Where to Get the Best Cider in Fort Collins, CO

By Veronica Baas on Sep 01, 2017
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With so many beer enthusiasts living in Fort Collins, the hard cider hot spots are often overlooked. Whether you’re looking for a quick drink or a bartender to take care of you all night, these are the four best places to go.


1. Scrumpy’s Hard Cider and Pub

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Foco’s widest variety of cider is at Scrumpy’s Pub, thanks to Summit Hard Cider and Perry Company operating inside. The taproom is hope to over 40 different ciders and beers. Most beers are Colorado brewed, and all of the cider is made in Fort Collins. Choose from 15 flavors ranging from fruity to dry. If you’re as indecisive as me, the cider flight might be your best bet. They also serve appetizers, and there are gluten free options. The staff is very accommodating, and they take customer critique seriously. So speak up if you have a new ideas to add to the (already unique) menu.


2. Black Bottle Brewery

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I love the atmosphere at Black Bottle. Located next to campus, the younger crowd has a casual, laid back vibe. Next to the beer their cider selection seems slim, but each has a similar undertone and aftertaste that is sweet but bold. I’ve never tried a drink here I didn’t love. Find special discounts and happy hour deals posted on their Facebook page. 


3. The Fox and the Crow

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Branch Out Cider is the best in town. I didn’t give it first place because they have yet to build an original drinking scene, but the flavor is unforgettable. All ingredients are locally harvested and processed, so it’s stocked in tons of Fort Collins liquor stores. You can also find it on tap at The Fox and the Crow, my favorite place in town for a classy meal. You’ll find an entirely different vibe than the rest of my picks, and a large menu of delicious cheeses. Another local spot that sells Branch Out is CopperMuse. Save a few bucks with the coupon. Go beyond the tasting room with a behind-the-scenes tour!


4. Ramskeller Pub

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Majority of the cider I’ve consumed has taken place at the Ramskeller. As a CSU alum I may be bias, but this pub has a fine selection of rotating ciders on tap (beer too). I give credit to New Belgium Brewing Company, the financial backbone behind the young brewers program at CSU. The CEO herself has donated over $1 million to the university, and the company over $5 million. Now that on-campus construction has slowed down, stop in at the Skeller for an Angry Orchard (also served at the new stadium). You might even catch a live student performance. 


Fort Collins is the U.S. metro area with the largest number of restaurants per resident. You won’t have a problem finding fun drinking spots that serve cider. With so many options, the real trick is finding the best in town. Luckily, I’ve already done it for you. For location and hours, use the map!


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