10 Top Cities In Asia To Visit Before You Die

By Niraj Kakade on Sep 07, 2016
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We’re sure you’ve read over billion articles about backpacking through Europe (We’ve written a few of them). But traveling has always been about discovering new places and meeting new people. And what better place to start than the Asian continent? Often overlooked by the masses Asia is arguably more beautiful, and definitely cheaper than Europe. From exploring 1000 year old temples to dancing away in full moon night, it offers many lifetime experiences that no one should miss out on! Today we dive into top Lifetime Experience in Asia you cannot miss out on, here are the best cities in Asia you must visit:

1) Siem Reap, Cambodia - Follow the foot steps of Indiana Jones

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Cambodia is mainly famous for the ancient civilization of Angkor Wat, where you can swashbuckle on vines and finally re-enact your favorite scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark. When the morning light washes across the temples and ruins of Angkor Wat, the city looks like a breathtaking painting come to life. Not to mention people will be envious of your Instagram posts.

2) Bangkok, Thailand - Party like a rockstar

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Who doesn’t like full-moon parties? Thailand is the perfect place to get a tattoo that you might regret later and become a certified beach bum for a month on one of the islands. Plus, the food is spicy, delicious, and often under $1. Or if you’re bored of dancing with hot British girls under full moon you can visit the Grand Palace where you’ll discover Thailand’s most important relic, the Emerald Buddha, a fifteenth-century sculpture that’s actually made of jade. Bangkok is also one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Asia.

3) Bali, Indonesia - Epitome of peace and tranquility

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The tranquility of the village of Ubud is a Mecca for those who are looking to immerse themselves in nature and culture, with its unspoiled beauty and some of the best spas in all of Asia. This archipelago is huge, and whether you like orangutans, manta rays, trekking, temples, or hot Australian girls, you can find it in here. Bonus: It’s super cheap.
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4) Hanoi, Vietnam - The multicultural hub

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Hanoi is a pho-king good time, not just because of the delicious food, but because of how much this long, thin country morphs in landscape and culture from one end to the other. It’s perfect for street-food lovers, fashion fiestas who want custom made clothes in Hoi An, and history buffs. The charming Vietnamese capital is different than other Asian capitals as a graceful collage of cultural influences from the French and Chinese, still retaining in local Vietnamese ways. 

5) Singapore, Singapore - Experience the future

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Singapore, with a cityscape that looks as if it was ripped right out of the pages of a sci-fi book, has become an economic powerhouse over the past half century, with a high standard of living and numerous reasons to visit. Singapore is amazing if you have a lot of cash. If not, eat at the hawker centers and pretend to be fancy over a single $20 martini at Marina Bay Sands. Just try not to get your salty tears in the glass.

6) Timor-Leste - Live the celebrity life

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East Timor, or Timor-Leste, has only recently come to light as a tourist destination. Which means you can wander from village to village feeling like a celebrity since the locals aren't overrun with visitors yet. If you want to get a taste of something few other travelers experience, explore East Timor both above and especially below (it’s a top dive spot) the water line.

7) Luang Prabang, Laos - The creative soul space

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Laos may have fallen from party-backpacker grace when the river tubing in Vang Vieng closed, but it’s still a strong contender. People manage to have tons of fun in the valleys in Luang Prabang or strumming away on guitars while sitting on bamboo bridges framed by some of the world’s most gorgeous mountains. People get creative in order to have fun, and that’s where the magic happens.

8) Nalaikh, Mongolia - Your chance to become a Cow Boy

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Terelj National Park in Nalaikh is less than 40 miles from Mongolia’s capital city and offers a glimpse into nomadic Mongolian life without having to journey for days over rough, unpaved roads. While you can take a day trip, one of the best ways to experience it is by staying with a local family and sleeping in a traditional yurt dwelling known as a ger. From there, this vast, largely uninhabited region can be explored on horseback or on foot. Just a few minutes away, you can watch Mongolian cowboys herd their sheep and break wild horses.

9) Mumbai, India -  Meander through the colorful labyrinth 

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An ideal place if you want to continue your soul searching. There are peaceful moments to be found and a number of other reasons to visit. Be it the famous Marine drive or the Gateway of India. Sample the street food where you’ll find varied, spicy and delicious cuisine and delicacies on nearly every corner. Traveling is an adventure here with people literally (almost) jumping in and out of trains. Meander through the charming stalls bursting with beautiful embroideries and colorful silks to capture the magic of India.
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10) Boracay, Philippines - Ultimate island destination

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Tiny Boracay Island is becoming an increasing popular tourist spot with Travel & Leisure readers voting it the second best island destination in the world. The center of it all is White Beach, a nearly three-mile picture-perfect stretch of sand lined with eateries, bars, hotels and dive shops. Hop aboard one of the many paraws (outrigger sailboats) to glide across the aquamarine waters. After watching an amazing sunset, you can enjoy live music and fire dancers twirling their batons long into the night.
Don’t blame us if we’ve got you wanting to visit every single place! Happy Tripping! *wink*
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