Best beach destinations in Kerala that you must visit once in your Lifetime

By Guest Blogger on Feb 05, 2019
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Kerala is known as God’s own country and therefore, the beauty of the state is beyond everything. Almost everyone in the country plans to visit this place for spending their holidays. So, if you are visiting Kerala in the near future, try some beach destinations. Here is a list of a few of the beaches in Kerala that one must visit once in a lifetime. 

1. Kovalam beach

The first beach in this list is the one that is one of the best and most popular beaches of Kerala. The popularity of this beach is due to the narrow water in the sea and the waves that are very low and bring a lot of hippies to the shore. This was just a normal village earlier, but a little transformation made this place one of the most visited places in Kerala. This is stretched in 17 meters of coastline. One can hire bikes or taxies to reach this place. So, if you are visiting Kerala for a beach trip, then this should be your first destination. 

2. Bekal beach

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This beach should be the second destination when you are visiting Kerala. When one goes to this place, you can visit two places in one go. It is situated in the town called Kasaragod, which is near the national highway. You can experience the beauty of that one thing that Kerala is famous for and that is the palm and coconut trees. Also, one will get to visit a fort that is just near to the beach. So, if we talk about the overall beach, this one of the finest destinations in Kerala that one will love to visit. 

3. Kappad beach

This beach is again one of the most popular beaches and is located near the town of Calicut. The beach is popular as this the place where the great explorer Vasco da Gama landed in the year 1498. Also, one of the best parts about this beach is that the water here is safer and one can spend their time watching the fishermen going fishing. This is so much fun.  Apart from this, the mesmerizing beauty of this beach attracts all the tourists. So, if you want to have a gala time on the beach and also are interested in history, then you must come here.

4. Kappil beach

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After all these beaches, the one which you will like to visit is the Kappil Beach. The specialty of this beach is that it is solitary and is the best place for a vacation away from the crowd and noise of the city. This charming beach is situated in the capital city of Kerala that is Thiruvananthapuram. Those who love to write poetry and other stuff and want the lone time; they can undoubtedly come here and will be amazed at the kind of surrounding it has. Therefore, this place is a must visit for those who want a peaceful environment and solitude around.

5. Kolavi pallam beach

The thing that attracts the people most to this beach is the golden sand all over. Apart from this, one can come here to enjoy the scenic view that the palm trees around provide. This too is a silent beach and the upper and lower view of it looks the same. The bluish effect that comes is a thing that is not just a matter of beauty, but also a thing of joy. 

So, these were a few of the places that one can go and visit in Kerala, and to avail, the cheap flight tickets at discounted price, try booking your tickets in advance and from a reputed website.