10 Best Beaches in Greek Islands for a Beautiful Escape

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Dotted with thousands of tiny islands, sun-kissed beaches, and whitewashed towns, Greece is truly a paradise on earth. The glittering pearl-like sand, blue skies meeting with the turquoise waters, and gorgeous sunsets make the beaches in Greek Islands look straight out of a picture-postcard. Even the small Greek islands have a unique charm. This land of Hercules and Achilles has all the reasons to make it a favorite spot among the beach-hoppers. Want to know some of the best locations to decipher its secrets? Explore these best beaches in Greek Islands that offer a great time with the surf and sun!

1. Kefalonia Island- Myrtos Beach

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Sandwiched between two mountains called Agia Dynati and Kalon Oros, Myrtos Beach is the creation of limestone and marble material. The most precious possession of Kefalonia Island, Myrtos is famous as "one of the most dramatic beaches in Greece". This is due to its serpentine coast, the slope angle of the cliffs, and plenty of white pebbles found on the beach. You would like to know that Myrtos has been voted as the best Greek beach 12 times. Why don’t you find the reasons yourself by visiting this exquisite beach?

Where exactly? Pylaros Municipality, north-west of Kefalonia Island

What to expect? A great range of tavernas, beach bars, and lounges

2. Zante Island- Navagio Beach

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Ask anyone about the top beaches in the Greek Islands, and Navagio Beach will be mentioned. Besides, if you have watched the famous Korean drama “Descendents of the Sun”, you must be much familiar with this name, and that’s also the reason that you will find a large number of Chinese and Korean tourists here. The beach is much famous as “Shipwreck Beach” as in 1980, a Freightliner ship called MV Panagiotis was found here in a wrecked condition. Another interesting name that this beach has acquired is “Smuggler’s Cove”. 

Where exactly? To the west of the Ionian island of Zakynthos (Zante) near Anafotiria village

What to expect? An abandoned ship placed on the limestone gravel (The stories related to the ship itself are fascinating enough!)

3. Lefkada Island- Porto Katsiki

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Porto Katsiki is the beach that has been featured in most of the Greece beaches pictures. The crystal-clear blue sea that surrounds the majestic golden cliffs of Porto Katsiki makes it a favorite spot to the amateur and professional photographers. A visit to Porto Katsiki will surely make your Greek island holidays more exciting. The beach is also known as “goat port” due to the fact that only goats were allowed to enter the beach area earlier. 

Where exactly? Ionian island of Lefkada, 35 kilometers from Lefkada town

What to expect? Although lodging and camping are not allowed, you can enjoy seafood at the canteen located near the beach

4. Mykonos Island- Super Paradise

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If your Greece beach vacation means partying hard, no place could be better than Super Paradise Beach in Mykonos Island. Super Paradise is the perfect spot for dining, dancing, and enjoying delicious cocktails. Super Paradise Beach is home to many gay-friendly clubs, bars, and restaurants. Famous as an “anti-conformist” beach, Super Paradise is where you can feel the warmth of the golden sand and dance the night away with your friends. 

Where exactly? 6 kilometers south of Mykonos Town 

What to expect? The main highlight of each party on the beach is the “fresh-fruit cocktails”. 

5. Parga- Valtos Beach

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Valtos Beach is a little gem of Greece. People for whom the best beach holidays in Greek Islands mean an adrenaline-filled break, Valtos Beach is an ideal destination. While you will find many tavernas, restaurants, umbrellas, and sunbeds on the beach to relax, there are enough facilities like boating, jet skiing, and parasailing. The crystal-clear water at the beach is also great for swimming. You can also get a canoe or banana boat on rent to experience the ultimate aqua-fun Valtos offers.

Where exactly? To the west of Parga island, right below the hill of the Venetian Castle

What to expect? The 3-kilometer long coastline has hotels allowing you to stay on the beach itself. 

6. Karpathos Island- Kyra Panagia Beach

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One of the best sandy beaches in the Greek Islands, Kyra Panagia is the perfect amalgamation of azure blue waters and crystalline white sand. It would be better to call it the best-kept secret of Greece as you will find a smaller number of people on Kyra Panagia Beach. This semi-circular beach with rocky seabed is located in a small cove between two mountains. The backdrop of these provides a great spot for photography. You can reach here by boat or by car.

Where exactly? 14 kilometers north of Pigadia (the capital of Karpathos)

What to expect? The traditional Greek food at the restaurants and light grey pebbles on the beach. 

7. Elafonisos- Simos Beach

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Simos is a set of two beaches in the island of Elafonisos- Megalos (the large beach), and Mikros (the small beach). Both the beaches are connected by a narrow white sandbar and can be accessed easily just by a small walk. While Megalos is considered as the longest beach in Elafonisos, Mikros has its own charisma. Simos is another most photographed beach in Greece because of its unique structure and pristine surroundings and indeed, one of the best white sand beaches in the Greek Islands. 

Where exactly? In the Ionian island of Elafonisos

What to expect? During the windy weather, Simos is an ideal place for windsurfing. Swimming is also best enjoyed.

8. Corfu Island- Paleokastritsa

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When it comes to the list of best beaches in Greece, Paleokastritsa always makes it to the top 10. Paleokastritsa has many legends related to it. Travelers from around the world consider Paleokastritsa as the most beautiful spot in Corfu Island. Corfu, itself, is better known as a mythical island where Phaeacians lived and Paleokastritsa has a close relation to Odysseus. You will find three main coves near the beach called Agia Triada, Platakia, and Alipa that are worth exploring. 

Where exactly? West coast of Corfu Island

What to expect? A plethora of activities like water-skiing, diving, canoeing, boating, snorkeling and more

9. Rhodes- St. Paul’s Beach

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Apart from its unbeatable natural beauty, St. Paul’s Bay and Beach have a mythological significance. The locals believe that this is the place where St. Paul landed to spread the message of Christianity. There are two beaches at St. Paul’s Bay; while one is a natural fusion of sand and gravel, another one is a man-made beach. Close to the beach, there is an idyllic village called Lindos where you will find the best Greek Island resorts and a church which is an ideal venue for weddings. 

Where exactly? Southeast coast of Rhodes 

What to expect? St. Paul’s Bay is ideal for the water sports like diving and snorkeling. 

10. Santorini- Perissa

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Finally, let’s come to the best beaches in Greece mainland. And the name that pops up first is the beaches of Santorini. While Santorini is much famous for its whitewashed cubiform houses, there is a beach called Perissa that has recently emerged as a cool beach destination in Greece. This crescent-shaped black sand beach is marked by the stunning vista of rock-forms present on it. People start coming to Perissa during the summers. Although the village of Perissa provides a traditional outlook to the beach, there are enough modern amenities around to make your trip a pleasant one.

Where exactly? To the southeastern of Santorini, 15 kilometers from Fira

What to expect? The main attraction of Perissa is the rock called Mesa Vouno rising like a giant from the sea. 


From enjoying the nightlife to discovering the hidden treasures and cherishing the oasis of tranquility, the beaches of these Greek Islands have the ability to cast a lifetime spell on anyone. Which one is your favorite? Do let us know!


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