Best Beaches in Miami to Visit

By Rohin Raj on Mar 08, 2019
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Miami being one of the favourite vacations spots in the USA, attracts millions of tourists each year, both from inside and outside the country. The city has long been famed for its bewitching beaches, colourful festivals, cheery locals and fusion cuisine! Though there are tons of things to do in Miami, visiting the famed beaches is considered to be one of the most enjoyable and primary motives of visiting the state of Florida!
As there are countless number of beaches in the city, we have cut down on your work by compiling a list of some of the best beaches in Miami that will help you in getting into the groove of the Magic City!

1. Sunny Isles Beach

Sunny Isles Beach

PC: Ines Hegedus-Garcia/

Owing to the crystal-clear water of Sunny Isles beach, it is a favourite amongst tourists and locals for activities like fishing, diving, snorkelling and other exciting water sports. Several dining options are available nearby, right from humble stalls to fine-dining restaurants, and there is a pier on the beach which is a popular amongst enthusiastic anglers for good fishing opportunities. The best part about Sunny Isles is that you won’t be troubled by large crowds as it is a relatively less visited beach in Miami.

Beach Specials: Snorkelling, Fishing

2. Virginia Key Beach

Virginia Key BeachPC: Wikimedia Commons

The historic Virginia Key beach is one of the most popular and travelled to beaches in all of Miami. The smooth golden beach, water suitable for swimming or surfing and presence of several fun attractions on the beach like an antique carousel, dance floor and event meadow make a visit even more enjoyable! Kids too can have some extra fun with 2 playgrounds being located just next to the beach, making it a complete family entertainment spot.

Beach Specials: Windsurfing, Ultralight Seaplane Flying

3. South Pointe Park

South Pointe ParkPC: James Willamor/

Enjoy panoramic views of the vast waters all around, a pleasant stroll on the numerous walking trails, lunch basket in the picnic area and a pleasant swim in the blue water. The peace and tranquillity felt while taking a pleasant walk on the soft sand can't be expressed in words, and has to be experienced first-hand. Numerous food stalls take care of hunger pangs, if any, and a small but entertaining water park is the perfect place to keep children busy for a while.

Beach Specials: Water Park, Photography

4. Haulover Beach

Haulover BeachPC: osseous/

Haulover Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in Miami, but also one with the least number of people crowding the sand. It is the only beach in Miami which gives the option of roaming around clothed or in the nude. Generally, people behave themselves, and you don’t have to worry much about perverts sneaking around. The beach stretches on for more than a mile and has facilities for a range of activities and is also the site for February Kite festival, which is one of the popular festivals in Miami!

Beach Specials: Tennis, Golf, Kite Flying

5. Oleta River State Recreation Beach

Oleta River State Recreation BeachPC: Wikimedia Commons

Located bang on the enchanting Biscayne Bay, the Oleta River State Recreation Beach is a myriad of walking and biking trails, trees and mesmerizingly beautiful natural attractions. Visitors love to explore the numerous cycling trails on their mountain bikes, passionate anglers can catch good game from the fishing area and adrenaline junkies can have a blast kayaking and canoeing in the wonderful water.

Beach Specials: Canoeing, Biking, Kayaking

6. Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fort Lauderdale BeachPC:

The Fort Lauderdale beach boasts of some of the most diverse and fun-loving crowd in Miami and is easily one of the most happening beaches around. The beach is flocked by wealthy folks, college kids, regular locals and a lot of boating enthusiasts. It is one of those places in Miami that totally looks like the beaches shown on Florida postcards and wallpapers! Everything about the beach looks classy and suave, and the fact that there are tons of popular eating places nearby further ups the desire quotient of Fort Lauderdale beach!

Beach Specials: Boating, Skating

7. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Beach

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State BeachPC: Jimmy Baikovicius/

Easily one of the best beaches in Miami and perhaps Florida too, the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Beach boasts of a number of spectacular attractions that have given it a semi-legendary status! Visitors are free to explore the beauty of the beach and park by taking a walk or bike ride through the various trails, facilities for water sports like kayaking and snorkelling, quad bikes and fishing are also easily available at the beach. There is also a 19th century historic lighthouse that stands till date and attracts hundreds of visitors everyday.

Beach Specials: Sightseeing, Quad-biking, Snorkelling

8. Delray Beach

Delray BeachPC: Lisa Jacobs/

If the popular beaches in Miami are too overcrowded for you and what you desire is some quality time for a date with your partner, then give the Delray Beach a shot. Being a little far from central Miami it attracts fewer visitors than the other beaches, and the fact that Delray Beach is extremely picturesque, makes it a perfect Miami beach for couples. You can enjoy an idyllic time at the beach, soaking up the sun and splashing in the serene water, without unwanted disturbances, blaring music or swarms of people in sight!

Beach Specials: Seclusion

9. Lummus Park Beach

Lummus Park BeachPC: inazakira/

The Lummus Park beach is where all the cool crowd of Miami locals and tourists hang out regularly and you should head to if people watching is your thing. Here people can be seen walking around, dressed up in colourful swimsuits, merrily enjoying the water or else simply working on their tan! A gay beach can be found nearby, and also spots where topless sunbathing is possible. After you’ve completely tired yourself at the beach, head to the various restaurants and food stalls a short walk away to taste exotic Miami cuisine.

Beach Specials: Sunbathing, Restaurant-hopping

10. Matheson Hammock Park Beach

Matheson Hammock Park BeachPC: Wikimedia Commons

There are tons of exciting things to do in the Matheson Hammock Park Beach, be it exploring the rugged trails, admiring the scintillating natural beauty all around or just wading the seawater. There are excellent eating joints, a botanical garden with amazing varieties of plants and trees and even a man-made atoll pool that is filled up with water during high tide from the sea! Water sports like kite boarding can also be actively pursued at the beach and in the night enjoy glorious views of the city downtown!

Beach Specials: Atoll Pool, Kite-boarding

11. Surfside Beach

Surfside BeachPC: Doug Hodel/

The Surfside Beach looks almost too good to be true, what with such a peaceful slice of paradise bang in the middle of Miami city, and has something or the other to do for every visitor who comes here. The beach stretches to as far as the eyes can go, there are pathways for walking and riding a bike, the sand is pristine and unpolluted and every first Friday of each month there is a beach picnic with music and wine! Is there a better way possible to enjoy an outing to the beach?

Beach Specials: Bicycling, Walking

12. Bal Harbour Beach

Bal Harbour BeachPC: Jimmy Baikovicius/

If you've got some extra money and would like to live in a luxury hotel with access to a beach, then the Bal Harbour Beach is probably your safest bet! The water is enchantingly beautiful, the sand feels softer than cotton and the beach is usually sparsely occupied to make sure no one disturbs your peace! Because it lies in one of the most expensive areas of Miami, the beach usually has lesser people around, but just a single visit is enough to get you hooked to its breath-taking beauty!

Beach Specials: Luxury hotels and restaurants nearby

13. Crandon Park Beach

Crandon Park BeachPC: joiseyshowaa/

One visit to the Crandon Park Beach, and it will be crystal clear why the beach is such a highly sought after tourist hotspot of Miami. There are awesome attractions like a botanical garden, lush greenery, beach volleyball courts, carousel, skating rink and tons of other exciting stuff to do! If you plan on partying, then BBQ grills are also available at the beach along with cabanas for hiring. If all this doesn't entice you already, how about a tennis court and golf course just adjacent to the beach area? Go early and take up a place for few of the most enjoyable hours in Miami you may have!

Beach Specials: Beach-volleyball, Golf, Tennis, BBQ

14. Hobie Beach

Hobie BeachPC:

If exciting water sports are the reason behind your Miami visit then it only makes sense to rush to the Hobie Beach. It is THE place to try out sports like jet-skiing, windsurfing and sail-boating without having to shell out dough loads of money! Also, the fact that Hobie Beach is dog friendly, makes it even a more fun place to spend a couple of enjoyable hours in Miami!

Beach Specials: Windsurfing, Dog Friendly
Do try and visit all these awesome beaches on your next visit to Miami! If we have missed out on any of your favourite beaches in Miami do tell us by writing in the comments section below!

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