Drink these Top Beers straight at their Breweries, 'Coz they get Sold Out before reaching any Bar

By Ketki Hanamshet on Jan 07, 2019
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A pint of beer on a Friday evening is an answer to everything. While it might be a reason to catch up with friends on the weekend, for some it might be a way of unwinding from the week’s workload. Have it at a bar, at an outing, at a party, or just while netflixing, quality beer proves to be your best companion. But, some beers are just worthy to have them freshly brewed at their breweries. And who would want to leave a chance of traveling, right? So, take a look at these top beers in the world and visit their breweries for some fresh “brewness”.

1. Westvleteren 12 (XII) - Saint-Sixtus Abbey of Westvleteren, Vleteren, Belgium

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Oh, the lengths to which you will have to go for reserving this beer! But, it is worth all the efforts as Westvleteren 12 (XII) is a true Trappist beer brewed by the Trappist monks at Saint-Sixtus Abbey of Westvleteren in Belgium. This Belgian quad emanates a creamy smooth aroma of dark fruit and brown sugar, while its balanced taste lingers for a long time. Hurry to visit  Saint-Sixtus Abbey of Westvleteren and get your hands on the beer soon.

2. Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout - Toppling Goliath Brewing Company, Decorah, U.S

media_gallery-2019-01-4-6-Kentucky_Brunch_Brand_Stout123_f4e640b6e5b4390c49cff0ef1dde47d9.jpgImage Source: Flickr.com

Released just once a year by the Toppling Goliath Brewing Company in Decorah, the Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout plays a little hard to get your hands on. The barrel-aged coffee stout comes with a nose of strong maple and a taste that leaves you wanting for more. What better place to taste one of the best beers in the world than the Toppling Goliath Brewing Company that produces this brew.   

3. Pliny the Younger - Russian River Brewing Company, Santa Rosa, U.S.

media_gallery-2019-01-4-6-Pliny_the_Younger123_4da9f517365b5aca658be8caf4231537.jpgImage Source: Flickr.com

People who love beer all over the world await the limited release of Pliny the Younger by the Russian River Brewing Company. So much is the hype around this brew that beer fans queue outside the brewery during the “Pliny” weeks. The surprising element of this triple IPA is that although it comparatively has high levels of alcohol, it is perfectly balanced and oh-so-smooth.

4. Buba Extreme Whiskey Barrel Aged - Szałpiw, Poznań, Poland

media_gallery-2019-01-4-6-Buba_Extreme_Whiskey_Barrel_Aged123_ba9da30299dacf773ba47eafba281ebf.jpgImage Source: Youtube.com

Toasted caramel, whiskey, dark sugars, and dates - if you smell all of this together then know that it's the aroma of the Buba Extreme Whiskey Barrel Aged. Another Belgian quad style beer, this is pure black in color and tastes a little of Jack Daniels, malt, dark fruit, caramel, vanilla, and barrel. Produced by Szałpiw, you must head to Poznań, Poland to pour a glass of this smooth beer.

5. Heady Topper - The Alchemist Brewery, Stowe, U.S.

media_gallery-2019-01-4-7-Heady_Topper123_1f4c837a9fe32ebbb56dea91d37b9a1a.jpgImage Source: Flickr.com

Now, you may buy a can of the Heady Topper beer at 24 different locations, but you must head towards its funky The Alchemist Brewery for a memorable experience. While the brewery is a state-of-the-art facility in Stowe, Vermont, its flagship brew is no less of a winner. Requested by the makers to drink it right out of the can, the Heady Topper will fill you with its hoping essence while imparting a unique aroma. 

6. Lorelei - Dugges Bryggeri, Landvetter, Sweden

media_gallery-2019-01-4-7-Lorelei123_4ddad8b1565d31a413992961764141bf.jpgImage Source: Flickr.com

Lorelai is a beer crafted by Omnipollo in partnership with Siren Craft Brew and Dave Strachan - the 5th home brew winner of their annual brewing competition. But, the beer is brewed at Dugges Bryggeri in Landvetter which is an area in the Härryda municipality of Sweden. So, you know where you must go for the right toast. This barrel-aged beer is a tasteful mixture of coconut and maple syrup and has a hint of fudge and vanilla smell to it.

7. Celebrator - Ayinger Brewery, Aying, Germany

media_gallery-2019-01-4-7-Celebrator456_8378e5c89162fb0b74cc51cb85ec5794.jpgImage Source: Flickr.com

Coming from one of the best breweries all over Europe, the Celebrator beer is undoubtedly on every beer geek’s bucket list. This doppelbock beer is bottom-fermented and has a rich malty flavor with a dash of burnt toast and caramel smell to it. The Ayinger Brewery is located in the tiny municipality if Aying in Bavaria, so why miss a chance of visiting a pretty picturesque German village!

8. Cantillon Fou' Foune - Cantillon Brewery, Brussels, Belgium

media_gallery-2019-01-4-7-Cantillon_Fou__Foune123_0eeaa7eedbb2f53a9f9cf13333021bee.jpgImage Source: Youtube.com

Cantillon Fou' Foune brewed by Brasserie Cantillon in Brussels, Belgium, is for those who love their beer a little fruity and bitter. The taste of this smooth lambic style beer is a mixture of pear, tart apple, apricot, and a few more ingredients. Pour it into a glass and its deep amber color will tempt you to go bottoms up. Take a guided beer tour of the Cantillon Brewery and taste this freshly brewed beer while understanding its process of production. 


Would you go to lengths for getting your hands on these best beers in the world? Which beers do you usually have while hanging out with your friends? Let us know in the comments.

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