8 Most Beautiful Cities In Denmark That Should Be On Every Traveler's Bucket List

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Loaded with churches, museums, and rich architectural heritage, Denmark is a country that carries its own unique charm and fascinating vibe. From high-end fashion outlets and an upscale culinary scene to a delightful outdoor landscape and innovative medieval buildings, the country is dotted with entertaining, peaceful and historical experiences every visitor is bound to cherish. The country’s quaint cities and their distinctive cultures make Denmark what it is today- an eclectic amalgamation of history and trendy. Taking a Denmark tour is like tasting a slice of heaven which gets better with each town you explore. So check out some of the most stunning, historical and architecturally significant cities the country has in store.

1. Check out Denmark’s cultural attractions at Copenhagen

media_gallery-2018-12-18-9-800px_Nyhavn_copenhagen_1ad2e9dec2fc5caa6391eace82de029b.jpgImage Source: wikimedia.org

Quaint waterways, large green spaces, a well-kept harbor and a wide range of cultural attractions make this capital one of the best cities to live in Denmark. From art collections, museums and Viking history to innovative eateries, amusement parks, and delightful Islamic artwork, the city carries it all. The fifteen Michelin Star restaurants here are sure to make your luxurious vacation even more lavish. 

2. Witness the fascinating life story of Hans Christian Andersen at Odense

media_gallery-2018-12-18-9-2620748400_09f1cf67d9_b_2afbae084a084b7229629025e587ee3f.jpgImage Source: flickr.com

Birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, Odense is an interesting village with major sculptures and museums surrounding the works and history of this literary legend. What serves as a treat for the non-literary fanatics is the numerous attractions present here including Funen Village Museum, Funen’s Abbey, Saint Canute’s Cathedral and an old Viking castle. 

3. Take a stroll at the charming waterfront in Aalborg

media_gallery-2018-12-18-9-1488401668_b968d06dff_b_fd196eece1b91d0a6dee6d98cdcc11f7.jpgImage Source: flickr.com

One of the few cities that remains unspoiled with the tourism activities, Aalborg’s history dates back to the year 1000 and the old-world charm it carries truly justifies the fact. Hosting the largest carnival in Northern Europe, the Aalborg carnival, the city is famous for its beautiful waterfront which has been recently restored. Don’t forget to click the stellar sites of Limfjord as you visit this town. 

4. Taste the royal life at the palaces and gardens of Frederiksberg

media_gallery-2018-12-18-9-frederiksberg_castle_616672_960_720_97649d2b8c11ac7a915dff1224c9b98f.jpgImage Source: pixabay.com

Grand mansions, huge artsy parks, and posh palaces adorn the beautiful city of  Frederiksberg. Home to countless malls and the country’s biggest universities, the city is a peaceful place that will let you experience royalty like nowhere else. Copenhagen Zoo, Frederiksberg palace, Frederiksberg gardens, Tivoli Gardens, and Cisternerne are some of the major points of interest here.

5. Soak in the natural beauty at Skagen

media_gallery-2018-12-18-9-800px_Skagen_aka_the_skaw_northmost_point_of_denmark_6th_may_2006_d8165c8c8025b1938a32ad67fb473e18.jpgImage Source: wikimedia.org

Nestled on the northern tip of Jutland, Skagen is a delightful city loaded with museums, restaurants, art galleries, scrumptious seafood, and charming landscapes. The small seaside town is popular among tourists and artists alike for its secluded beaches and scenic beauty. The town hosts an annual event named The Midsummer Eve which attracts a large number of tourists here every year. 

6. Take in the stunning views of UNESCO cathedral at Roskilde

media_gallery-2018-12-18-9-800px_Reerslev_Kirke_Roskilde_Denmark_postcard_b02a53eefd004373f3fb06a7ef6cf655.jpgImage Source: wikimedia.org

Famous for hosting the largest music of Europe, the Rock Festival, Roskilde is a historic city housing impressive museums, cathedral towers, and Viking longboats. The city’s skate parks, arts, and craft workshops and royal tombs give a unique character to the city. Don’t forget to add this city to your Denmark itinerary for the beauty of the Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde Jars, and the Royal palace remains unmatched. 

7. Be a part of entertainment activities and interesting museums at Esbjerg

media_gallery-2018-12-18-9-esbjerg_853592_960_720_cf55dfb4b87e9d280ab4057b3ae76425.jpgImage Source: pixabay.com

The fifth largest city of Denmark, Esbjerg is a port city with industrial origins and economy majorly built on oil, trade, and fishing. Popular for its fancy and trendy attractions and numerous shopping options, the city offers interesting activities like seal safaris, fisheries and maritime museum, and harbor sightseeing. This bustling city also provides easy access to the North Sea Island of Fano making it a frequented tourist hub. 

8. Wander around the delightful streets of Helsingor

media_gallery-2018-12-18-9-800px_Helsingoer_Kronborg_Castle_a98cdf811c4226ba06562687b72bf340.jpgImage Source: wikimedia.org

Remember the celebrated play of William Shakespeare, Hamlet? The entire play was set at a castle found in Helsingor - the Kronborg Castle. Although the castle is the most prominent attraction of the city, magnificent medieval buildings add to the beauty of this town. Some streets are loaded with vintage, half-timbered houses while others let you go on a shopping spree, making this town the perfect match for varying interest groups. 

Denmark is a country with abundant history and its numerous towns best portray the local culture and charm. So pack up and head to these picture-perfect towns for an unforgettable vacation in Denmark!

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