Best Bars In The World | Part 3

By Fedora Lobo on Sep 21, 2015
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Here's proof that God loves you and wants you to be happy. Otherwise would he give you a list of 10 more incredible bars to explore in his beautiful world? Clubs are for dancing, restaurants are for dining, but a bar is where you eat, drink, dance, sing and experience the boozy fun on another level.

After Part 1 and Part 2, best bars in the world has a Part 3 that adds 10 more bars to your bucket list. You want more? You get more!

Monkey Bar Berlin

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On the rooftop of Berlin's Bikini hotel, you have this drunken enclosure with roof to floor transparent windows exhibiting mesmerizing views of everything that surrounds the hotel. Feast your eyes with panoramic views of the city and relax in the alluring and elegant ambience of the bar while you treat yourself to some fine cocktails and yummy mixes.

Eagle and Child - England

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Eagle and Child is a traditional British bar and the place where J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis gave birth to their writing group. This bar is drenched with history and today serves as a pleasant place to stop for a drink or two. If you love digging into history, drinking at an old historic bar would definitely be on your list. Eagle and Child can sure help you tick that off now.

Akkurat Bar Sweden

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If you are one of those whod visit Germany just for their October beer fest or beer is all that you drink, nothing can possibly stop you from visiting Akkurat bar in Stockholm. This vintage bar doesnt serve fancy cocktails nor does it need to. The beer menu is sufficient enough to calm your craze for alcohol. The bar features a menu with 600 bottles of beer which comprise of vintage, seasonal and limited edition flavors and types and unique and rare suds youd hardly find anywhere else in the world.

Bemelmans Bar New York

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Named after the renowned childrens author Ludwig Bemelmans, this bar is concealed in a luxury hotel of New York. With the magic of fanciful art, the author gave this bar a complete makeover and in turn stayed in the hotel with his entire family for a month and a half. Needless to say, the interiors of the bar are not only elegant but also unique. The bar menu is extensive and the drinks are well blended.

Giger Museum Bar Switzerland

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Giger Museum Bar is has a charming yet spooky ambience. Alien tentacles decorate the ceilings and skeleton framed chairs lay at the tables in the bar. A visit to this bar would sure be one great drunken experience as you have an eerie ambience, lovely food and an excellent selection of booze.

Water and Wind Caf Vietnam

Visiting this bar would be like chugging on the pint in the woods that float on water. Confused? The Water and Wind Caf is an all bamboo structure constructed in the middle of an artificial lake. The specialty of this bar is that the bamboo structure is woven together, which means, not a single nail has been pierced through it. Even the furniture in the bar is made up of bamboo alone. Hence, the ambience is exceptionally good while the bar menu is indeed impressive. Looking for some place different? You know now youll find it in Vietnam.

Smuggler's Cove - San Francisco

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Smuggler's Cove looks no less than a vintage bar with a wide selection of 400 different types of rums which include a rare vintage collection as well. The bar is more of a pirate ship lookalike in a Disneyland atmosphere. Home to more than 70 mixes in cocktails, a visit to this bar is of course one of the highly recommended things to do in San Francisco.

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Falks Bar Germany

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If you want to get high at one of those unique and rare, lucky historic survivors, drink at Falks bar. The bar is located in the mirror hall of Bayerischer Hof hotel in Germany, which is said to be the only room that survived in the hotel during the Second World War.

Bar Constellation China

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This bar serves unique cocktails crafted by an expert mixologist. On a visit here, you are free to choose from a vintage mix or one of their latest concoctions. Bar Constellation serves 300 single malts and is home to an extensive range of cocktails as well. This Chinese gem tends to fill up quickly, so plan well before visiting here and make reservations if necessary.

Joben Bistro Romania

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Visit here and walk in to the imaginary world of Jules Verne. Joben Bistro has an ambience featuring fictional machinery, LED lights, mechanical gears, top hats, and everything that resembles an industrial theme. The soft glowing interiors and pleasant atmosphere of this bar with its elaborate menu act as a magnet when it comes to attracting tourists.

So now you have a handsome 30 bars to visit. I will soon update you with 10 more in my next blog. Until then, Keep Chugging, Keep Smiling!

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