Most Splendid Castles In Denmark You Must Visit

By Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar on Dec 28, 2018
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Denmark is a country that’s proud of its historic heritage. With a number of spectacular castles adorning its land, it weaves a tale of glorious yet turbulent past. You would never want to miss taking a tour of the castles in Denmark while visiting this country. Denmark tourism is all about these castles that carry a part of our past into our present and have become a sight to behold for generations to come. Each one, even though influenced by same architectural styles, boasts of a glorious past and grandeur. Check this list of must-visit castles in Denmark and experience the spectacular history.

1. Rosenborg Castle 

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Established in the heart of Copenhagen and dominating the city’s skyline for over 400 years, Rosenborg Castle is a prime tourist attraction. It overlooks the sprawling King’s Garden and is the fine example of the Flemish Renaissance style architecture. When you opt for Copenhagen tours, this castle will always be included in your itinerary. 

2. Egeskov Castle

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The imposing 16th-century Egeskov Castle is one of the best-preserved water castles in Denmark. Located near Kværndrup, it is amongst the top points of interest in Denmark. From exhibitions and museums to playground and mazes, it offers something for every type of tourist. Though some parts of the castle are not open to the public, you can explore other parts at your own pace. 

3. Frederiksborg Castle

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Frederiksborg Castle, the royal residence in the past, holds Denmark’s largest collection of portrait paintings today. This grand structure is marked by the sculptural masterpiece - the Neptune fountain. It was almost destroyed during the fire of  1859 and was rebuilt to be even more magnificent. It is amongst the best Denmark castles if you are interested in the combination of art and history.

4. Kronborg Castle 

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The history of the Kronborg Castle dates back to the 1420s but the structure we see today was mostly renovated after the fire of 1629. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was known for its strategic location as it overlooks the stretch of water that separates Denmark and Sweden. But, it became famous as William Shakespeare's popular tragedy Hamlet has been set here. 

5. Vallø Castle

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Vallø Castle is a picturesque beauty. The castle with a history dating back to the 14th century has become home to unmarried, divorced and widowed women today. Though the castle is not open to tourists, you can take a tour of the surrounding gardens. The stunning architecture and well-manicured garden are a sight to behold. 

6. Christiansborg Palace

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Christiansborg Palace is established at the center of Copenhagen and is an important government building. The seat of the Danish Parliament, the office of the Danish Prime Minister, and the building of the Supreme Court of Denmark - no doubt it is one of the most famous castles in Denmark. 

7. Amalienborg Palace

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The home of the royal family, Amalienborg Palace holds a significant place in the history of Denmark. Though you cannot take a tour of the palace, you can watch the guard march from Rosenborg Castle in the morning and changing of the guard in the afternoon. It is the ideal palace to understand the traditions of Denmark. 

Isn’t it a real treat for history buffs? Which one are you visiting to step back in time?

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