20 of The Greatest Beers in the World

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As the winters slide away and the steamy summers creep in, the fading luster of beer comes back to shine. While rum helped cope with the winter chills, it’s chilled beer that cools the summer heat. Beer is a healthy alcoholic drink that is made of barley and wheat. We now have them in multiple flavors too. Although alcoholic, a beer lover would definitely agree with the goodness in the bottle. No doubt it gets you tipsy but it also helps with kidney stone problems. The women would agree that it solves some of their hair issues too. Most teenagers have started their alcoholic journey with beer. Most party animals inaugurate their boozy nights with beer then hop to hard drinks. Summer is usually a season drenched in beer.
We bring you a list of some of the most unique and popular beers from around the world. You may know some of them, but there are several brews that are only available in the countries of their origin, or are an extremely different taste from the usual Budweiser. Read on to know more about them.

1. Snow Beer, China

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Snow is one of the most popular selling beers in China. It is much lighter than the beer drunk by the rest of the world, hence it is often mistaken to be tasteless and bland. It is almost like a thin lager in taste. The Chinese, however, have a strong affection for this brew. As of now, it is sold only in China but patrons are wishing for this brand to be brought overseas. 

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2. Skol Beer, Brazil

Image Source: Pixabay.com

It's always a party in Brazil and the nation favours Skol beers to complement the mood. The beer is light and has a very mild flavour which makes it a popular choice for any time of the day. Skol perfectly compliments the spice and heat of Brazilian food. You will often see Brazilians clutching this bright yellow beer bottle at barbeques or on sunny beaches.

3. 3 Fonteinen Hommage, Belgium

Image Source: Youtube.com

Belgium has a long standing tradition of brewing beers, and an unusual variety found here is the fruity lambic beer. This brew is extracted from wheat, but is fermented with wild bacteria. When it is flavored with fruit extracts like Pajottenland raspberries and sour cherries, you are about to drink the 3 Fonteinen Hommage. Don’t underestimate the fruitiness; all in all, the bottle has around 6 percent of alcohol.

4. Caractere Rouge Rodenbach, Belgium

Image Source: Youtube.com

Developed by Michelin-star chef Viki Geunes, Caractere Rouge is a sour beer that has a myriad of flavours dancing in every sip. It is mixed with cherry and raspberry, and left to mature in oak barrels for two years. The wood lends its flavour to the beer and infuses it with unique aromas that smell different to each individual. This beer needs finesse on both the maker’s and the drinker’s end.

5. Asahi Super Dry, Japan

Image Source: Youtube.com

Asahi Super Dry changed to story of beer production in Japan. This light lager is reminiscent of German beers and has a crisp, dry taste that soothes Japanese tastebuds. The special strain of yeast used in fermenting this beer lends it its distinctive taste. This beer was an instant hit in Japan and has never been out of demand since it was launched. 

6. Stiegl, Austria

Image Source: Youtube.com

Austrians are lively people but they like their beer a little sour. No one knows this fact better than Stiegl, the most popular brewer in the country. You’ve got to check out the Radler brews, their specialty beer infused with fruity flavours like grapefruit and lime. It is a marvel how the sour flavours rise up and blend with their citrusy cousins.

7. Timisoreana, Romania

Image Source: Youtube.com

A little tradition never harmed anybody’ could easily be the best description for Timisoreana. This beer has been brewing for nearly 300 years now. The golden lager is made in a way that gives it a feeling of a perfectly balanced taste. All traces of yeast are removed after the beer is fermented. Unfortunately, this is just one of the many intensive process involved in making Timisoreana and giving it its wonderful taste.

8. Lion Stout, Sri Lanka

Image Source: Bernt Rostad/flickr.com

Sri Lanka’s colonial past makes its presence felt in beers of the country. Take for example the Stout beer made by Lion Brewery. The beer is brewed from a combination of British, Czech and Danish malts and even fermented with an English yeast. Do not be fooled, the Stout has around 9 percent alcohol. What makes this beer unique is the heady involvement of chocolate and coffee flavours in every sip.

9. Pasteur Street Jasmine IPA, Vietnam

Image Source: Facebook.com

While most international beers dominate the scene in Vietnam, local craft beer is fast gaining importance. The crux of this craft is the usage of American brewing techniques along with local fresh ingredients. Jasmine IPA’s clear golden colour is accompanied with the scent of jasmine and a hint of citrus in every sip. No wonder it is a favourite amongst Vietnamese beer lovers.

10. Rekorderlig Pear Cider, Sweden

Image Source: Magnus D/flickr.com

Swedish laws allow cider to be termed as an alcohol and keeping up with this, the next brew on our list is the Rekorderlig Pear Cider. Rekorderlig is said to make their ciders using fresh spring water found in abundance in Sweden. Fermented pear cider does not have a high alcoholic content, but when served with ice and lemon, it is nothing less than summer in a glass.

11. Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, England

Image Source: Don LaVange/flickr.com

Yes, we know. Chocolate and beer sounds ridiculous. But that has not stopped Young’s Double Chocolate Snout from being extremely popular in England. This dark stout is infused with real chocolate essence and dark chocolate. The result? A sweet, dark concoction with a flavour like nothing else in the world. Do try on your next trip to England.

12. Innis & Gunn Irish Whiskey Barrel Aged, Scotland

Image Source: Youtube.com

The name is misleading, the stout is not. Matured with American oak hartwood, this Scottish stout is a rich brew that smells, feels and tastes better every time. It is dark, but its smell reminds you of the good things of childhood like chocolate, treacle and dried fruit. Sip it and feel the rich bitterness of coffee swirling behind your lips. With 7.4 percent alcohol, be braced before taking a sip.

13. Magner's Irish Cider, Ireland

Image Source: Youtube.com

Irish ciders are full of goodness. One sip and you will realise it has been made in a country with centuries of brewing history. Magner’s still make its cider in the traditional way, thus making sure that the taste is full of yesteryear goodness. The brand makes the two traditional ciders - apple and pear. Take your pick and soak your tastebuds in history.

14. Guinness Draught, Ireland

Image Source: huffingtonpost.com

Guinness is an iconic stout brand from Ireland. There must be only a handful of beer drinkers in the world who have not sampled a glass of Guinness. What makes it so popular is the balance between the sweet malt and the bitter ale, with a hint of coffee to enrich the brew. The glorious ruby colour just adds to the perfection of the drink.

15. Thicket, USA

Craft beer is a serious business in the United States. Every microbrewery specialises in its own distinct beers, each one unique in its style of brewing and the ingredients used. Try the Thicket beer crafted by Side Project Brewery. This Missouri wild ale is made from blond and amber wild beers and aged on blackberries for nearly a year. Its intense flavours and aromas will remind you of wine.

16. Aphrodisiaque, Canada

Image Source: Youtube.com

Montreal is home to some of the best beers in the world. Beer lovers visiting the Dieu Du Ciel brewery should invest in a bottle of Aphrodisiac. Fret not, we ain't doing the voodoo, this beer is. Aphrodisiac is brewed by infusing vanilla and cocoa flavours in the malt before fermentation. The result is a dark, bitter ale with a faint note of sweetness from the vanilla. Try it for a heavenly feel of flavours.

17. Schneider Weisse, Bavaria

Image Source: schneider-weisse.de

One of the oldest and most popular brands in Germany, Schneider Weisse has a range of beers in its collection. From light and refreshing to dark and tantalising, you name it, they have it. All of these are made from the robust Bavarian wheat stalks. Pair these with different moods and foods, and you will officially become master of earthly pleasures.

18. Hooper’s Hooch, England

This one is a blast from the past. Hooper’s Hooch is a lemony alcohol that will make your eyes pop with its refreshing taste. The lemony flavoured alcopop made a comeback a few years ago and now has reduced alcohol content, but no one denies its quirky charm and sharp zing. Now there’s one fun element to kickstart the party!

19. Toasted Porter, Iceland

Image Source: Youtube.com

Fond of a dark brew? The Toasted Porter from Ireland may be the thing you are looking for. Iceland’s famous coffee tradition lends itself to the colour and taste of this beer. Chocolate malt is another ingredient that gives this beer its distinctive flavour. Take a sip and you will feel a hit of liquorice as well. This dark beer perfectly complements the gorgeous beauty of Iceland .

20. Dubbel, Belgium

Image Source: Youtube.com

Dubbel instantly brings into mind a dark, strong brew infused with many complementary flavours. It is not uncommon to find flavours like cocoa, banana, caramel and dark fruits like raisins or plums. They are also lightly spiced to keep the taste quotient up. Chimay, La Trappe, St. Bernardus Pater are all examples of Dubbels.
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