Best Beaches in Phuket For A Romantic Holiday

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Phuket boasts to have more than 30 beautiful beaches that define a perfect scenic vacation destination. The shores here are all about white sandy stretches that are gently caressed by the turquoise blue waves. Many beaches such as the Freedom Beach, Banana Beach, Nai Thon, and Kata Noi Beach have verdant jungles in the background, adding to their picturesque beauty. Just like the beaches in Krabi are a honeymoon couple’s paradise, these beaches in Phuket attract many newlyweds to celebrate a romantic holiday. Take a look at the top beaches in Phuket to know where you should next head for a relaxing holiday. 

1. Freedom Beach, Patong 

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Step on to Freedom Beach and you will be awed by the powdery, soft white sand covering 300 meters of a long stretch. Accessible only by a long-tail boat or by hiking along a steep footpath down a hill, Freedom Beach has managed to stay one of the hidden beaches in Phuket. The water is shallow at both ends of the beach, allowing snorkelers to discover the abundant marine life. Beach soccer and beach volleyball are two other activities that are enjoyed by visitors here.  

2. Banana Beach, Coral Island 

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Locally known as Koh He Beach, the white sandy Banana Beach is backed by a lush green forest and faces the turquoise blue sea. Located on Coral Island, it can be reached by riding a speedboat or a long-tail boat from Chalong Pier or Rawai Beach. The warm waters here are perfect for snorkeling and swimming, while the soft sand tempts you to simply lie down and catch some sun rays. The large trees lining the beach also offer a lot of shade in case you wish to escape the sun. 

3. Kata Beach, Kata 

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Located on the west coast, Kata Beach is considered amongst the most family-friendly beaches in Phuket. This soft powdery beach is a paradise for surfers from May to October, while it starts bustling with beach lovers who wish to catch some tan between November and April. Being a long stretch of sand, the beach has space for everyone to relax although it receives lots of crowds. As there are many restaurants, first-class hotels, and small shopping centers nearby, you get to enjoy a truly memorable holiday at Kata Beach.   

4. Nai Thon, North West 

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Nat Thon Beach lies on the north-west coast of Phuket and is backed by tall cliffs that keep it hidden from the tourist-eyes. It is a lovely spread of white sand lined with many tall trees that offer enough shade to escape the sun. With water being crystal clear, you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling to the best at the beach. After a good swim, simply lie back on the soft sand and relax. From the beach, you will find restaurants and bars over the road where you can relish some delicious Thai cuisines.   

5. Nai Harn Beach, Nai Harn 

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Nai Harn Beach in Phuket has only a few hotels, restaurants, and bars around that keep it away from commercialization. It welcomes a variety of beach lovers with each passing season. From November to April, the beach attracts swimmers and sunbather, while it turns into a paradise for surfers between May and October when the mild waves are taken over by strong currents. During this period, you will also see a number of kite-surfers having the time of their life at Nai Harn Beach. 

6. Kata Noi Beach, Kata 

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Kata Noi Beach is seen as the best option over Kata Beach for it is less crowded and is blessed with plenty of beauty. The beach lies south of the main Kata Beach and is surrounded by some of the best luxurious resorts on the island. The beach has rocky headlands on both ends that are considered to be an ideal spot for snorkeling. The water is as clear as a mirror and attracts those who enjoy swimming. After spending some quality beach time, you must head towards the sunset bars that offer breathtaking vistas of the horizon.  

7. Patong Beach, Patong 

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The Patong Beach lives up to the popularity of Patong being the most famous beach resort in Phuket. This beach is a hub of many water activities that include parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, jetskiing, and beachcombing. This is a beach that is always bustling and never lets you experience a dull moment. While you are here, you will see several vendors selling a variety of food items. During your visit to Patong Beach, you will be able to taste the happening Phuket nightlife.   

8. Surin Beach, Surin 

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Witness the stunning contrast formed by the white sandy shore and the turquoise blue sea at Surin Beach. One of the most popular beaches amongst celebrities, this beach, surprisingly, is never too busy. Being a lot quieter and having clear water, many beach lovers prefer coming to Suring Beach along with family and kids. Swimming in the warm waters, sunbathing on the soft sand, and bodyboarding on the easy waves, are some of the activities thoroughly enjoyed by visitors here.   

9. Ya Nui Beach 

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Stretching long for 300 meters, Ya Nui Beach is one of the busy beaches in Phuket where you will come across vendors selling a wide range of merchandise. Right from textiles to fresh fruits, you can buy anything right when you are lazing on the beach. You must head towards the northern end of the beach if you wish to enjoy a good swim. In case the waves are strong, you can also go bodyboarding. Many visitors also rent a kayak and paddle towards Koh Man, which is considered to be a better snorkeling spot.    

10. Bang Tao Beach 

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Bang Tao beach is one of the longest Phuket beaches, measuring around 600 meters. Being this long, the beach usually seems very deserted, although it is great to find a secluded spot towards the northern end. As you take a leisurely stroll, you will find many small beach bars along the shoreline that are perfect to have a seat while drinking in the mesmerizing vistas of the blue sea. As the southern end of the beach is dotted with many hotels, this part turns the atmosphere very lively with the sunset. Arrive here anytime between November and April, and you will get to enjoy a number of activities such as paragliding, jet skiing, and waterskiing.

Surrounded by the Andaman Sea from all sides, there is no dearth of beaches in Phuket. Along with the ones mentioned above, other Phuket beaches that are worth visiting include Paradise Beach, Karon Beach, Laem Sing Beach, Kamala Beach, Mai Khao Beach, and Pansea Beach. 

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