Best Beaches In Maryland For A Day Of Sun, Sand, And Sea

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The Maryland State of the USA is a paradise for beachgoers, offering miles and miles of shoreline. From happening beaches like the Ocean City Beach or the North Shore Beach to the beaches that are blessed with quietude like Breezy Point Beach and Betterton Beach, you will find it all here. Take a look at this list of the best beaches in Maryland that will help you decide which one to visit first when in Maryland. 

1. Ocean City Beach 

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Considered as one of the top beach destinations in Maryland, the Ocean City beach is flocked by beach-lovers to bask in the sun. With a 3-mile shoreline, the beach comes with a number of shops and restaurants that serve mouth-watering street food. It has a boardwalk that hosts many attractions and events to entertain visitors. For some adventurous time, you can go surfing in the designated section of Ocean City Beach. You are also allowed to enjoy surf fishing upto 50 yards from the coastline.    

2. Sandy Point State Park Beach 

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Sandy Point State Park is open for visitors throughout the year, allowing beachgoers to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea anytime they want. The park occupies a vast land of 786 acres and is located on the northwestern shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Be it swimming, boating, or fishing at the Sandy Point State Park beach, you will have plenty of activities to indulge in. With showers and restrooms, the park beach is equipped with decent facilities for the public. You will have to pay a minimal fee per vehicle to visit the beach.   

3. Deep Creek Lake State Park Beach 

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You must visit the Deep Creek Lake State Park for all the mesmerizing vistas it offers. Offering numerous recreational activities such as swimming, boating, kayaking, fishing, and water skiing, Deep Creek Lake beach is a playground for adventurers. While you can have a great time just lazing around the lake, you can also check out one of the tallest waterfalls in Maryland during your visit to the state park. If you wish to challenge yourself further, you can opt for whitewater rafting near Deep Creek Lake. 

4. Assateague Island National Seashore 

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Assateague Island National Seashore isn’t just about soft and white sandy stretches. It comes with a dash of wild horses that can be seen galloping across the beach, making a sight to behold. The island has a wildlife refuge that is home to many wild species. It has a coastline of over 37 miles which invites you to drink in the natural beauty around. Crabbing, swimming, kayaking, and clamming are a few of the popular activities to do at the Assateague Island National Seashore.

5. Calvert Cliffs State Park Beach 

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Located on the Chesapeake Bay, Calvert Cliffs State Park is a place far from commercialization. The beach here is just right to laze around while catching some tan. Blessed with quietude, this is the place to visit if you are looking for some peace and tranquility. Home to more than 600 varieties of fossil, the Calvert Cliffs State Park beach is popular for fossil hunting too. Leaving the beach, you may even go hiking along the nearby trails.    

6. Chesapeake Beach 

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Chesapeake Beach is one of the most favorite beaches in Maryland amongst vacationers as it offers peace and solitude. It is located on the western shore in Calvert County and is right beside the North Shore Beach. You can enjoy leisurely strolling along the piers or go charter boat fishing while you are here. Other than sunbathing on the beach, you can explore the Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum or walk along the Chesapeake Railway Trail.  

7. Cherry Beach 

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Cherry Beach is considered to be one of the most family-friendly beaches in Maryland. Taking you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this sandy stretch allows you to enjoy a warm sunny day with your loved ones. Besides, it entertains those who love water activities the most. From experiencing the thrill of a speedboat ride to just leisurely paddling a canoe, you can enjoy it all here. The beach is also equipped with a fishing pier, a kids’ pavilion, a boat ramp, and a picnic pavilion with picnic tables. 

8. Cunningham Falls State Park Beach 

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Cunningham Falls State Park is your best bet if you are looking for some outdoorsy time. The beach in the park is ideal to enjoy a day picnic with friends and family during the summers. Swimming and fishing are two activities that are quite popular amongst the visitors here. The state park also has many trails, allowing you to go hiking once you are done relaxing on the beach. As pets are allowed on these trails, you can have fun hiking with your furry friends in Cunningham Falls State Park. 

9. Point Lookout State Park Beach 

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If you are looking forward to spending a relaxing day by a beach while also indulging in some recreational kayaking, then make your way to Point Lookout State Park. The park is popular amongst visitors because of the lighthouse on its south end, but its beach also draws large crowds. Other than picnicking by the beach, you can also step back in time by visiting the Point Lookout Civil War Museum in the state park. 

10. Breezy Point Beach 

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Breezy Point Beach is a seasonal public beach with a fishing pier, picnic areas, campground, and a playground. Charcoal grills, concession stands, and restrooms are the other facilities at the beach. While swimming is a common recreational activity here, you will also see many enjoying a game of volleyball at the beach. It is said to be one of the lesser crowded beaches in Maryland but, you will see people flocking to Breezy Point Beach during summers. With a limit on the capacity of the beach, it is recommended that you visit the beach at the earliest possible time of the day.     

11. Betterton Beach 

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The laid-back Betterton Beach is located at the foot of the village hill and overlooks the Chesapeake Bay. What once used to be a bustling resort town is a peaceful and quiet place today with a lovely beach. The 700-foot coastline offers picturesque vistas that are postcard perfect. It is equipped with many public facilities including picnic pavilions, benches, and restrooms. There is also the Betterton Beach Waterfront Park which stretches along the shore. 

12. Matapeake Beach 

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Matapeake Beach is a part of the Matapeake State Park and is located about 50 miles away from Baltimore. It is also popularly known as Dog Beach as this is one of the few dog-friendly beaches in Maryland. Bring along your pooches and they can run along the shore and get into the shallow waters. You will also find a fishing pier at the Matapeake Beach. After relaxing at the beach, you can even check out the historic clubhouse here. 

13. Hart-Miller Island State Park 

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Occupying over 1100 acres of land, the uninhabited Hart-Miller island is located at the mouth of the Middle River. You can reach the island only by boat. The island has a long 3,000 feet of sandy stretch that is ideal to catch some tan. Since the island welcomes pets, this is another one of those beaches in Maryland that are dog-friendly. Visit this beach during the summers, and you will be able to enjoy overnight camping at the designated campsite here.   

14. North Shore Beach 

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Many might say that North Shore Beach is very commercialized but it is worth visiting for the numerous festivities it offers throughout the summer. There is also a boardwalk here to take a leisurely stroll. Know that dogs are allowed to be walked only on the boardwalk of the beach and not on the sandy stretch or you will face a fine of upto 500 USD. Bring your fishing gear, rent a fishing chair, and you are all set to spend some quality time here. Kayaking, paddleboarding, and swimming are a few of the other recreational activities to enjoy here.  

15. Janes Island State Park 

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Walk along the marked water trails in Janes Island State Park and you will reach some of the most pristine beaches of Maryland. The state park is located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay and takes you away from the chaos of the city. Kayaking and canoeing are a couple of water activities that the adventurers can take up during their visit.  Also, note that the beaches of Janes Island State Park do not have any lifeguards. 

These top beaches in Maryland are worth visiting for the beautiful vistas and the relaxing vibes they offer. So put on those slippers and be ready to visit them on a lazy day.