19 Locations To See Through Bollywood's eyes-2018

Bollywood has recently begun to use locations as a very strong constituent of the entire process. The story runs parallel to the locations and that is what makes the entire look of a film amazing. In a way, it also throws a completely different light on the way a particular location is seen- case in point being Kahmir is Haider, London in Jab Tak Hai Jaan and in a way creates a slightly deeper connect with the audience. Bollywood has been by far successful enough in terms of showing us some unexplored locations through their stories or even showing completely known locations in a different way. This year let's see how bollywood would make us do a virtual tour of some of the best locations as well as make us book our tickets to the place right away:

1. Raees  

Our first choice is of course of one of the most awaited films of the year. Raees is not only strong in terms of the way it looks but also has a really promising storyline. The story is set in Gujarat in 1980s and even though the location is mainly Mumbai, it looks more or less like Ahmedabad. Even if you are not able to visit Ahmedabad right away you will be sure to have intense cravings of the lip-smacking gujarati dishes. Always trust SRK for taking you to a different land. Case in point- DDLJ Switzerland, Chennai Express virgin locations, Swades locations.

Image Source: indianexpress.com

Look out for- Bombay recreated as the Gujarat of 80s and ofcourse SRK with Nawazuddin Siddiqui. 

 2. Airlift

UAE is over time becoming one of the most favored shooting destinations for bollywood as well as hollywood. Remember Sarah Jessica Parker spreading her magic on screen in Sex and the city 2? If not that, you are sure to remember our famous uo;Indiawale” celebrating the new year in Palms. Airlift shows a side of UAE which is not glamorous and acts like the perfect backdrop for the story.

Image Source:  wikinewsindia.com

Look out for- Akshay Kumar adding his action tinge to the otherwise glamorous UAE.

 3. Fitoor 

Yes, we know Kashmir is a destination that has made every movie look like it was shot in heaven. But Fitoor promises a connect of Delhi and Kashmir which has never been seen before. They also manage to integrate the culture very well into their intriguing storyline. You will agree with us after you watch the new rage -'Pashmina'.

Image source: youtube.com

Look out for- Katrina Kaif and Tabu making Kashmir look even more beautiful. Aditya Roy Kapoor’s intensity which accentuates the vibes of Delhi.

4. Rock on 2

While the last Rock on was a lot about the personal equation of friends, this one promises to be a true music fest. And, there is no better place to have a music fest than in the city that is famous for it’s musical air. With the best of actors/vocalists/directors (and Farhan Akhtar whose all of it), this movie is sure to make you book your tickets to Shillong right away!

Image source- Masrur Ashraf/Flickr

Look out for- the teaming up of a mesmerizing location along with some great music. It’s your perfect virtual getaway.

5. Sultan

Remember the last time bollywood went to China? Even Akshay Kumar refuses to recollect that one. Nevermind, Sultan is a fresh start for you to see China in a different perspective. Amidst controversies, a major part of it now is shot in Karjat and a prominent sequence in China.

Image Source: youtube.com

 Look out for- Whom are we kidding, nobody cares about anything in the movie when Bhaijaan is on screen. 

6. Rocky Handsome

A remake of one of the most acclaimed south korean films, this John Abraham starrer shows a totally different side of Goa and Mumbai. The storyline with John is based with the backdrop of these two amazing cities. No reason to not watch! 

Image Source: indiatvnews.com

Look out for- Sometimes, mainstream locations make the best locations.

7. Mirzya

Royal side of Rajasthan in commercial movies has been done to death. There are some amazing movies such as Dor which have gone rural in Rajasthan and even dared to bare the reality, that most people generally camouflage with culture as well as Rajasthani traditions. This one is set in the amazing village of Mandhwa(not the Agneepath one) in Rajasthan. Trust Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra to always do a brilliant job.

Image Source: youtube.com

Look out for- One of the most awaited debuts+ magic of Merasthan (watch the new Rajasthan tourism ad, you will know what we are saying) +sheer brilliance of RAKEYSH OMPRAKASH MEHRA 

8. Shivaay

Ajay Devgn's directorial debut is sure to be amazing. His acting skills are truly mind-blowing so its only a matter of time till we see his talent behind the camera as well. The best part about this movie though is not the adaptation of a storyline with Shiva in it- but the fact that he went all the way to Bulgaria to procure the perfect backdrop for his story line. All actors with the initial A in bollywood seem to be touching perfection in everything they do. 

Image source: indianexpress.com

Look out for- Recreation of Kailash Parbat as well as Ajay Devgn's directorial skills.  

9. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

It has Aishwarya Rai, Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and Karan Johar’s direction. That is a perfect formula for a bollywood hit even before it was planned. But the real factor of the movie is its shooting location- Vienna. The beautiful location is sure to make you fall in love with Vienna just like Kjo made you fall in love with New York, Manhattan, London and even Chandni Chowk.

Image Source: 500px.com 

Look out for- A change of KJO’s locations from the usual mainstream locations. 

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10. Baar Baar Dekho

Trust me, everybody i know wants to go to Scotland once in their life for the beauty it offers. That paired up with the liveliness of London is like the dream trip. This is exactly what Baar Baar Dekho is virtually offering you. A love story set in these two places, is a love story even more magical than a disney fairy tale.

Image Source: totalbollywood.com

Look out for- Katrina and Sidharth Malhotra. Katrina’s connect to London was very prominent in Jab Tak Hai Jaan and this time you can witness it again. 

11. Do Lafzon Ki Kahaani

This Randeep Hooda- Kajal Aggarwal starrer looks like a heart wrenching love story already. While Don highlighted the more attractive side of Kuala Lumpur, this one touches the simplicity of the hustle bustle of this Malaysian capital. 

Look out for- The untouched street side of Kuala Lumpur with a very realistic storyline. 

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12. Jagga Jasoos

While Katrina-Ranbir break up news has been doing rounds, Jagga Jasoos is on everybody’s mind for its wacky name as well as location. Shot in Morocco, this is the only time that the location in the background would take over the radiance of Katrina as well as Ranbir.

 Image Source: youtube.com

 Look out for- Morocco’s beauty as well as the lesser seen Kenya. 

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13. Rangoon

We are not sure if it is releasing this year. But this Vishal Bharadwaj venture offers everything different. Right from its star cast to its story-line, always trust Bharadwaj to create an artistic masterpiece. That is probably the reason why he has chosen the artistic haven- Ziro Valley for basing his next film. Ziro Valley is for one- unexplored by most, secondly- its zero connectivity makes you connect with yourself like no other place and thirdly- the music scene here is unparalleled. 

Image Source: thehindu.com

Look out for- Everything, you are sure to see a lot of new things on screen this time.

14. Dishoom

Jacqueline with Varun Dhawan with Rohit Shetty with John Abraham, the name seems perfectly fit now. But the best part is that this movie is the longest movie yet to be shot in Abu Dhabi(5 entire weeks). All we can say is, we cannot really wait for this total bollywood masala.

Image Source: youtube.com 

Look out for- As we mentioned earlier, UAE is like a lucky charm for India. 

15. Mohenjo Daro

Remember every time you read about the Harappan civilization, you directly teleported to the oldest city in the World? (at least there are claims made like that). Ashutosh Gowariker has used Bhuj yet again to recreate the magic of history. He did a pretty wonderful job with Lagaan and recreating Champaner with Bhuj last time, lets see how successful he would be on this venture.

Image Soure: livebollywoodnews.com 

Look out for- Bhuj- the city of bravery and obviously Hrithik Roshan. 

16. Kapoor & Sons

This movie has everything going for it. A relatable title, youngest of the goodlooking clan, best of the oldest actors and most importantly a totally fun story line. But that is not even the best part, the best part is its location. Coonoor- a lesser known hill station in Tamil Nadu promises to be the perfect backdrop of a story that sounds essentially Punjabi.

Image Source: topnews.in

Look out for- Everything. Honestly- everything but most importantly the beauty of Coonoor. That is definitely going to be your next domestic destination. 

17. Dangal

Bhaijaan seems to have a heart as big as his biceps. He gave up on Punjab and Haryana as the main location and shifted it to Karjat just so that Aamir Khan could continue with his plans to meet perfection with his next venture- Dangal. Watch Punjab turn into a land of fights from the land of food with this one.

Image Source: indiglamour.com

Look out for- The integration of the amazing storyline in the backdrop of two of the most fun states of the country- Punjab and Haryana. 

18. Udta Punjab

This time Shahid- Alia pairing would hopefully not be disastrous. The movie seems very intriguing, thanks to its overall look as well as the starcast. You cannot deny the fact that the name of Punjab is strong enough to get every Indian excited and that is what goes exactlyright for them in terms of naming the movie. 

Image Source: ihdwallpapers.com

Look out for- True Punjabi side of Alia as well as Shahid in true backdrop of Punjab.  

19. Baaghi

This movie was doing rounds for a long time for it was supposed to be the debut of Tiger Shroff's girlfriend with him on screen. But eventually, they decided to rope in Shraddha Kapoor for the project. The locations adopted are allegedly of Kerala as well as Thailand. They are easily two of the most beautiful locations in the World. 

Image Source: allwidewallpapers.com

 Look out for- Tiger shroff's intense role as a rebellious lover. Love scenes and songs with the backdrop of Kraabi island.

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