The Most Beautiful Beaches Around Boston

By Rohin Raj on Feb 28, 2017
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Though Boston is more famous amongst visitors for its rich history, education & tech hub and some wonderful attractions, there is also a comparatively lesser known side of Boston people are quick to dismiss without really giving a thought! There are some spectacular beaches in and around Boston that are heavenly during the summers, and boast of great surfing opportunities, have a splendid landscape and great for working up on your holiday tan. To familiarise you with some of the must-visit ones around, here is a list of some of the best beaches near Boston for an excellent outing:

1. Constitution Beach - East Boston

Constitution Beach - East Boston

Image Source: Bill Damon/

Being one of Boston’s lesser known beauties, the Constitution Beach is usually less crowded and clean to a large extent! Swimming is one of the most popular activities on the beach, though there are facilities and courts for games like baseball, basketball, volleyball and tennis. An excellent view of the Boston Harbour and Logan Airport is visible from the beach, making it an excellent place to sit back and spot different kinds of planes!

Popular for: Swimming, Plane-watching
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2. Carson Beach - South Boston

Carson Beach - South Boston

Image Source:

Head to the Carson Beach on a lazy, sunny morning for a relaxed swimming session and if you wish to catch up on your tan. There was a time when the water was considered to be unclean for swimming, but looking at the waters now it seems to be almost impossible! The water looks extremely inviting and the view of Dorchester Bay from the sandy beach is absolutely stunning!

Popular for: Sunbathing, Walking
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3. Revere Beach - Revere 

Revere Beach - Revere

Image Source: Don Kelloway/

It might come as a surprise to many people, but the Revere Beach is actually America’s first-ever public beach! Founded in 1895, the park has been a major crowd-puller since inception and till date each day thousands of people reach the scenic shore for swimming and relaxing in the sun. Though there are many activities that are held in Revere Beach, one of the most special ones is the National Sand Sculpting Festival a major festival in Boston!

Popular for: Sand Sculpting Festival, Oldest beach in America

4. Crane Beach - Ipswich

Crane Beach - Ipswich

Image Source: ryan harvey/

Crane Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Boston with its dazzling white sand, the maritime pitch pine forest, sand bars and a coastline that stretches on for a magnificent 4 miles! It is one of the best beaches in Boston and highly recommended for tourists visiting the area, though they will have to pay a small admission fee for entering the beach and reserve area, but is definitely worth each cent!

Popular for: Sand Bars, Natural beauty

5. Singing Beach - Manchester-by-the-Sea

Singing Beach - Manchester-by-the-Sea

Image Source:

The peculiar name of the beach is definitely not random! Singing Beach got its name from the mysterious sound that the dry sand makes when someone walks over it, and people are still not sure what the reason is behind this amazing phenomenon, hence mysterious (duh)! The beach is a short drive away from Boston and the beautiful landscape of Manchester-by-the-Sea with its Victorian mansions and serene setting is the perfect holiday destination!

Popular for: Singing Sand
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6. Wingaersheek Beach - Gloucester

Wingaersheek Beach - Gloucester

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Being one of the most popular beaches near Boston, expect a huge number of people at the Wingaersheek Beach, especially on weekends and holidays! Courtesy its wondrous scenic beauty, relatively calm waters and natural attractions like tide bars - the beach is visited by a lot of families. Also, there are several popular eating joints serving lip-smacking seafood and souvenir shops bang outside the beach in case you get bored.

Popular for: Family-friendly, Sand Bars

7. Savin Hill Beach - Dorchester

Savin Hill Beach - Dorchester

Image Source: Andy G/

Savin Hill Beach is not as popular as it once used to be in the past, but that is actually a good thing as you won’t have to worry about finding a spot to chill on. Because of extensive renovations, the park now boasts of a brand-new playground and baseball fields. A revamped swimming area too has been added to the existing gems of the beach! It is one of those places where you can enjoy a secluded date with someone special or even go for some lone-time.

Popular for: Swimming, Surfing

8. Herring Cove Beach - Provincetown

Herring Cove Beach - Provincetown

Image Source:

The Herring Cove Beach offers one of the most spectacular views amongst all beaches in and around Boston, with the sunsets and sunrises being the best time to catch a stunning sight! A biking path and several food stands are available for people who would like to indulge in bicycling and grabbing a bite to eat. If you want to have a great time at the beach in Boston, then Herring Cave should be a definite must-visit!

Popular for: Sunrise and Sunset View

9. Nauset Beach - East Orleans

Nauset Beach - East Orleans

Image Source:

The Nauset Beach in East Orleans is a favourite haunt for cupid-struck couples and adrenaline-junkies looking for some grand surfing waves. There might be a little trouble in finding a place if the weather is good, as most of the local crowd too heads for Nauset Beach whenever there is prolonged sunshine. There are strong and large waves in the sea making it ideal for seasoned surfers and seal-spotting is also quite a fun activity to pursue on the beach.

Popular for: Surfing, Seal-spotting

10. Lambert’s Cove Beach - West Tisbury

Lambert’s Cove Beach - West Tisbury

Image Source:

One of the most beautiful beaches in the area, Lambert’s Cove Beach is also one with a considerable amount of controversy, which is quite unexpected for a beach! The beach is famed for its beauty, especially in the summers, but unfortunately entry is not permitted to anyone from outside West Tisbury. Only residents and guests staying over in the town can make use of the beach during the peak season and enjoy its wonderful views and water!

Popular for: Water Sports, Beauty

11. Race Point Beach - Provincetown

Race Point Beach - Provincetown

Image Source:

The first thing that will probably strike you about the Race Point Beach is its humongous size! The vast beach is as big in size as it is beautiful! Though swimming and surfing are very popular activities on the beach, because of strong and at times treacherous waves, novices should avoid attempting anything alone or when lifeguards are not present. Sunbathing is also very popular here as plenty of sun keeps shining on the long shoreline, drenching the soft sand and waters in its golden hue.

Popular for: Surfing, Sunbathing

12. Cisco Beach - Nantucket

Cisco Beach - Nantucket

Image Source: Miles Gehm/

Cisco beach is one of Boston’s all-time favourites for tackling the waves with a surfboard or even by hand. Even if you are a novice or an expert, the beach has waves for all kinds of surfers, and the reassuring presence of lifeguards in the popular summer season makes it very safe for interested visitors. Beginners can also take classes and rent equipment at the Surf School located right on the beach!

Popular for: Surfing

13. Menemsha Beach - Chilmark

Menemsha Beach - Chilmark

Image Source:

Enjoy views of the most beautiful sunsets in probably the whole country at the Menemsha Beach in Chilmark. The sand is not too soft and the waves are also quite mellow, so what attracts a large crowd of people towards the evening is the sight of the blood-red moon disappearing from view slowly. The sight is much more beautiful than any other sunset you might have witnessed anywhere in the world! Also, grab something to munch on from the nearby joints, and you have a perfect date with your partner sorted out!

Popular for: Sunset, Food joints

14. Good Harbor Beach - Gloucester

Good Harbor Beach - Gloucester

Image Source: PapaPiper/

Drive down to the Good Harbour Beach in Gloucester the coming weekend for a merry time and to enjoy a spectacular day at one of the most popular beaches in and around Boston. Come high tide, the water becomes perfect for body surfing, and amongst kids for floating, while during the low tide you are free to roam around on the soft sand, scavenge for souvenirs and make merry in general! 

Popular for: Scavenging, Natural beauty

15. Madaket Beach - Nantucket

Madaket Beach - Nantucket

Image Source: Ethan Oringel/

Quite possible considered to be one of the jewels of the Boston area, the Madaket Beach in Nantucket is vividly beautiful, with its mix of strong and gentle waves, silky soft sand and a magnificent sunset in the evening. Apart from being an excellent sunset point, the beach is also a favourite amongst experienced surfers, who come to ride its highly powerful waves and catch some major air! Nothing about the beach can and will leave you disappointed at all.

Popular for: Surfing, Sunset
We know it is almost impossible to say for sure which beach is the best! We have tried to compile some of the most popular and off-the-beaten-track ones, and if we have missed out any of your favourites, do tell us by writing in the comments section below!
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