Best Beaches Near Manila

By Aaditee Kulkarni on Dec 28, 2017
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Best beaches near Manila

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The Filipino capital of Manila is a bay-side city that sits the island of Luzon. With many lost cost carries and ferries connecting the Metro Manila to the rest of the country, the right way to justice to your Filipino holiday to get out of this ‘walled city’. Metro Manila is surrounded by many heavenly coastlines, unspoilt lakes, impressive diving sites, gorgeous rivers, quaint countryside, and enchanting mountains.

But let’s talk about the beaches today. Filipino beaches are less-crowded and less-discovered compared to their Southeast Asian counterparts like Bali and Thailand. If you are serious about your beach vacay and getting yourself intoxicated with the much-needed Vitamin Sea, then scroll down to the list of some of the best beaches near Manila. A few of these beaches are accessible by road, while a few require you to take a boat ride across the sea (what fun!)

1. Nagsasa Cove

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The breath-taking Nagsasa Cove adorns the Nagsasa Bay and is home to a beautiful beach that is bleached by the salt and sun. Backed by a rich rainforest, Nagsasa Cove is a typical rocky coast. The sand here gets hot under the high noon sun, making it impossible to walk barefoot, but the views of the briny currents definitely make up for it. The views include the shiny ocean water and a small estuary twists and turns while making its way to the sea. With lunch served in a small hut right on the beach, this is perfect for a day trip from Manila.

Region: San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines

Distance from Manila: 189 kilometres

2. Laiya Beach

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This is one of those beaches that is bustling with many touristy activities. Also one of the most happening beaches near Manila, Laiya attracts most tourists during summers. With many hot-coloured parasols spread across the beige-to-brown coloured sands of this beach, there is laughter in the foreground and music of water in the background.  

Region: San Juan, Batangas, Philippines

Distance from Manila: 135 kilometres 

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3. Malabrigo

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Hop on a tricycle and make way thought the rich Filipino countryside coz reaching this beach is nothing short of an adventure. While most beaches of Batangas are blessed with fine white sands, Malabrigo beach is stoned, literally! Small to medium sized grey and white cobbles are spread across the beach that, sadly, do not glitter. Walk a little further along the beach and you will reach, Victorian-inspired, Faro de Punta de Malabrigo, a cute white little lighthouse. Thanks to its proximity to the capital, this beach makes for a kickass weekend gateway from Metro Manila. 

Region: Lobo, Batangas, Philippines

Distance from Manila: 138 kilometres

4. South Beach, Corregidor Island

A visit to this island, and its iconic images will linger in your mind for a very long time. A remnant of a volcanic crater, this island has a rich Spanish history associated with it. After you are done touring the island, we suggest you hit the beach to watch sun take a dive into the waters. A great place to relax and unwind, South Beach is the most popular beach here. Complete with activities like kayaking, ziplining, and swimming, this beach is perfect for adventure-seekers. 

Region: Isla ng Corregidor, Philippines

Distance from Manila: 52 kilometres (By ferry)

5. Masasa Beach

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"Rediscovered" by two German nationals in 1950s, Matabungkay has been one of the best kept secret of this island-country. Four hours away from Manila, Masasa’s unruffled vibe is impressive as its crystal clear and shallow waters crave for your attention. Part of many island-hopping tours, this beach sees crowds during the day, but plan an overnight stay here and you will have this sand-and-shingle beach all to yourself. 

Region: Tingloy, Batangas

Distance from Manila: 134 kilometres

6. Morong Beach

All thanks to the rocky-stone arch, Morong Beach has been making rounds of the list of best beaches near Manila for quite some time now. Backed by small grass-carpeted hills, Morong Beach, also called the Nakabuang Beach, is just marvellous. The winds here carry salty kisses, no gimmicks, and only pure joy!  

Region: Bataan, Philippines

Distance from Manila: 175 kilometres

7. Cagbalete Island

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Cagbalete Island may not be as popular as the neighbouring Boracay or El Nido, but with its white sands, turquoise waters, chirping seagulls, and calming sea breeze, this island is a paradise that is waiting to be explored. Hop on to a boat bound for Cagbalete (takes about an hour) from Mauban, and soak in the views of blue horizon while you breathe in the fresh air all day.

Region: Mauban, Quezon, Philippines

Distance from Manila: 150 kilometres

8. Sombrero Island

At the first glance, you will be welcomed to the Sombrero Island with a rounded peak while its surrounding bed of beach sand gradually creeps out as you further whizz closer to this island. Planning to spoil yourself, charter a private boat to reach Sombrero Island. Mt. Gulugod Baboy guards this island and is one of the most popular hiking spots in Philippines. 

Region: Batangas, Philippines

Distance from Manila: 222 kilometres

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9. Anawangin Cove

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Anawangin is pretty during the day, but at night, it is beyond gorgeous. Plan an overnight trip to Anawangin and treat yourself to that much needed fun-time! Whether you set up your camp right on the beach, or down in the woods, do not forget to spend some time laying on the beach under the star-lit sky. Share stories, or secrets (we love this part!) and make this one a night to remember. 

Region: Zambales, Philippines

Distance from Manila: 193 kilometres

10. Silanguin Cove

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The sand here is not white but grey, but hey! we do not judge a book by its cover, right? Silanguin is best known for its remote location, shallow waters, reddish soil, and green mountains. You will be recalling the memory of the clarity of the ocean and sand between your toes for years together. That we are sure of! 

Region: San Antonio, Zambales

Distance from Manila: 190 kilometres

11. Tambobong Beach

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Tambobong Beach is a small beach that is covered in seaweed. Part of the Pangasinan province, this beach has remained untouched for quite some time, before it made its way to the beach-goer’s radar. This laid-back beach is perfect for family vacations. While here, you can also go island hopping to the nearby Colibra Island and Cabacungan Cave to add that extra thrill to your trip. 

Region: Dasol, Pangasinan

Distance from Manila: 298 kilometres

12. Verde Island 

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Situated 45 minutes off the mainland, Verde Island is one of the must-visit "off-the-beaten" destinations in the country. Often called the "Center of the Center of Marine Biodiversity in the World," this island is blessed with abundant marine life. Untouched, untapped, and pristine would perfectly describe Isla Verde! You must include this beach around Manila in your Philippines itinerary.

Region: Lian, Philippines 

Distance from Manila: 222 kilometres

13. Kwebang Lampas 

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A postcard-perfect beach, the mountainous cliffs here rise up into the sky, covered is lush green. This beach is not accessible during the high tide. Make sure you pack all your beach ‘stuff’ before you come here because there are almost no shops here. 

Region: Pagbilao, Quezon

Distance from Manila: 158 kilometres

14. Patar White Beach 

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Often called as the ‘Boracay of the North’, Patar White Beach is blessed with beautiful golden sand and is surrounded by the breath taking West Philippine Sea. The sand here looks like sugar that has been spread out, while the waves are laced with foam as they gently crash against the shore. 

Region: Bolinao, Pangasinan

Distance from Manila: 267 kilometres

15. Sepoc Beach

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An exclusive and a private property of Eagle Point Resort in Anilao, Sepoc Beach is one of the luxury beach destinations in Philippines and nearest getaway from manila. Sit on the beach, hug your knees close and watch the surrounding seascape. This beach come with amenities like beach huts, loungers, dedicated lunch areas, and of course secret little escapades.

Region: Zambales, Philippines

Distance from Manila: 70 kilometer

Can you already smell the salty air, and feel the breeze rustle through your hair? Well, I certainly do!

*A few images are for representational purposes only!

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