Best Bars In The World To Live It Up | Part 1

By Fedora Lobo on Sep 07, 2015
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Drinking to forget the chaos in your life is what most people cling on to. But drinking in a bar that makes you forget the rest of the world is something out of the box. Sipping on your favorite booze brand in an atrabilious state of mind and sinking into the beauty of nature on some faraway land might just be a vivid means of turning your rain into sunshine. On the contrary, not all people drink in sorrow, a handsome lot of us drink to enhance the fun of everything. Either way, you truly deserve to explore the best bars in the world.  

They say, Alcohol is the cause and solution to many life problems. Now make it the cause to awesome trips across the world and make these bars the solutions to them.

Rick's Caf, Jamaica

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Perched on a cliff with mystic blue waters hugging it, the popular Rick's Cafe beach bar is a must visit in life. The locals and tourists have attributed this beach bar as a premier gathering spot in the city living up to the Jamaican tradition of mesmerizing sunsets. On a trip to Negril, not visiting this bar would be considered sinful!

Northern Lights Bar

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You will find this drunken beauty tucked in Iceland's ION Luxury Adventure Hotel. One of the best bars in the world, it protrudes from one end of this luxurious structure. So you have a relaxing spa, comfortable accommodation, good food and a breathtaking landscape on one side and this enthusiastic, lavish, glass bar exhibiting the hypnotic northern lights that will amp your trippy feeling, on the other.

Sky Bar, Bangkok

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When youre 822 feet above the ground, youre already high without a drop of alcohol. Sky Bar in Bangkok serves alcohol on the 63rd floor along with a package of mesmerizing views of the city. This bar is one of the highest located bars in the world. View the entire city in a glance with enjoying your boozy night here. Yes. You saw this bar in the second part of the movie Hangover.

Chandelier Bar, Las Vegas

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Of course, you're not visiting Vegas and returning without getting drunk at one of their coolest bars. When choosing a bar in Las Vegas, why not pick their very best? The Chandelier bar is just that. The classic casino bar has something different to offer. While you look at the beauty of chandeliers from afar, and wish you had the same piece hanging on your ceiling, here, at the bar you can sip on your drink sitting in the chandelier. This innovative decor may just make you wonder, Was I so drunk that I landed up here? 

Artesian, London

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One among the 50 best bars in the world according to the World's 50 Best Bars, Artesian is this crazy bar that follows a different theme each year. For 2015 its Surrealism. You're served cocktails and dishes in metal insect sculptures, Lego elephants, fur cups and more. This bar will leave you with a different experience altogether. The next morning youre going to wonder if it really existed or was it a drunken hallucination.

Rock Restaurant and bar, Indian Ocean - Zanzibar

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A rock bar in the middle of an ocean, are you serious? No human hands can beat the art of Mother Nature and the Rock Restaurant and bar stands as an example of that. Perched on a rock in the ocean of Zanzibar, the Rock bar is an ideal place to unwind with your 60 ml and watch the majestic ocean surrounding you in blue. You could take a boat to get here and wade across during low tide.

Ozone, Hon Kong

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Whether youre one peg down or ten, youre still higher than the rest of the world because you are 1608 feet above sea level. The Ozone bar is on floor 118 in Hong Kong's Ritz Carlton and is considered as the worlds highest bar. The stunning views from the top, music from the best DJs, yummy cocktails and the range of alcohol is sure to make your most unforgettable night. Wait, but youre going to be drunk. So you sure wont remember it.

Harry's Bar, Venice

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Charlie Chaplin, Orson Welles, and Truman Capote gulped down their drinks here, and thats enough reason why this bar should be on your top 50. But no, thats not it. Harry's bar claims to be the birthplace of the white peach juice and prosecco(sparkling wine) Bellini and home to the kitchen that introduced Carpaccio to the world. Now thats why you should visit here.

Long Bar, Singapore

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No, not that the bar is extravagantly long or something, thats just the name. Heard of the gin based cocktail Sling? You love it? Get the original sweet and sour mix here in Singapores very own Long Bar. Factually, the recipe of this long drink was put together by Ngiam Tong Boon a bartender who served the bar in 1915. The scribbled recipe on the paper is on display at the hotels museum.

Aviary, Chicago

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Drink large drink fancy! The Aviary cocktail lounge in Chicago gives you fancy. The lounge serves a range of lovely cocktails in fascinating containers. For example, you may have to smash a ball of ice in order to sip on that mouth-watering cocktail treasured inside it.

Rock Bar, Bali

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In the city of Kuta, Bali the rock bar is beautifully tucked into a cliff facing the vast Indian Ocean. When youre at this bar, youre actually 46 feet above the roaring waves enjoying a spectacular view of the swift waters. The most convenient way to get to this bar is by taking the four-person cable car.

These were ten best bars to visit in the world. I will soon update you with ten more in my next blog. Until then, Bottoms Up!

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