15 Best Beaches Ireland has to offer

By Priya Sanyal on Feb 15, 2019
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When we think of European beaches, the pristine sands of Spain, Greece and France come to mind. But not many know, that the beaches of Ireland can easily give these popular beaches a run for their money. Here's a list of 15 of best beaches in Ireland, that will make you want to book your tickets to the Emerald Isle.

1. Coumeenole Strand, Kerry

Image Source: Barbara Walsh/flickr.com

Best known as the location for the 1970s iconic hit Ryan's Daughter, this spot is indeed quite stunning. With the rocky Dingle Peninsula on one side, and the crystalline water lapping on the golden sands, this beach in Ireland paints quite a a picture.

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2. Dog's Bay and Gurteen Bay, Galway

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Giving competition to any Caribbean beach, are the crescent shaped twin beaches, Dog's Bay and Gurteen Bay. With turquoise waters gently breaking on the sands, that are white as a result of sea shells, this beach is perfect to take a dip in.

3. Sandycove Beach, Dublin

Image Source: Ana Rey/flickr.com

A family beach, Sandycove will be flocked with people throughout the year. A popular water body in Dublin, Sandycove is a hotspot for cold water swimming in the winters. What's more? You get some of the best seafood in Ireland, here.

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4. Inch Strand, Kerry

Image Source: eeee a se/flickr.com

Another location for the classic Ryan's Daughter, was Inch Strand. The 5 kms expanse of golden beach is perfect for a stroll. While here, don't forget to gulp down some fresh oysters.  

5. Bundoran Beach, Donegal

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

One of Europe's best surfing destinations, is the Bundoran Beach. To watch surfers from all over the continent display their skills, head to beach during The Peak. This is the time when the waves are highest, and absolutely apt for surfing.

6. Keem Bay, Mayo

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most beautiful beaches in Ireland, is the Keem Bay on Achill Island. The cool blue waters, the pristine white sands and the lush green cliffs, makes this place seem out of a fairytale. Head to this nature's bounty and enjoy some beach love.

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7. Trá an Doilín, Galway

Image Source: Tobias Abel/flickr.com

Welcome to the beach made of rare corals! Trá an Doilín is composed of many fine corals known as maerl, which is not only rare, but also gives this unusual biogenic gravel important from the coral's conservation.

8. Fanore Beach, Clare

Image Source: NealeA/flickr.com

Fanore translates into the Gaelic word for 'Ring of Gold', thus it is no wonder that it is one of the best golden sand beaches in the country.  The unique landscape of the beach makes it a place of geological importance. Fanore is a really nice place to go kite flying on the beach.

9. Inchydoney Beach, Cork

Image Source: catherinecronin/flickr.com

This colourful Irish beach with the green from the hills surrounding the white sands and the Blue Flag certified waters breaking on the land, is a sight behold. Go kayaking on the crystal clear waters or take a stroll on the pristine sand, and have a pleasant time here.

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10. East End Beach, Inishbofin

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

For those looking for some island exploration, head to Inishbofin or Island of the White Cow. Take a bike ride on the East End Beach, which feels just like any other popular Caribbean beachside. It's a great place for kayaking, swimming or just plain floating in the water.

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11. Magheroarty Beach, Donegal

Image Source: Liam Moloney/flickr.com

A popular spot for windsurfing, Margheroarty is a splendid beauty. The beach is a curved one with sands that display an almost pinkish hue. For those who wish to just stroll on the beach, they can enjoy the view of the nearby islands of Inishbofin and Tory.

12. Clogherhead Beach, Louth

Image Source: rosario fiore/flickr.com

A popular film location, Clogerhead is an idyllic fishing village. The beach in Ireland is known for its water sports, which are open all around the year. The annual Clogerhead Prawns Festival is something you shouldn't miss if you're here in the summer.

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13. Curracloe, Wexford

Image Source: Irish Jaunt/flickr.com

For anyone who has watched Saving Private Ryan, the 20 minute D-Day scene will be forever etched in their memories. Come to Curracloe and refresh your memory, because this is the very place where they shot that crucial scene.

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14. Dunmore East, Waterford


Image Source: abgeschmelzt/flickr.com

This beach is a snorkeler's paradise! The secluded coves provide a perfect place for some exploration, while the waters are perfect for some underwater exploration.

15. Bettystown Beach, Meath

Image Source: Pixabay.com

This small village of Bettystown has a beach famous for two very important reasons. One is the discovery of the renowned Tara Brooch, and the other is that every September this beach hosts a special horse racing event, the only beach in whole of Europe that has the permission for such an event.

So take the plunge and enjoy this side of best beaches in Ireland that will leave you delighted in every way.

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