The Best Beaches In Europe

By Akshata Mishra on Dec 04, 2018
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With summer right here, beaches are back to getting flocked with people. Europe is laden with beautiful and pretty beaches, with golden and white sands; complimented perfectly with clear blues & greens below. Framing the picturesque view are the fluffy flakes, occasional rocks jutting out and the sun, basking in its glory. Discover the best beaches in Europe, to party, chill or just a peaceful walk.

1. Jaz Beach, Montenegro

best european beaches

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This is one destination to look forward to, if you are planning a bohemian beach getaway. This European beach is broad and sandy, located at the stunning adriatic coast. The beach is a conglomeration of adventure, a speck of culture and plenty of hipster parties; and hence, rightly known as one of the best beach destinations in Europe.

It is located at the outside of Budva, which has buzzing beaches and pretty laneways. It is a charming old town, where the citadel turns into a stage for enthralling open air performances throughout the month of July.

It is host to the twirly Sea Dance Festival, which was voted as the best European Medium-Sized Festival at the European Festival Awards. For the adrenalin junkie, there’s the opportunity of rafting and paragliding, all within a day trip from Budva.

The best time to visit Jaz Beach is between May and October.

2. Peniche, Portugal 

Peniche, Portugal - european beach destination

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This is an exquisite one of its kind European beach, both for history buffs and hipsters looking for some fun. The beach is bordered by elevated rocky terrain and clear blue waters, with some vegetation. It is a rugged headland, jutting into the Atlantic, looking magnificent in the blues. It overlooks this beautiful small town in Europe, with clean sand and calm waters. It is an amicable place, where one can go with their family, friends and loved ones as well.

It sees the influx of surfers and bodyboarders throughout the year, owing to the supertubos, which are large tube shaped waves. It is one of the only two destinations to host the World Surfing League in Europe. There’s something to tickle the senses of history buffs too, with Peniche’s old town centre. It is home to historic churches and Peniche Fort. It was utilised in the 20th century to detain political prisoners and is now transformed into a museum. Thrill seekers can dive off the coast of Ilhas Berlengas nature reserve.

The best time to visit the Peniche Beach would be in the first week of August.

3. Rondinara Beach, Corsica, France

Rondinara Beach in Europe

Source: Flickr/ Imagea

This is a friendly and uninhibited beach, just a stroll away from the nearby campsites. The path to the beach is through the hazy scrubland. One can spot fancy yachts here in the high season, with the stunning dropping of anchors and french bodies lining the beach.

The beaches of Rondinara make for the perfect playground for children, as they arch gently into the sea. The beach is a cordial one, with dogs strolling by and you can also spot the occasional cow! For those who wish to enjoy a quiet afternoon, sunbathing and in comfort, there’s the "paillottes”, which are straw parasol with sunbeds. The beach has plenty of parking spots and baby waves strolling by. It makes for a perfect spot to enjoy with your family and dog. It is also lined with restaurants and snack bars, thus, the most fulfilling location for a picnic.

The best time to visit the Rondinara Beach would be from November to March.

Keep this beach in mind while planning a weekend getaway with baby

4. Cale Goloritzé, Sardinia, Italy

Cale Goloritzé - europe's best beaches

Source: Flickr/ Karri

There’s a certain sense of unrivalled charm that accompanies this European beach. When it comes to sheer beauty, it is the most marvellous of all beaches in Europe. It is a tiny cove of bone white pebbles, overshadowed by towering macchia-clad rocks. It is one of the sequence of beaches in the dramatic coastline of the place. The beach has a dramatic setting which is heightened by its turquoise waters.

Reaching the beach can be quite a ride and a journey of its own. One can reach the beach by foot or on boat. One can trek down an old mule track from the Golgo Plateau, which is some 400 metres above. Once you are done with the climb down, you can pit yourself, with the fellow climbers against the rock spire.

The best time to visit the Cale Goloritzé, Sardinia, Italy is between May and June.

5. Vik Beach, Iceland

Vik Beach - european vacation

 Source: Wikimedia Commons

It is one of the most beautiful non-tropical beaches on earth. Vik is the southernmost village of Iceland and hails the open Atlantic Ocean. The village is bordered by a long black volcanic sand beach. The nearby rock formations stunningly jutt out of the sea. It is a beast of a beauty, which is both gorgeous and dangerous. Thus, this beach is rightly known as one of the best beaches in Europe.

This dark beauty is known to be the antithesis of the beaches in Caribbean. Revered for its mist and myths of monsters, it is the wettest place in the country. It is a wind beaten place, which has a gothic otherworldly feel and a stunning view. The whole area is a haven for seabirds. At low tides, one can explore the solidified lava cave formations too.

The best time to visit Vik Beach would be between Autumn and October.

6. Bantham Beach, England, UK

European beach vacation

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Bantham beach is a typical English countryside beach, which is both safe and beautiful. The walkers admire the exalted drama as they pass by along the South West coast park. There’s the exalted view of the Bigbury Bay and Burgh Island from the beach and a couple of interesting locations that are well worth the visit. At low tides, there’s many a shallow pools which warm up quickly and are suitable waters for crab hunting. This European beach destination is the perfect combination of sun, surf and ice-cream.  

The reliable waves of the South Hams is loved by the surfers, who flock here during the on seasons. Families come over to enjoy the sand, dunes and rock pools. The waves here are suitable for both beginners and the most hard trained surfers alike. There’s hundreds of acres of land behind Bantham Beach to be explored and strolled upon. There’s a shack nearby which serves excellent home cooked meals and beers. There’s also shops which sells little presents and gifts.

The best time to visit the Bantham Beach would be in the months of May to September.

7. Sandwood Bay, Scotland, UK

Sandwood Bay - remote beach destination in europe

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This remote beach of Scotland is as dramatic as it gets. Despite the hype of the place, it is never too crowded and is large enough to absorb the massive influx of visitors. The beach can be reached through a walk in by the bleak moorland track. The beach is magnificent with golden sand and dunes, with rocky cliffs studded all over and a magnanimous cliff stack to frame the view.

The path to the beach is a fun ride of its own. Crossing through dunes and moors, it is a four mile long walk, until the fresh crisp breeze of the sea welcomes you. The whole patch of sand is lined by cliffs. It is revered for tales of ghosts, shipwrecks and mermaids to add to the charm of the place. It is a rather poetic view, with sun, sands and dunes.

The best time to visit Sandwood Bay would be between the months of April and July.

So, go grab your sunscreen, sunnies and lotions and head away on your flips to the these spectacular European beaches this summer. For what else forms the perfect getaway if not the beach- with sun, sands and the surf?

Don’t forget the fedora!

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