Worlds Top 10 Cities for Dating

By Sameer Kapoor on Oct 08, 2015
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Travel and love have always been associated with each other. Against the backdrop of beautiful places, love is reciprocated, it is expressed and fulfilled. Since this world is replete with beautiful cities that have always captures human imagination, it would be quite interesting to see the list of places that are perfect for dating. Visit them and express your love! A perfect destination for Valentines this year!

10. Sydney, Australia

Aussies are quite interesting people when it comes to finding dates. Despite a great dating pool, Sydney has the highest percentage of folks who are proud to be single. People describe this city as coral reef full of exotic prospects. Visit and know whether this coral reef holds love for you or not?

9. Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo may be bit conservative when it comes to PDA. But what makes this place interesting is one traditional Japanese way of dating known as gokon, or group blind dating. While most group dates in the United States would be organized by friends, gokon are often planned with complete strangers. It gives people a chance to meet new prospects. But if you’re looking for a one-night stand or a short fling, a gokon isn’t for you.

8. Copenhagen, Denmark

Give whiff to your romance amid Copenhagen’s cobblestoned streets, wide beaches and plentiful parks and squares. Copenhagen is one fun place to meet interesting people.

7. Montreal, Canada

With that entire chilled climate, Montreal is an ideal place to date. What adds to the energy of dating here is charming neighbourhoods, a laidback atmosphere and many intimate bistros are perfect for a couple’s night out.

6. Chicago, USA

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While other cities may win the reward holding creative types perfect for love, Chicago women are more interested in dating men from the banking and financial sectors. Technology and money play a lot of importance here.

5. Los Angeles, USA

Women in L.A are interested in men who work in the film and entertainment industry, while men prefer women working in the fashion industry. Quite expected from Los Angeles!

4. New York, USA

47% of New Yorkers use technology for their dating endeavours, thanks to the accessibility of apps like Tinder and sites like Ok Cupid, for their hook-ups.

Technologically advanced eh!

3. London, UK


Who wouldn’t like to date British men? British accent is considered the sexiest accent in the world. Find your love against the romantic background of London Bridge!

2. Melbourne, Australia

The standard of living defines why this city stands here. Melbourne is the sixth most expensive city in the world to live in, and the world’s most liveable city factors which may play a role in why dating is so great here.

1. Paris, France

No points for guessing! Paris has been historically considered as the city of love. This city just screams romance. It would be hard to imagine visiting this beautiful city and not having some romantic adventure of some kind. Considering that French is still considered one of the sexiest accents in the world, many people travel to this city looking for love. And judging by the results of the survey, they have a good chance of finding it.

Come let us celebrate love and see how these cities define this most cherished human emotion. Any other cities in line? Let us know!

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