Top 10 Beaches in Puerto Rico for a Sunny Vacation

By Meghana Agashe on Jan 22, 2018
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A group of Caribbean islands boasting of long sandy stretches and glistening water, Puerto Rico is an unincorporated US territory which is known for its idyllic beaches. The gorgeous seascapes and the crashing waves amount to an unforgettable vacation. With 240 plus beaches spread across 143 tropical islands, it is highly difficult to choose for the best ones in this country!

And the best part about these beaches is the versatility the offer in terms of activities. From Kayaking to Snorkeling, SCUBA to Kite Surfing, these beaches are great for adventure junkies as well!

Dotted with gorgeous vistas, the best beaches in Puerto Rico are not limited to the ones in San Juan. Although the beaches around San Juan are the most visited, the ones off the islands of Vieques and Culebra are stunning too!

Vieques should be your choice if you are looking for privacy. Known for its secluded beaches with deep blue waters that is a resultant of the microorganisms giving out the distinct colour, this island is alluring!

Culebra is for turtle lovers! Its white sand beaches and waters are home to sea turtles and the island itself is laid-back and perfect for a rejuvenating vacation, sans the crowd and the traffic!


We have taken up this nearly impossible task with a brave face and are presenting you with the list of the best beaches in Puerto Rico that you are bound to enjoy, irrespective of your age and taste!

  1. Flamenco Beach
  2. Isla Verde Beach
  3. Playa Mar Chiquita
  4. Boqueron Beach
  5. La Chiva Beach
  6. Playa Tortuga
  7. Condado Beach
  8. Tamarindo Beach
  9. Luquillo Beach
  10. Piñones Beach

1. Flamenco Beach - White Sand, Sapphire Skies and Caerulean Water

Flamenco Beach

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Stretching around a horseshoe-shaped bay, Culebra’s Flamenco beach entices visitors with its shallow waters colored in the myriad hues of blue and green. With crystal-clear and shallow waters which are ideal for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing, Flamenco beach is one of the best family-friendly beaches in Puerto Rico. With plenty of kiosks to rent beach accessories like chairs, umbrellas, tents and other camping gear from, this coast makes sure that you have a great time here. 

The green hills framing the beach are home to one of Puerto Rico’s largest campgrounds while the rusty, painted tank on the shore which gives you a glimpse into Culebra’s time as a US Navy gunnery and bombing practice range is a beautiful historical relic. There are also plenty of snack stands selling typical Puerto Rican snacks like pinchos, chicken or pork kebabs and alcapurrias. This beach presents you with a wonderful blend of natural beauty, water sports, history, food and lots of sun-sand! 

Best For - Families

2. Isla Verde Beach – San Juan’s Swanky Coast

Isla Verde Beach

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Located just a stone’s throw away from the airport, Isla Verde is undoubtedly the most popular beach vacation destination in the metro area. Even though this beach houses some of the most elegant and luxurious hotels as well as classy beachfront restaurants in town, it still promises the visitors a laid-back and a relaxed vibe which is ideal for unwinding.

Often voted as the best city / urban beach in the Caribbean, Isla Verde is one of the busiest and the most popular beach in Puerto Rico. Treating you to a quintessential Caribbean beach feel owing to the ample number of coconut palm trees, this shore is always buzzing with wave runners, parasailers and sunbathers! Located in the proximity of many of San Juan’s famous attractions, this beach is ideal for those of you who don’t want to venture too far out from the city. 

Best For - Youngsters

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3. Playa Mar Chiquita - A Hidden Cove Surrounded by Two Coral Rock Formations

Playa Mar Chiquita

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

An oval-shaped, golden-sand cove, Playa Mar Chiquita is a stunning beach protected from the direct exposure to the Atlantic Ocean by two coral rock formations. The dramatic waters and the crashing waves rushing through the openings in the limestone walls, though not suitable for swimming, make for a mesmerizing sight! 

The soft golden sand is ideal for sunbathing and relaxing; if getting tanned in the sun is not your thing, then you can laze around in the shade of one of many palm trees lining this beach. Climbing and exploring the eolianite ridge that forms the rocky headland of Punta Mar Chiquita, is also another popular activity to indulge in for the folks visiting this beach. Beautifully secluded and pretty as a picture, Playa Mar Chiquita makes for a fun-filled visit.

Best For - Youngsters

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4. Boqueron Beach - Perfect for Swimming

Boqueron Beach

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

One of the best beaches in Puerto Rico for swimming, Boqueron Beach encapsulates the essence of Puerto Rico with its laid-back vibe, turquoise waters, light golden sand and, Palm, Almond, and Flamboyan trees. This pristine beach boasts of excellent public facilities as well as calm, shallow waters, thus making it perfect for kids and teens. 

The Puerto Rican kiosks selling fresh seafood and oysters are parked right on the beach, thus supplying you with delicious produce at all times. On weekends, the beach sometimes hosts live musical performances and events, which are surely a treat to witness. Even if you do not feel like indulging in an of the beach sports, you can simply plonk yourself down on a hammock and enjoy the refreshing view of the rolling hills, bright white sailboats and people doing water sports.

Best For - Families

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5. La Chiva Beach - The Blue Beach

La Chiva Beach

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One of the 40 beaches on the Vieques island, La Chiva Beach is known as The Blue Beach, owing to the fact that the water off this coast appears to be a combination of fifty shades of blue! One of the best beaches in Puerto Rico for snorkeling, it bequeaths you with a unique opportunity to explore the colorful underwater world with a diverse sea life and healthy coral. Indeed, this picturesque shore makes you fall in love with Caribbean all over again! 

If you are a fan of beautiful seascapes and big open spaces, then this coastline is perfect for you. Solitude and serenity is what defines this beach the best. La Chiva Beach also has a fascinating history to boast of – it was formerly a Navy bombing range! 

Best For - Families

6. Playa Tortuga - Romantic and Idyllic

Playa Tortuga

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Nestled in the Culebrita Island, Playa Tortuga impresses tourists with its peaceful vibe. Accessible only by water taxi, Playa Tortuga is spectacular in its own way. With ample scope for relaxation, this coast is perfect for all the lazy beach bums!

The virgin shores, the clear water, the soft sand and the beautiful horizons make this beach one of the most romantic beaches in Puerto Rico and is thus, perfect for couples looking to spend some private time. Ideal to escape from the hustle-bustle of the crowds, Playa Tortuga is a secluded heaven!

Best For - Couples

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7. Condado Beach - An Urban Beachscape

Condado Beach

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One of the most famous beaches in Puerto Rico, Condado beach is renowned for its vibrancy as well as happening vibe. Within walking distance of many popular attractions, restaurants, casinos and malls, this beach is mostly frequented by youngsters. A variety of watersport facilities amp up the glamor of this beach.

Often frequented by lots of stars and famous people, Condado beach is a great to go celebrity-spotting. While it is not always advisable to go swimming in the waters of this coast due to the strong undercurrents, you can always have a great time sunbathing while sipping on a glass of pinacolada! 

Best For - Youngsters

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8. Tamarindo Beach - Best Beach in Puerto Rico for Snorkeling

Tamarindo Beach

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Replete with sea turtles and colorful fish, the glittering waters off the Tamarindo beach entice tourists with the abundant opportunities to spot marine life. So, needless to say, this beach is a hotspot for snorkelers and kayakers looking to experience the best of this underwater beauty! Tamarindo also offers you with numerous shaded spots which are perfect for relaxing without getting tanned.

The calm and crystal-clear waters brimming with colorful fish and beautiful aquatic creatures gives this beach the feel of a natural aquarium. Swimming underneath the surface of the water, amidst its fascinating creatures, is a captivating experience which is sure to make you believe in magic. 

Best For - Families

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9. Luquillo Beach - A Family-Friendly Stretch of Sand 

Luquillo Beach

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The shallow and warm waters of the Luquillo beach one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico for families. This crescent-shaped shore nestled near the El Yunque National Rainforest, presents visitors with lovely landscapes of thousands of palm trees dancing to the breeze. 

With plenty of local vendors selling delicious snacks, lots of camping spots and ample number of bathrooms and lifeguards to ensure hygiene and safety, this beach is suitable for people of all age groups. In addition to swimming, visitors can also rent a kayak or go fly-boarding at Luquillo Beach. 

Best For - Families

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10. Piñones Beach - A Beach for Foodies

Piñones Beach.

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Just two miles off San Juan, lies the placid and carefree Piñones Beach. Promising to treat you to the quaint, local charm of Puerto Rico, this beach is favorite with locals and tourists alike. The best part about this shore is the huge variety of kiosks selling yummy street food like arepas, pinchos de pollo, and bacalitos. It comes as no wonder then, that this area is synonymous with a rich culinary history. 

In addition to the pristine waters and the soft sand, there are also mangrove swamps and saltwater lagoons surrounding this beach. The picturesque boardwalk and the scenic trail leading to the more rustic part of this neighborhood is also quite popular for biking and strolling among tourists. 

Best For - Youngsters

Best Time to Visit Beaches in Puerto Rico

The best time to visit Puerto Rico’s beaches is from mid-April to June, right before the rains set in. On most days during these months, the temperature hovers around mid-80s, thus making sure that the water is neither too hot nor too cold. So, if you plan to make the most of your beach vacation in Puerto Rico, then plan a trip during the Spring season! 

So, what are you waiting for? The stunning beaches in Puerto Rico are calling out to you! Off you go! 

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