Best Romanian Castles Reflecting Its Rich Heritage And History

By Shraddhanvita Tiwari on Dec 26, 2018
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Have you watched Dracula, A Princess for Christmas, Ghost Rider, or The Brothers Bloom? Well, there is something common in all these box-office hits, and that’s Romanian Castles. The mountainous terrain of Romania is a proud custodian to some magnificent castles. When you want to listen to the whispers of Romania’s medieval ages, the songs of victory as well as agony when a mighty kingdom falls, and even the tales of chivalry, no place could be better than the castles in Romania. From the most-featured Peles to the grand Cantacuzino, here are some of the best Romanian castles that reflect the rich heritage and grandeur of the country. 

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1. Corvin Castle- the Romanian masterpiece

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Also called Hunyadi Castle or Hunedoara Castle, Corvin Castle offers a silence that would crave to soak in. Listed as one of the seven wonders in Romania and one of the grandest castles in entire European land, Corvin Castle Romania is the masterpiece of medieval centuries. The castle showcases a Gothic-Renaissance style of architecture and has been used as “Carta Monastery” in the famous horror film “The Nun”. 

2. Bran Castle- the Dracula’s house

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Located in the vicinity of Brasov, the Bran Castle is also known as “Mister Valentin's House”. Honored as one of the best castles in Romania, Bran Castle is the perfect amalgamation of magic, myth, and magnificence. The architecture of Bran Castle is exactly what fits Bram Stoker’s Dracula and that is why Bran Castle Romania became the first choice for the Hollywood film on Dracula. 

3. Peles Castle- the most majestic monument

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Surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, Peles Castle stands on the picturesque route between Transylvania and Wallachia. Blending the architectural styles of Neo-Renaissance and Gothic-Revival, Peles Castle Romania features 3,200-square-metre floor with 170 palatial rooms, a collection of 4000 arms and armors, and furniture representing the Italian elegance. Peles Castle is also close to the villages of Transylvania with many fortified churches.

4. Iulia Hasdeu Castle- castle designed by a ghost

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Have you ever heard of a castle designed by a ghost? Well, visit Campina, Romania, and you will find one. It is said the deceased daughter of Hasdeu (Iulia, who dies at the age of 19) provided the plan for designing this castle when he was practicing spiritism. You will get the spooky feeling once you enter the castle. However, the Memorial Museum housing the photos, personal belongings, and documents associated with the Hasdeu family is also a must-visit. 

5. Cantacuzino Castle- a treat for the photographers

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Completed in 1911, Cantacuzino Castle Romania shows a glorious legacy of Cantacuzino family and is nestled on the site of an ancient hunting house. Surrounded by lush flecks of green and beautiful hills, Cantacuzino Castle is available for guided tours and features a terrace restaurant. 

6. Fagaras Castle- the fort unconquered

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Fagaras Castle or Fagaras Citadel is considered the best preserved feudal monument in the heart of Romania. Situated on the Olt River in Transylvania, Fargaras Castle features a museum housing a large number of weapons, traditional art pieces, and Roman artifacts. Fagaras Castle shares the title of being unconquered. 

7. Banffy Castle- the epitome of aristocracy

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Banffy Castle is located in Bontida, a beautiful village in Romania. Home to the aristocratic Banffy family, this stunning castle showcases a mix of different architectural styles like Baroque, renaissance, Neo-Gothic, and Neoclassical. The Banffy Castle Festival is also famous throughout Romania. 

8. Rasnov Citadel- the wall of defence

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Perched on the top of the hill in the Carpathian Mountains, Rasnove is one of the most popular historical landmarks in Romania. Opened in 1225, this majestic castle was built as a part of the defense for the villages of Transylvania. While there are some legends related to the fort, the locals believe that there is a 300 years old treasure lying beneath it. 

9. Poenari Castle- the best slice of history

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Also called the Poenari Citadel, the Poenari Castle can be seen only in its ruined form today. The castle was built at the beginning of the 13th century, this castle had been the main residence of the Basarab rulers. Although the fort was destroyed by 1915, it still fascinates a number of travelers from around the world.

10. Sturdza Castle- the good old days

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Another Gothic-style castle in Romania dating back to the latter half of the 19th century, Sturdza Castle best represents the life of Aristocratic families in Romania. The castle is also known as Miclauseni Castle and is nestled amidst an English-style garden. What makes it truly special is an extensive collection of art and books.

Within the complex of these old castles, there is an air of glory that doesn’t belong to the modernized world outside. So, next time you are in Romania, do visit these mighty buildings.

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