Chalo Frands Chai Pine! These Indian Tea Stalls Are Calling You

While chai is doing wonders around me, I am suddenly beginning to realize that being a chaiwala would have certainly been a better career option! Remember the Fawad Khan lookalike chaiwala that made the internet go mad, and of course, our very own Prime Minister Narendra Modi?


Yeah, India is a country that literally runs on its chai. It’s an emotion- that feeling you get when your office colleague says, “Chai peene chalein kya?” That splurge of happiness is exactly what I am talking of. It is the Indian solution to everything- from mehmaan to thakaan! So if you are one of those who believes in taking life one cup at a time, head to these chai stalls in India and some chai peelo! 

1. Rock Star Chaiwallah, Kashmir

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Having played a cameo in the movie Rockstar, Mohammed Maqbool, the rock star chaiwallah is sure to warm up your day with his charming smile and an even delightful chai. While the ginger tea is his specialty, the Kashmiri chai served here also deserves a mention. A simple cup of this roadside chai is literally all you need on a tiresome day! 

2. Infinitea, Bengaluru

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With oodles of flavors to choose from and delectable eats to compliment those delicacies, Infinitea in Bengaluru has our heart. From the traditional Assam tea and teas with floral hints to the classic kadak cutting chai, this place serves it all. Soak in the vibrant chai vibes! 

3. Dolly's Tea Shop, Kolkata

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Having served the city with soul-soothing chai for over 28 years, Dolly’s Tea Shop is a favorite local tea joint among the locals. Bustling with people throughout the day, the place offers over 90 tea variants, each of them being equally flavorsome. What else does one need?

4. Lakshmi Chaiwallah, Varanasi

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Being in the business of chai for over 50 years now, Lakshmi Chaiwallah is the one person responsible for an overcrowded Varanasi chowk lane. One of the oldest in the city, this place is a chai gem where the whiff of fresh chai best compliments the religious and soulful vibes of Varanasi. What more? Served with this chai is butter toast and that too malai maarke. Oh so delicious! 

5.  Jugmug Thela, Delhi

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Go to the Champa Gali in New Delhi and a good cuppa’ chai with authentic masalas and surreal decor will make you fall in love with Delhi all over again. Lit with lights, the place has those laid-back vibes and the snacks served taste absolutely divine with fresh brews. Just can’t get better than this.

6. Sudama Tea Stall, New Delhi

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Well, head to the Delhi University North campus and one place that will be loaded with students and young crowd at all times of the day is the Sudama Tea stall. No other tea in the area could taste better than this and you can never have enough of it! The rescue from chilly Delhi days and a break from those boring study hours, this tea stall is a savior! 

7. Mohan Chaiwallah at Pushkar, Rajasthan

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If something could add to the beauty of this already soulful and spiritual city of Pushkar, it is the delightful chai served by Mohan Chaiwallah. What makes his chai exceptional is the mix of green cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and black pepper that give a magical flavor to the chai. It has a healing effect and one cup will never be enough for you! 

8. Laxman Rao Chaiwallah, New Delhi

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Having authored about 25 books, Laxman Rao is one inspirational story that can be uncovered in a quaint corner of Delhi. A recipient of recognition from Indira Gandhi and Pratibha Patil, this BA graduate will serve you with motivational life stories along with piping hot cup of tea. It’s all about soaking in the positiviTEA. 

9. Sharma Ji Ki Chai, Lucknow

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Lucknow aaye aur Sharma Ji Ki Chai nahi pi toh kya khaak Lucknow aaye! One of the very few places offering that special kulhad chai with an earthy flavor, Sharma Ji is an over-achiever when it comes to chai. And to top the special ginger and masala chai is the bun maska and samosa. Next time you are in Lucknow, you know what to look for. 

10. Shobhan Barwa, Kolkata

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Open until 5 am during durga pooja serving the devotees, Shobhan Bharwa is a chai heaven in the heart of Alipore. And the best part? It is served with french toasts so yummy you would want to have it all. *Drooling already*


Chai is the secret of my energy and yours too! So share this one with your chai buddy coz it’s always tea time!


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