exist. So buck up and get those dancing shoes on!

Where? Shalma Rd 157, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

2. Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar

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Internationally acclaimed as one of the best bars in Israel, the Imperial Craft Cocktail bar serves Asian-colonial cuisines and has an ambiance merging the culture of London, Paris, and New York. Veteran local bartenders serve some of the best cocktails in town keeping the city’s cocktail art alive. A diverse variety of music, local Israeli beers, and the cozy vibes definitely make for a larger than life ambiance at this bar. Do look out for the happy hours when drinks are served at half price and do try the in-house beer flights. 

Where? HaYarkon St 66, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

3. Kuli Alma

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How can I not mention the artistic and trendy Kuli Alma while talking about Tel Aviv’s nightlife, for Kuli Alma is one of the hottest party destinations in this hip town. Open sky seating areas, walls painted with graffiti, an open kitchen, a groovy dance floor, and a central DJ stand make this club second to no other when it comes to living the upbeat spirit of the city. So, let yourself loose and get ready to eat, sleep, rave, repeat!

Where? Mikveh Israel St 10, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

4. Radio EPGB

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Usually packed with hipsters and young crowd, radio EPGB has to be your go-to place if indie electronic music is your thing. This quirky underground club possibly has the best of everything- from the decor, music, and DJs to the crowd, live music and the drinks. A favorite among locals and tourists alike, this one is sure to bring out the wild side in you. So, get your gang together and head to this jazzy little gem. 

Where? Shadal St 7, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

5. Port Sa’id

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Always buzzing with people who love food and a beer, Port Sa’id is one place every true Tel Avivian must have visited once in his lifetime. The popular and prominent Israeli chef Eyal Shani welcomes the visitors with super delicious dishes you will love to treat your taste buds with. This hipster bar epitomizes the city with its freshly prepared middle-eastern food, vinyl-records library, drink choices, and trendy vibes. Buck up and get ready to create some crazy night memories at this chic location. 

Where? Har Sinai St 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

6. Jimmy Who

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A name synonymous with eclectic vibes, Jimmy Who comes with a quirky bar, a private VIP bar and a pick-up bar which is complemented by wallpapers, vintage designs, and quaint brickwork. The music played here is usually a mix of classical played by the live DJs that add to the enthusiasm of the place. Head to this place for that epic bash with your buddies and gobble down some finger-licking cuisines while showing off those killer dance moves. 

Where? Rothschild Blvd 24, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

7. 223 Bar

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Speak of a perfect cocktail bar in Tel Aviv and 223 is sure to come up as the most favorite one. Choose one from the many prohibition-style cocktails or get yours customized from the trained mixologists to have a dapper night filled with trance and high spirits. Wallpapers, wall portraits, and quirk designs are what adds to those chic vibes of the place while the presentation of cocktails by the bartenders lures every booze lover. So get ready for some serious drinking and party in style at a bar that personifies creative cocktails, 223! 

Where? Dizengoff St 223, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Get that party going folks! 

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