7 Best Beaches in Barcelona For A Sojourn

By Meghana Agashe on Jan 08, 2019
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Suitable for all types of beach bums, Barcelona boasts of a huge coastline and plenty of scenic coasts. Offering a perfect retreat away from the hustle-bustle of the city, these beaches are ideal for unwinding and loading up on a healthy dose of sun and sand. Called 'playa' in Spanish and 'platja' in Catalan, any Barcelona beach is a Mediterranean beach which promises visitors with clear blue waters and fine sands. Well-known around the globe, not just for the leisurely activities like sunbathing but also for adrenaline-pumping ones like windsurfing, the shores in Barca promise an indulgent time to one and all. So, let the waves hit your feet and let the sand be your seat at these best beaches in Barcelona! Hasta Pronto!

  1. Barceloneta - The Most Popular Beach in Barcelona

    Barceloneta - most crowded beach in barcelona

    Image Source: Pixabay.com

    The bustling and vibrant Barceloneta, located in the popular neighborhood which goes by the same name, is the main beach in Barcelona. In addition to the beautiful waters and the powdery sand, it is surrounded by ample number of seafood eateries and entertainment options, thus promising the tourists a best of both worlds. Barceloneta beach is also located close to the Playa Forum, the beach which is usually the preferred venue for the Barcelona Beach Festival!

    Ideal for swimming, windsurfing and kite-surfing, Barceloneta draws huge crowds from every part of the world. The wide array of different chiringuitos, or seaside huts framing Barceloneta and selling lip-smacking street food, boost up the attractiveness of this beach. Easily accessible and conveniently located, a trip to this shoreline ensures that you have a wonderful time on the beach without having to venture too far from the city’s attractions.

    Suitable for - Youngsters

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  2. La Mar Bella - A Nudist Beach

    La Mar Bella -  try out the water sports

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

    One of the few nudist beaches in Barcelona, La Mar Bella is a favorite hangout of youngsters. With warm and clean waters, this beach is perfect for a refreshing dip in the sea. In the southern-most corner of the beach, lies the nudist area which is sheltered by a big dune beside the windsurfing center.

    A tranquil beach which is recommended for its peacefulness, is brimming with opportunities for watersport lovers and sunseekers alike. From kayaking and windsurfing to renting a sunbed and lounging on the beach, there is no shortage of activities that one can indulge in on this beach. The beautiful promenade located right on La Mar Bella presents additional opportunities like jogging and roller blading to the tourists.

    Suitable for- Youngsters

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  3. Nova Icaria - A Perfect Barca Beach for Families

    Nova Icaria - most peaceful beach

    Image Source: Flickr.com

    One of the best beaches in Barcelona for families, Nova Icaria beach is a serene stretch of sand which entices tourists with its charming vibe. A kid-friendly beach right next to the Olympic Port, this shore has loads of scope for water-related activities and sports to keep the youngsters and teens entertained. 

    The best part about the Nova Icaria beach is that it provides fantastic access to some of the choicest eateries, food joints and restaurants in Barcelona. Overflowing with options that are enough to make even the pickiest foodies happy, this beach is a popular one among sunseekers as well as foodies.

    Suitable for- Families

  4. Sant Sebastia - An All-Inclusive Shore in Barcelona

    Sant Sebastia - longest beach in Barcelona

    Image Source: Flickr.com

    Sant Sebastia, a beach that is closer to the eastern shore in Barcelona, is one of the longest coastlines in the city. This is another one of the nudist beaches in Barcelona.  Boasting of a lively and a fantastic vibe round the year, this beach has activities to keep you busy for the entire day! 

    You can start off your morning here with an exhilarating round of sports like volleyball, surfing or swimming followed by a relaxing sunbath. In the afternoon, you can explore the box sculpture L´Estel Ferit (wounded star) by German artist Rebecca Horn and go cycling on the promenade. As the evening draws closer, park yourself on the sand to witness the spectacular sunset and then, hop into one of the many quaint eateries dotting this beach and enjoy a hearty meal while watching the waves! So, go to the Sant Sebastia beach in Barcelona with a lot of time on your hands – then only will you be able to do justice to this place! 

    Suitable for- Youngsters

  5. Bogatell - A Uniquely Refreshing Coastline

    Bogatell - most popular among the locals

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

    A beach appreciated for its all-inclusiveness and safety, Bogatell is a quintessential beach which offers visitors with abundant relaxation opportunities. Though smaller than the main touristy beaches, its beauty and allure is unparalleled! 

    This beach which encompasses of green spaces and gardens, comes like a breath of fresh air after most of the crowded and unkempt beaches. Renowned among locals as well as tourists for its aura of serenity, the Bogatell beach is nothing less than an urban escape. Created for the 1992 Olympic Games, this beach has to be one of the best beaches in Barcelona.

    Suitable for- Middle-aged people

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  6. Ocata - The Most Romantic Beach in Barca

    Ocata - white sand beach

    Image Source: Flickr.com

    A pristine stretch of beautiful golden sand, the spacious Ocata beach is a hidden gem on the Mediterranean coastline. One of the best beaches in Barcelona for couples, this virgin coast assures of a peaceful and a private getaway. The idyllic coastline and pristine waters make this seaside area one of the most romantic beaches in Barcelona.

    After spending some quiet time relaxing on the beach, you can take a refreshing walk and sample some of the tastiest Spanish foods on the beach itself. Despite being a relatively uncrowded beach, Ocata promises visitors with its fair share of chringuitos selling energizing drinks and fresh seafood. Located a bit farther away from the main city, Ocata can be reached by a half an hour train ride. 

    Suitable for - Couples

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  7. Castelldefels - A Barcelona Beach Suitable for All Age-Groups

    Castelldefels - a busy beach

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

    Nestled in the quiet seaside town just outside of Barcelona, the Castelldefels beach is a 5-km-long strip of find sand which bequeaths tourists with a bouquet of leisurely options. The calm Mediterranean waters of this coast make this beach one of the best beaches in Barcelona for swimming. 

    Lined with eateries, bars, sunshades and gaming rooms, this beach is a hub of activities suitable for people of all age groups. If you are an adventure-buff, you can try your hand at one of the many extreme sports allowed here like windsurfing. For someone like me who prefers a quiet time on the beach, there are options of sunbathing and strolling peacefully down the sand. For foodies, tons of gastronomic delights await at the restaurants framing the sand! 

    Suitable for - All age groups

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Best time to visit beaches in Barcelona

Depending upon the preferences of the tourists, the best time to visit Barca’s beaches varies. However ideally, late spring and early summer are the perfect seasons to visit these beaches because that is when the weather is at its finest. The warm temperatures and the sunny skies which are mostly found in the months of May, June and early July make these months the best months to visit the beaches in Barcelona.

Barcelona’s lovely beaches are the perfect way to beat the monotony and have a relaxed vacation. Off you go to this happening coastline to chill and unwind! Buen Viaje!

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